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Benefits of Almond Oil 1

What are the Benefits of Almond Oil? Most of us remember those days when our mothers used to make us eat almonds every day, saying, that it’ll sharpen our brains and make us genius.  My mother did the same with me too! Not only were those daily doses of almonds healthy for my brain, but also for my skin.  And later when I got to know about the plethora of benefits almond and its oil holds, did I realize how correct my mother was.

Here are some of the beauty benefits of Almond Oil. Almond Oil is used as a beauty aid in many cosmetics. It is loaded with vitamins like A, B and E. You can apply it directly too.

Benefits of Almond Oil 1

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1)Flawless and Healthy Skin- Almond oil for skin

Almond Oil works as a great moisturizer for your skin, making it smooth and soft. Plus, when regularly applied, it can help in clearing your complexion, giving your skin a more flawless and toned look.  Thanks to its fine and non-sticky texture, it gives you a grease-free glowing look.

2) Delays Ageing Process

Almond Oil, enriched with vitamins, helps in fighting the signs of aging. It renews the skin cells, giving you fresher and glowing skin. It is also used for fighting wrinkles. Applying almond oil every night before sleeping can do wonders to your skin.

3) Reduces Dark Circles

Almond Oil is an elixir for curing dark circles. Not only it reduces dark circles, but also helps in fighting wrinkles and crow’s feet under the eyes. It can also help in reducing the morning puffiness of the eyes. Simply applying 2-3 drops of the oil and massaging it, before going to sleep can reduce these dark circles.

4) Reduces Tan

Almond Oil works great when it comes to removing tan from our skin. It helps by reversing the effects of the sun. Moreover, it works as a sunscreen by protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. You can make a face pack by mixing lemon juice, honey and almond oil, and applying it to the affected areas. Regular application of this pack will result in the removal of the tan from your skin.

5) Removes Impurities

Almond Oil is perfect for removing all the impurities that get accumulated on our skin due to pollution and dirt. To remove these, apply a face scrub consisting of almond oil, crushed almonds and gram flour on your skin.

6) Heals Chapped Lips

Almond Oil can be used to heal chapped lips. Simply apply a few drops on your lips and massage it a bit. This will help the lips regain their normal texture, leaving them soft and pink.

7) Works as Makeup Remover

After a full day with makeup, apply almond oil to easily remove all of the makeup from your face. Almond Oil opens up the pores on the skin and simplifies the process of removal of makeup.

8) Cures Psoriasis

Skin diseases like Psoriasis and Eczema can leave the skin dry and rough. Almond Oil application on these affected areas, can help the skin regain back its normal state and moisturizes it as well.

9) Works as Hand and Foot Cream

Being a nongreasy oil, Almond Oil is the perfect substitute for hand and foot creams. It gets easily absorbed, making your skin soft.

10) Reduces Wrinkles and Face Lines

Not only does Almond Oil reduce dark circles, but also helps in fighting wrinkles and crow’s feet under the eyes. Massaging it helps in tightening the skin.

11) Heals Scars

Almond Oil helps in the mending process of scars and bruises and helps in regaining normal skin.

12) Treats Stretch Marks

Almond Oil has been used for treating stretch marks. It strengthens and moisturizes the skin, decreasing the impact of stretch marks.

13) Reduces Inflammation

Almond Oil has long been used for anti-inflammation. It has a calming effect on the affected areas. Gently apply it for a soothing effect on irritated areas.

14) Healthy Nails

Almond Oil is rich in zinc and vitamins which work together in healing damaged nails and helps them turn into healthy ones. It also helps in covering up the deficiencies in the nails.

15) For Thick and Long Lashes

Almond Oil stimulates the hair follicles present on our eyelashes. This helps in the growth of our eyelashes. You can apply oil on eyelashes using a mascara brush before going to bed.

16) Long and Healthy Hair

Almond Oil is perfect for getting a healthy and smoother hair texture. It helps in the growth of hair, and also prevents hair-fall. Due to its magnesium content, it is a perfect solution for long and healthy hair. Gently massage almond oil, at least a few hours before shampooing for smooth and healthy hair.

17) Reduces Dandruff

Dead and dry skin are some of the reasons behind the growth of dandruff in hair. Almond oil effectively removes these dead cells from our hair, henceforth, reducing dandruff.

18) Treats Split Ends

Split Ends can hinder our hair growth. Plus they are the signs of weak and damaged hair. Almond Oil can do wonders in treating these stubborn split ends. Mix it with olive oil and apply it on your hair.

19) Works as a Conditioner

Almond Oil can be used as a Conditioner as well. Simply apply it on your hair and later wash it. This will give you smooth and shiny hair, just like what a conditioner does.

20) Scalp Treatment

Almond Oil can be used to treat your scalp. Regular massaging of hair and scalp using almond oil will increase blood circulation and help reducing stress and dirt from the scalp.

21) Improves Memory

Well, we all know about the benefits of almonds for our brains. Almond Oil works the same way too! Use it in your daily cooking or add a few drops of it in your milk to boost your memory power.

22) Prevents Heart Problems

Almond Oil contains healthy nutrients and unsaturated fats. These can help in maintaining the heart’s normal conditions and preventing heart diseases.

23) Boosts Energy

Almond Oil is a great energy booster. Daily consumption of it can make your body strong. Moreover, its vitamins and potassium content increase our immunity.

24) Controls Cholesterol Level

Thanks to its potassium and unsaturated fats content, almond oil is the perfect solution for controlling your cholesterol level. It also prevents heart and liver diseases.

25) Cures Constipation

Almond Oil can be used to maintain a healthy digestive system. It affects the microorganisms present in our guts, hence maintaining a good metabolism and curing constipation-like diseases.

26) Pain Reliever

Massaging Almond Oil can be rejuvenating as well as therapeutic. It easily relieves pain from the affected areas.

27) Prevents Cancer

Some researchers and studies have shown that the consumption of almond oil can help prevent cancer like colon cancer. The antioxidants present in it help in maintaining a healthy body.

28) For Salad Dressing

Almond Oil can be used as a salad dressing to make those tasty salads for your brunch. Not only does it enhances the taste, but also contributes to our healthy lifestyle.

29) For Muscle Aches

Tired of those muscle aches that keep irritating you every time? Use almond oil next time. Simply heat some almond oil and massage it on your muscles. It provides instant relief to these stressed muscles.

30) Cures Acne

Almond oil deep cleanses our pores removing the dirt and dissolving the sebum which causes acne.

31) Bone Strengthening

Not only does massaging almond oil relaxes our muscles but also helps in strengthening our bones. Gently massage heated almond oil for bone strengthening.

32) For Pregnant Ladies

Almond Oil has high folic acid content. This is perfect for pregnant ladies since it decreases the chances of birth defects and helps the baby to grow healthy.

33) Enhances Blood Flow

Massaging heated almond oil helps in increasing blood circulation which leads to a more energetic and healthy body.

34) Works as Baby Oil

Almond Oil is a good substitute for baby oil.  Massaging it can aid the bone development of the baby and also prevent any kind of skin diseases.

35) Anti-Hepatotoxic

Almond Oil is great for your liver since it helps in removing and eliminating the harmful toxins present in our body.

36) Used as Base Oil

Almond Oil has long been used as a base oil for many cosmetic products since it is nongreasy and gives more flawless and healthy skin.

37) Sclerosant

Almond Oil can be used to cure vascular issues like spider veins, hemorrhoids etc.

38) Rich Source of Nutrients

It is a rich source of unsaturated fats, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and potassium.

39) Used as Massage Oil

Be it a home massage or a spa, Almond Oil can be used a massage oil since it increases blood circulation and leaves the skin smooth.

40) For Weight Loss

Almond Oil has healthy fats which help in losing weight. Adding almond oil to our daily glass of milk can aid weight loss.

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Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 3

Must have DENIM Summer Fashion !

by Lipika Tiwari

Must have DENIM Summer Fashion: Summers are a great time to wear those chic outfits, but definitely incomplete without Denim! With the seventies trends back in fashion, there could not be a better time to flaunt our denim pieces. Plus, the best part about denim is that, no matter how old they are, there is always a place for them in today’s fashion trends. Either wear your brand new denim or just simply wear that old denim as distressed pieces.  Both ways, denim are sure to make you girls look like a total fashion forward chic!

Here are the 3 Must-Have Denim Pieces for summer.

Denim Shirts

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 1

Denim shirts are the perfect option for casual outings. These simply look effortlessly cool, no matter how you wear them. These denim shirts come in different shades and can be paired up with almost anything. Pair these up with your jeans for a casual chic look or wear them over your dresses for a completely different look. These days distressed denim are in fashion, so going for one will be a good choice, or you can simply make your own distressed piece by simple DIY work. My personal favorite look is washed out denim shirt over a white V-neck, paired up with black jeans and sneakers.

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 2

Image Credit : YSL

Buttoned-Up Denim Skirts

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 3

These are possibly the most popular and worn denim piece this summer. These are super effortless and look absolutely chic! These buttoned-up denim skirts are so versatile. You can simply create any style and look with these. Pair them up with a tee and sneakers, and you are ready to rock this casual summer look. Not only are these available in different lengths, but in different shades too, from super washed to dark blue. My personal favorite outfit is buttoned up denim skirt with a cute white cami paired up with shades and heels.

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 4

Image Credit : Pinterest

Distressed Denim Shorts

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 5

Well, denim shorts can never go out of fashion. Plus, these will remain my all time favorite denim piece. Good old plain denim shorts look good, but these distressed grunge denim shorts are the bomb! I have simply fallen in love with these. These are perfect for an alternative look. Pair them up with any top or a tee and you are ready to rock the summer grunge look. Plus these denim shorts are super comfy. My personal favorite look is distressed denim shorts paired up with a band crop top and boots. Put on some glasses, and you’ll surely look concert bound!

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer

Image Credit : Marie Claire

So if you still haven’t bought this denim must-haves, then hurry. Don’t wait for next summer to show your casual summer look.

Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion Review 4

Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion: I am among those girls who would scout around the clothing section of Marks and Spencer and rarely even glance towards the Beauty Section. During my last visit there, having failed to find a perfect shirt for me, I walked towards the Beauty Section. The range of Body Lotions and Fragrances left me surprised. Excitedly I start rooting through all the products, trying to decide which one to buy. I came across this Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Body Lotion. After testing it, I finally decided to buy it. I was pretty pleased with my purchase. Here is my review of the same.

Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion Review 1

What is it?It is a hand and body lotion with coconut and white orchid smell. Moreover, it has added moisturizers for a silkier soft skin.
Who is it for?Anyone who wants to get soft hands and body, or simply anyone who just loves the smell of coconut fragrance. The price is a bit high compared to the usual mainstream body lotions, yet worth it.
Price: Rs. 399/-  for 300 ml
How To Use?

The application is simple and easy. Just press the pump attached to the bottle neck and pour the lotion on your hands. Now apply the lotion on your hands and desired body parts.

My experience with Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion

Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion Review 2

This lotion is among the best ones I have used so far. It is easy to apply and lasts up for several hours. The lotion gets easily absorbed into the skin once you massage it. Moreover, it does not leave any greasy or oily residue. The best thing about this lotion is its fragrance. It is a soft and mild coconut smell infused with white orchid, giving you fresh vibes all through the day. If you have an extremely dry skin, then apply this lotion frequently for supple skin.

The lotion is lightweight in texture. It is a bit runny and of a thinner consistency compared to the hand lotions I have used before. Yet it is easy to apply, leaving my hands and body smooth for several hours.

Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion Review 4

  1. Smooth and soft skin
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Fragrance is simply refreshing
  4. Lasts for several hours
  5. Easily spread and absorbed
  6. Suitable for all skin types
  7. Cruelty-free (Not tested on animals BUAV approved)
  8. Pampering for hands and body
  9. Alcohol Free
  1. A bit runny
  2. Thin consistency
  3. Expensive

Precaution: Try avoiding contact with the eyes. It is not recommended for facial use.

Overall would I recommend and repurchase?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this Marks and Spencer’s Pampering Coconut and White Orchid Hand and Body Lotion. It has been a month now since I have been using this lotion. My hands and body are more smooth and supple after each application. The best part about this body lotion is that it is cruelty and alcohol-free with noside effects. I will surely repurchase this product.

I would rate this product 4.5/5.