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Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush 5

Hello beautiful people,

Today I am going to review my first ever lipstick which I have purchased with my own money when I started my college days. The shade I am going to review is very pretty shade which will suit every Indian skin tone but look gorgeous on light and medium skin tone people.

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush

Basic info about Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush

Price: Rs 100 for 4.3 ml

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush 3

Product claims: •Elle 18 color pop lipstick provides you super pigmented and glossy lips.

  • Rosy Blush is a blood red shade, perfect for a lady of confidence.
  • It is not only a lip color, it provides nourishment to your lips and do not let it dry.

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush 1

My experience with Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush

 Packaging: Almost every Elle 18 product comes in a black packaging with a girl print on it. The lipstick bullet also comes in a black packaging with the girl print on it.


Shade: Elle 18 color pop lipstick in Rosy Blush is a beautiful orangey red color perfect for all skin types.

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush 4

Texture and pigmentation: Elle 18 color pop lipstick has a creamy texture. The lipstick comes with cocoa butter in it which can be seen in the middle of the bullet which makes it feel super soft and buttery which easily glides on your lips. Cocoa butter helps in moisturizing your lips.

The pigmentation is amazing. Only one or two swipes are enough to get the color.


Stay: Elle 18 lipsticks don’t stay for long. The maximum time it stayed on my lips was for 3 hours. It doesn’t stay after you have your meal. But you can touch up after your meal.


Experience: Rosy Blush in color pop range is a super gorgeous color. Be it a day time or night, the color suits for every occasion like family functions, parties or date. If you have to have a good red color in your wardrobe, then this shade is for you. The shade is for summers and even in winter’s, it looks gorgeous. I totally love the shade. And to the fair and medium skin tone beauties, this shade would look so gorgeous on you.

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush 2

Overall Performance of Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick Rosy Blush



  • Creamy texture
  • contain cocoa butter
  • Good pigmentation
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines
  • Candy fragrance
  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily available



  • Doesn’t stay for more than 3 hours. Need touch ups after 3 hours.


Would I recommend/repurchase it?

I would recommend to fair and medium skin tone as it will look beautiful on them.

I will definitely buy another bullet of color pop lipstick because why not. It’s such a pretty shade which is wearable anytime and is super affordable!

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Hey Beautiful People, today I am going to review an amazing product the Himalaya Protein Hair Cream. Yes, this the Himalaya hair cream which claims to give extra nourishment to hair nourishes it, and keeps hair healthy. So, let’s see how this product works for me.

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream 4

Basic Info about Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

What it does: A natural hair cream full of goodness, hair protein cream nourishes the hair root and shaft. Its specially formulated ingredients strengthen hair, promote hair growth and leave your hair soft and shiny. This protein pack for hair nourishes your hair with natural proteins derived from Chickpea, while Amla promotes hair growth.

Price: Rs 80 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years



Sensitive Skin Alert?


Direction for use:

Massage Protein Hair Cream gently on the scalp using a circular motion before and after shampooing.

Best for dry, lifeless hair and hair loss. Safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair.


  • Amla, a natural hair tonic used extensively in Ayurveda, is an effective ingredient for treating the hair and scalp. It prevents dandruff, strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also acts as an antioxidant.
  • Chickpea, a natural source of proteins, effectively nourishes hair, making it healthy and strong.

 Himalaya Protein Hair Cream 2

 Himalaya Protein Hair Cream 1

My Experience with Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Packaging- Himalaya Protein Hair Cream comes in a very sturdy white plastic tub. It has a screw lid cap green in color. After opening, it has a white lid that can be twisted to get off the lid and get the product, earlier, instead of a white lid, silver foil was provided for covering up the cream and preventing it from leakage.

Colour and Texture- This Himalaya cream is milky white in color. It has a thick creamy texture. It is easy to spread on hair while applying the cream doesn’t stay white, it becomes transparent and gets absorbed in hair.

Fragrance- The fragrance is really amazing. It reminds me of Ponds cream which I used in my childhood.

Experience– I use this Himalaya Hair cream on my scalp one night before washing my hair. And sometimes when I don’t use conditioner, I use this cream only on my roots and hair except for the scalp. I never use it on the scalp after washing because it tends to get oily then. This cream act as a regular hair cream which gets in handy whenever your roots are dry or to get some protein in your hair. I use this cream now only on my hair and roots after wash, it makes my hair soft, shiny and helps to get rid of frizzy hair. It does weigh my hair down but at the same time nourishes and makes it frizz free which reduces hair fall.

 Himalaya Protein Hair Cream 3

 Himalaya Protein Hair Cream 5

Overall Performance of Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

Pros –

  • Affordable Price
  • Used as a Conditioner too
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Contain Amla and Chickpea
  • Clinically proven for effectiveness
  • Makes hair frizz free after application
  • Safe to use on colored hair too

Cons –

  • Weigh down all hair after application
  • Doesn’t work for dandruff
  • No full ingredient list

Would I recommend it?

Definitely Yes. If you are looking for a hair cream that nourishes and makes hair frizz-free, then this product is worth buying.

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How to French Braid – Step by Step 1

Braids can never go out of fashion, be it in the 70s or 80s, or 90s, every time they come up with new techniques or styles but the base hair braiding is the same. One such style is a French braid which looks very elegant and is very easy to make. Here are the steps you need to follow if you are looking for How to French Braid.

How to French Braid – Step by Step 1

Image Credit : Jodie Coetzie

Things that will help you:

  • A comb
  • A hair tie
  • Bobby pins
  • A hairspray (optional)

Step 1:

Start off by brushing your hair gently to make it smooth and detangled. Then, grab a chunk of hair from the front using your fingers just like you are making a puff.

How to French Braid – Step by Step

Image Credit :

Step 2:

Divide this section into three even parts as now you have to start braiding. So, start braiding normally.

Braiding simply is overlapping the side strand one by one on the middle strand.

Step 3:

While braiding, each time you cross a section from one side, take a chunk of the strand from the same side and add it to the braid and repeat the same from another side too. Make sure to take a balanced amount of hair strands to not make it look uneven.

Step 4:

As you go down braiding, all the leftover hair strands should be incorporated into the main braid and there should be no hair left. By the time you reach where no hair strand is left, start braiding normally after then. Braid till the end and left some portion at the end and tie it with a hair tie.

Secure with bobby pins wherever required. Use hairspray if you feel a need to use it.

That’s it, an easy-peasy French braid is ready.

You can watch this nifty youtube as well!

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Korean skincare is a recent trend. Korea has been discovering new skincare regimes every now and then. Skincare routine has become as essential as taking food, as it serves and takes care of our skin which is going through pollution outside and majorly by makeup. Wearing makeup every day can make our skin glowy and pretty, but our skin really needs some extra care post removing makeup. After removing makeup and washing, some extra care to it will serve you good. Now I recently tried this The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner. This is my first purchase of this brand and from Korean skincare. Let’s see whether I will continue with the Korean skincare again.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner 1

How to use the product ?
  1. After washing face, apply adequate amount using your hand or a facial cotton.
  2. Spread thin and pat lightly for absorption.
Price- Rs 1290 for 145 ml

My Experience with The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner


At first, I thought the toner had a spray head, but it actually has a pump on top. We have to pump some good amount of product on hand, rub it well and then pat on our face. The Bottle comes in a cardboard box which is greyish green in color. The bottle itself is translucent in color and has a pump on top. The bottle is very heavy and makes it difficult for traveling.


The texture is similar to water, an oil-based water. It feels like water and some oil is mixed. It feels very cool and calming when patting on my face and it quickly gets absorbed into the skin. It has no color.


The consistency is light weighted and it can be used for every skin type.


The fragrance is quite pleasant, it has a mild flowery fragrance and I love the smell.


After removing my makeup and washing it with face wash, many times my skin becomes dry especially near my nose area. For this, I use some moisturizer. But After adopting this regime of toning my face after wash and before moisturizer, it has made my skin hydrated and glowy. I’m saying glowy because when I used a pump of this toner, my skin was still dry. But as I increased the amount of toner, it gives my skin a soft glow and it feels hydrated. Now I wait for the toner to absorb into the skin and hydrate it after then I use moisturizer. And it does make a difference to my skin.

This toner has blessed my skin with proper hydration. Plus this product does not contain paraben which is harmful to our skin.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner 2

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner 3

  1. Hydrate your skin
  2. Can be used daily post removing makeup
  3. Does not contain paraben
  4. Gives a soft glow to skin
  1. Little Expensive
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Definitely Yes for both. I would recommend this toner if you are looking for trying some toner from Korean brand. And since it is a hydrating toner, it will suit every skin type.

But, Rose Water is still a go-to home remedy for toners:)

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10 Excellent Remedies To Prevent High Blood Pressure

10 Excellent Remedies To Prevent High Blood Pressure: Lifestyle plays an important role in blood pressure. If you really want to maintain your blood pressure, you should reduce medication and focus on regular exercises and some follow some remedies in your daily routine.

Here, I am going to discuss 10 excellent remedies to prevent High Blood Pressure.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Regularly exercising is a must for every individual. It is not only for outer body shape and maintenance, it also benefits out the body from inside too.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

A properly balanced diet is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Include whole grains, green leafy vegetables, and low dairy products in your diet for maintaining safe blood pressure.

10 Excellent Remedies To Prevent High Blood Pressure 4

Image Credit:Pinterest

  1. Reduce sodium in your diet

Even a small reduction in sodium in your diet can reduce the blood pressure by 2 to 8 mm Hg.

Sodium is added during the processing of food. Avoid having processed foods.

  1. Limit the alcohol consumption

Alcohol can be good and bad for our body.

Drinking above the moderate level f alcohol can increase your blood pressure level.

  1. Garlic
10 Excellent Remedies To Prevent High Blood Pressure 6

Image Credit :Top 10 Home Remedies

Garlic has the ability to lower your blood pressure by causing blood vessels to relax and dilate. It helps in the free flow of blood and reduces the blood pressure level.

  1. Ginger

Ginger improves blood circulation in our body and thus help in maintaining blood pressure in the body.

  1. Reduce the usage of caffeine

Caffeine causes an instant boost in our body. So you should avoid taking coffee.

  1. Eat Dark Chocolate
10 Excellent Remedies To Prevent High Blood Pressure

Image Credit daily Aftab

Dark chocolates are rich in flavonoids which helps in blood vessels to dilate.

Have sugar-free dark chocolate to reduce the blood pressure level.

  1. Lose weight

Losing weight can significantly lower your blood pressure. This effect is better when you are losing weight by exercising.

  1. Quit Smoking
10 Excellent Remedies To Prevent High Blood Pressure 1

Image Credit: Stop smoking now

Smoking is bad for health and for blood pressure too.

Every puff of cigarette increases the blood pressure and the tobacco damages the blood vessels. So, it is advisable to quit smoking.

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Cinthol Deo Stick Rush 3

Cinthol Deo Stick Rush: Hey pretty ladies, today I’m going to review something new which is not out of makeup but is used daily by us, which has now become an essential part of our lives. It helps in freshening up our body from the fragrance. Yes, I’m talking about deodorants.

Cinthol Deo Stick Rush 2

Basic info about Cinthol Deo Stick Rush

Price: Rs. 69 for 40 g
How to use Cinthol Deo stick:

Step 1: After a shower, take the Cinthol Deo stick and gently squeeze out a small amount.

Step 2: Directly apply onto your skin, moving the tube in a circular motion. There is no need to use hands for application.

The package says: Lasts 3 times longer than ordinary deo sprays. Soft on the skin. No irritation. Does not stain clothes on the application.


For external use only. Do not apply near eyes or broken skin, cuts and bruises, burns etc. supervise usage for children.

Why I Purchased This Men Deo Stick, Yes, This One Is For Men:

I personally don’t like my deodorant to smell sweet and flowery and that’s what every woman deo have, which I have tried like the Fogg one, I don’t like them at all.I love using men’s deodorants as they smell fresh and don’t have such sweet smell in them.

My Experience with Cinthol Deo Stick Rush


I have used the spray deodorants and I wanted to try something new like the roll-ons. I randomly purchased it as I wanted the roll-ons and it was. I purchase the deo stick in variant Rush. It also comes in intense and energy variant in this collection. They have also for women which come in white packaging.

The Rush deo stick smells refreshing which I like, it is easy to apply and also the product is less wasted than the spray ones. It lasts for around 5 hours. It doesn’t stain on my clothes.

Cinthol Deo Stick Rush 1

  1. Affordable price
  2. Refreshing smell, it has
  3. Lasts for around 5 hours
  4. Doesn’t stain clothes
  5. Easily available
  6. Travel size packaging
  1. Comes in only 3 variants.
  2. Doesn’t stay for like 3 times as the product claims
Would I recommend or repurchase?

Yes, yes ladies, I would recommend to you guys. Its long-lasting, refreshing fragrance it has, and it’s super affordable. As you can see in the picture, it’s about to finish and I would definitely repurchase the second one may be in a new variant.

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Hey Beautiful People, today I’m reviewing my first and favorite shampoo from the range of Biotique Bio which is 100% natural and Ayurvedic. I was previously using the kesh Kanti from Patanjali and I was facing a lot of hair fall problems, so I decided to go for this Boutique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo & Conditioner. Let’s see how this works for me.

Boutique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo & Conditioner 1

Price: Rs 159 for 190ml
How to use:

Apply liberally to wet hair and work lather through strands, from scalp to ends. Rinse well with water. Repeat as necessary.

My experience with Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo And Conditioner

Packaging- Biotique Bio henna Leaf Shampoo & Conditioner comes in a translucent plastic bottle with green screw cap. The bottle is quite sturdy, and travel-friendly as there is no leakage problem at all.

Colour & Texture- The color of the shampoo looks light brown from the outside of the bottle, but the inner liquid has no such color. The liquid is transparent and has gel-like structure. It has very thick consistency.

Fragrance- This shampoo and conditioner has a very mild and ayurvedic fragrance which I love the most.

Experience– This shampoo is the first shampoo I’ve purchased from the boutique range. I have heard a lot about this ayurvedic shampoo and I wanted to change my shampoo because I was facing a lot of hair fall while using Kesh Kanti, so I decided to go for Biotique Ayurvedic shampoo.

The first thing I like about this product is that it has shampoo and conditioner both. I took some good amount of shampoo and massage in my wet hair for minutes,  I got no lather maybe because of oil in my hair. I go for second round then. In the second wash, I got the required lather. It cleanses the oil from my scalp and hair. Since it has conditioner too, I didn’t use a separate conditioner. After wash, my hair feels soft and smooth. This shampoo has been included in my current hair care regime now.

It claims to give a nice and shiny brown tone to your hair which I have not experienced yet, maybe the regular use of this shampoo may give a brown tone to hair because of henna. It also claims to keep away your premature grey which might be true as it contains henna.

Boutique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. No animal testing
  2. Ayurvedic Formula
  3. Contain Herbal Products
  4. Cleanses oily scalp
  5. Travel-friendly packaging
  6. Affordable price
  1. Doesn’t lather in first wash
Would I recommend?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this Ayurvedic shampoo & conditioner and I will repurchase this product, I feel no waste of money in this 🙂

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NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream

Product Purchased by GlossyPolish.Feeling Grateful for receiving such amazing and worth trying products from glossypolish. I always keep my eyes on lipsticks, when they are on heavy discounts and I get my hands on them. Having a crazy obsession for lipstick is what defines me. I don’t know I just want to try every shade possible in this world, maybe its weird >< So, a few days back I received this gorgeous warm toned shade from NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream which is damn pretty and a stunner.

NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream

Basic Info about NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream

Price: Rs 600 for 8ml

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Natural/Organic/Vegan? No

Brand Claim about NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream

Available in statement-making shades, the evergreen fan favorite Soft Matte Lip Cream is neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish.

Features :

  • Velvety Smooth Soft Matte finish.
  • Sets to a stunning velvety smooth matte finish.
  • Sweetly scented and delightfully creamy.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.

NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream 1


My Experience with NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream


NYX Soft matte lip cream comes in a color-coded packaging with a black cap. The applicator is a doe foot which makes it easy while applying.


The shade Berlin is a  warm tone medium brown shade. It looks very edgy and stunning with smokey eyes. I believe that this shade will flatter all skin tones. On fair skin tone, it will be a medium brown shade and on medium to dusky skin tone, it would be a browny nude.


The texture is smooth and creamy. It feels lightweight on lips. This will not make you feel that you are even wearing something. While application, it does have a mousse kind of texture but it looks that it has a matte finish. It gets little dry with time on my dry lips but doesn’t give the powdery feel. I usually apply a coat of lip balm underneath creamy lipsticks too to prevent it from drying.


The fragrance has a delicious vanilla scent but not too strong.


NYX soft matte lip cream in Berlin is extremely pigmented. One swipe does its job.

Staying Power

The staying power is quite surprising. This shade does not stay for long as I expected. It starts to fade away from center after 4-5 hours because some of us have a habit of licking our lips very often while talking, this makes lipsticks go off from a centre part. This shade doesn’t survive your meals too. It needs touch ups.

Also, it does transfer a little because of its creamy texture but that’s  not an issue because creamy texture has this nature of the transfer.

Overall, I am impressed with this shade’s pigmentation and how comfortable I feel it on my dry lips.

Wearing this shade, many people asked me about what shade I am wearing because it was a stunner.

NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream 4

NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip CreamNYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream

Overall Performance of NYX Berlin Soft Matte Lip Cream


  • Flattering shade, perfect brown for fair skin and nude brown for dusky skin tone.
  • Creamy Texture
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Feels comfortable on lips
  • Looks matte but is kind of mousse


  • Doesn’t stay for long
  • Not a Transfer Proof

Would I recommend?

If you have fair or dusky skin, this shade will flatter your skin tone. No doubt, I will recommend this shade to everyone.

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Hey guys, I’m back with another PAC Auto Lip Liner Mauve for you =)Today I’m going to review a shade from the PAC Auto Lip Liner range.

Pac Auto Lip Liner comes in total 7 shades:

ï               WATERMELON – baby pink shade

ï               BLUSH – cotton candy shade

ï               RUBY – muted red shade

ï               GOLDEN FISH – orange shade

ï               BLOOD – blood red shade

ï               BRICK – deeper red shade

ï               MAUVE – brown shade

And I am reviewing the shade Mauve.

PAC Cosmetics Auto Lip Liner Mauve 1

Basic Info About PAC  Cosmetics  Auto Lip Liner Mauve

PAC Auto Lip Liner is a lip liner for lining your lips or using it as a lipstick itself.


Rs 285 for 1 gm

Sensitive Skin Alert?




What does the Brand Claim?

PAC auto lip liner is a unique formulation which is waterproof and long lasting. A lip liner which is going to help your lipstick last longer than you expected. The vitamin E and C content in the lip liner are going to keep your lips nourished and moisturized at the same time. PAC auto lip liner can be used as a pure lipstick and also a lip liner.

How to Use:

Twist the end of the lip pencil to get the product out and line your lips and fill in it with the product.

My Experience with PAC  Cosmetics  Auto Lip Liner Mauve

Packaging: PAC Auto Lip Liners come in a matte black box which has a color code at the bottom of the box and the ingredients on the other side of the box. The box also has a lip print color-coded and the shade name written on it.

Inside the box, it is the lip pencil which is in the color of the shade itself with a black cap.

The lip liner is a retractable which I like as it prevents the product from sharpening and wastage.

Shade: The shade mauve is a beautiful mauve shade with a hint of red in it. It is suitable for almost all the skin type. It will be a mauve for fair to medium skin tone and a nude shade of dusky skin tone.

Texture: The texture of these lip liners is smooth and creamy. It has a matte finish.

I would recommend you to hydrate and moisturize your lips before applying these lipliners so that your lips don’t get chapped or dry.

Pigmentation: These lip liners are highly pigmented, they can be used without a lipstick as they have better color pay off.

These lip liners have better pigmentation than the Colorlock ones.

Stay: These lip liners stay for about  4-5 hours and it needs to get a touch up after a heavy meal.

PAC Cosmetics Auto Lip Liner Mauve 2

Overall Performance of PAC Cosmetics  Auto Lip Liner Mauve


  • Great packaging
  • Retractable pencil
  • Beautiful shade
  • Good pigmentation
  • Travel-friendly
  • Matte finish
  • Transfer proof


  • This range only has reds and pinks and don’t have some nude shades.
  • They smell like crayons.
  • 1 gm of the product is very less for the price.

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this shade to you guys. It is such a beautiful and everyday shade.

I would not repurchase this shade again, rather I would try new shades.

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I have enough of lip balms in my closet, but I have to have got a lip balm I don’t know why. But this time, I purchased an SPF 15 Lip balm which I will use this summer. This lip balm is actually meant for men. But I think we women can also use this lip balm. I bought this Nivea Men Lip Balm touted as the Best Lip Balm for Men  because it has SPF in it. Let’s see more detailed review.

Nivea Men Lip Balm

Price-  Rs 130 for 4.8 gm

Nivea Men Lip Balm 1

My Experience with Nivea Men Lip Balm

Packaging- Nivea Men Lip balm comes in dark blue packaging. The actual balm is white in color. The lip balm has a twist up packaging which many men may not like.

Shade- This lip balm has no shade.

Texture, Finish & Pigmentation- The texture of lip balm is smooth and creamy. It is white in color but doesn’t leave any white residue on lips.

Fragrance- This lip balm has no fragrance.

Experience-  Nivea is a trusted brand for lotions, lip balms, and body deodorants. Currently, I am loving the Nivea Care lip balm. I almost use this every day. I love the fact that it has no shine or shimmer in it. It is just a perfect lip balm with smooth and creamy texture. When I wear this lip balm, it is not visible on my lips but I can feel it on my lips. I wear this underneath my lipsticks too. The staying power is good and stays for good 3 hours and it feels hydrated on lips. It is a lightweight lip balm great for traveling purpose as it will protect your lips from the sun.

Another plus point is that it doesn’t have any tint which makes it suitable for everyone.

Nivea Men Lip Balm 2

Nivea Men Lip Balm 3

Overall Performance of Nivea Men Lip Balm


  • Smooth Texture
  • Hydrates and moisturizes my lips
  • Fragrance-free product
  • Contain SPF 15
  • Great lip balm for nightwear
  • Stays for a good amount of time
  • Affordable Price


  • Men didn’t like this lipstick type of packaging

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I would recommend this lip balm to both men and women who are looking for a nontinted lip balm with SPF in it.

I would definitely go for the second purchase.

Where Can You Buy This ?

  • Nykaa : Nivea Men Lip Balm
  • Amazon : [easyazon_link identifier=”B00KASOU3K” locale=”IN” tag=”shva-21″]Nivea Men Active Care Spf 15, 4.8g[/easyazon_link]

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