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Banana Beauty Masks for Glowing Skin

Banana Mask for Face for Every Skin Type!! We all know how wonderful bananas are for our overall health. This pre-packaged fruit contains a number of vitamins and essential nutrients. Most importantly it contains potassium and collagen which maintain the elasticity of the skin to keep it looking young. Here are 3 amazing banana masks you can apply to get the glowing skin (you might want to eat them too!).

Banana Beauty Masks for Glowing Skin


Banana and honey mask:


One banana

2 tablespoons of honey (preferably organic)

Pinch of turmeric

Preparation: mash a banana in a bowl with the help of a fork. Make sure you get a paste-like consistency. Add the honey and turmeric. Mix really well and apply on the face using a paddle brush. You can add all the ingredients in the mixer as well to get the best consistency and a smooth face mask. Wash after 15 minutes with warm water.

Benefits: Bananas contain plenty of moisture. Honey is extremely hydrating for dry skin and helps to soothe the skin. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties and that can never be bad for the skin, right?


 Banana and lemon mask:


  1. One ripe banana
  2. Juice of one lemon
  3. Two tablespoons of gram flour

Preparation: mash the banana into a paste and then add the lemon juice as well as two tablespoons of gram flour. Apply the prepared paste and leave it on till it has dried out completely. Wet your fingers and dab some water on the surface of your face and start scrubbing gently. Do the same for 5 minutes and then rinse using cold water.

Benefits: lemons work really well for oily skin. They absorb excess sebum and also lighten pigmentation. Lemon juice helps to control oil production while the banana will make sure that the skin does not dry out a lot. Gram flour is a natural exfoliator and will help to scrub off dead cells which clog the pores and can make things worse for oily skin.


Banana and tomato juice mask:


  1. One ripe banana
  2. 5-6 tablespoons tomato juice
  3. One tablespoon yogurt

Preparation: mash the banana and add the tomato juice to get a paste. Add yogurt and mix well. Apply on the skin and leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Benefits: banana contains vitamin c which will help lift the skin. Tomato juice is used for tightening the skin and making it firm. Yogurt will reduce puffiness and shine to the skin.

Happy masking!

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L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review

LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review: What Is It And Who Is It For? LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange is an orange concealer (color corrector) that is supposed to color correct the under eye dark circles. It is meant to give you the appearance of bright under eye area and therefore makes your skin look flawless! Anyone struggling with the dark circles can use this.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review


INR 575

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review 3

How to Use?

Now you have to be careful with this one. Since it is orange in color, you need to make sure that your foundation hides it completely! You do not want the tangerine peeking through and making you look E.T! Here is the breakdown:

  1. Apply a little bit using the applicator over the areas which are dark (scars, dark circles, spots) and blend it out using your finger. Be very good with the blending part!
  2. Apply your foundation as usual but using a makeup sponge or a beauty blender.
  3. Do not rub the color corrected areas with the foundation, instead use dabbing motions to cover the orange parts!
  4. Go over those areas with a little bit of your concealer if necessary.

My Experience with LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Orange

I love this! It’s a wonderful color corrector which effectively cancels out the darkness of the areas it is applied to and once covered with foundation, it will make the skin look pretty spotless and flawless! The concealer does not crease and is highly pigmented (so be careful while using it!) and is easy to blend. You can use this to correct any acne scarring or the forever annoying dark circles.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review 1

Overall Performance of LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Orange

  1. Blends easily.
  2. Very pigmented, so only a little product is needed.
  3. The tube will last you for a very long time! You will grow old with this thing by your side!
  4. Does not crease.
  5. Colour corrects the dark areas perfectly.
  6. Available at a very decent price.
  7. The tube has an applicator which makes it easier to be used!
  1.  You need to be careful with the amount of product you use! Do not go crazy with it…….
Overall Would I Recommend And Repurchase?

Well, how could I not!

Glossypolish verdict:


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Makeup Studio Contour Palette

Makeup Studio Contour Palette: Now we all know what a big deal it is to be able to contour and highlight your face the right way! It can make or break your look in an instant. If you have checked out the contouring palettes online then you know that they can be quite expensive for beginners.

So I found the makeup studio contour palette at a very affordable rate and decided to purchase it. The name of the brand is actually sivanna colors and they have launched a variety of their products in India. The reason why I would recommend a Palette to beginners is that they offer a greater variety of colors and you can always experiment more if you have a palette of colors instead of just a single shade.

Here is the full review of this Makeup Studio Contour Palette.

Makeup Studio Contour Palette

Basic Info About Makeup Studio Contour Palette

What is it?

This is a contour palette which comes with 6 shades to contour, highlight and adds a light blush to your cheeks. It is ideal for creating a natural look as well.


INR 550

Makeup Studio Contour Palette 2

Sensitive skin alert?


Natural /organic/vegan?

Not at all

Makeup Studio Contour Palette 1

My experience with Makeup Studio Contour Palette

The palette comes in a neat packaging which is quite pleasant to look at. But after a few days of having it, when I decided to take it along in my bag, I noticed that the lid just comes undone and the palette might open accidentally. So it is not a good idea to carry this in your purse or the colors might rub off on your other stuff.

There is no fragrance of the shades.

The colors are not labeled or named in any way. In fact, you have to figure out yourself that which color is to be used for what. According to me, there are two shades for highlighting, 3 for contouring and one shade for blush.

The texture of the colors is extremely creamy. Yes, they almost glide on the skin like a soft cream which is very easy to blend. The colors are pigmented enough. If you accidentally apply a little more than you need, then it won’t become a disaster. You can easily blend it out. I believe the shades in the palate would be ideal for almost every skin tone since the blush shade is also quite universal and natural looking.

The bad thing about the palette is that it does not come with an applicator. You need to have a contour brush for using it. But if you are going to be using only a few shades then you can use your fingers. This can be quite messy. In fact, it is quite easy to get the colors mixed up as you will see in the pictures.

I also noticed that the colors become more creamy and loose during the summers, probably because of the high temperature and it gets really messy to use the different shades. Look at the pictures for proof!

Makeup Studio Contour Palette 3

Overall Performance of Makeup Studio Contour Palette


  • Affordable
  • Comes with a blush (a universal tone of pink color)
  • The shades are pigmented enough
  • Very easy to blend
  • Provides a very natural look
  • Buildable
  • The texture is very creamy


  • No applicator
  • The packaging is not good
  • The colors get mixed and are quite messy to use
  • The shades are not well separated in the palette

Would I repurchase or recommend?

Yes, but only if you have the proper tools to use it and want a natural look

I would not repurchase it.

GlossyPolish verdict


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The Oriflame Golden Edition Hand Cream 1

Oriflame Golden Edition Hand Cream  :Hand creams are an essential during winters. During winters our skin tends to lack a lot of moisture and we need oils to replenish the skin. Now I know some people think that hand creams a little extra and you can just regular moisturizers for the same purpose. I totally agree. You can completely use any normal moisturizer for taking care of your dry hands. Hand creams, to be honest, are no different than regular moisturizers.

But again it comes down to the choice. Hand creams are just an extra addition to your skin care which you may and may not opt for. Also, hand creams tend to be slightly more fragranced than the moisturizers you would use on the face.

So I purchased a hand cream that oriflamme launched last month. It was basically launched on their 50th anniversary. It is Oriflame Golden Edition Hand Cream. I have been using it for a month now and here is its full review:

The Oriflame Golden Edition Hand Cream

What is it?

So, this is a basic hand cream which is meant to hydrate the skin and make your hands soft and smooth!


INR 199 for 30 ml

My Experience With Oriflame Golden Edition Hand Cream

Now, this is the first time I actually purchased a hand cream because usually they are unnecessarily expensive and I have never really felt the need. But this time, oriflame offered a golden edition hand cream and since they were launching it, it was at an amazing discount so I felt there was no harm in ordering it.

So when I received it, the first thing I noticed is its classic packaging. It comes in a white colored tube with golden writing on it. The tube in itself in not overly fancy but very classy looking. I love it! Also since all hand creams come in small tubes, this one is also tiny and travel-friendly.

It has a very mild fragrance which you will barely smell after a few minutes. Again, the scent is very classic and it almost smells like smoky roses if there does exist a fragrance like that. My brother thought it smelled like mild rose syrups used for flavoring biryanis……

Ok! So if you are someone who likes a heavy fragrance then you will not find this had cream satisfying. Anyways I really liked the fragrance because it is very classic smelling. I mean, roses smell classic always.

The consistency of the hand cream is very light and it gets instantly absorbed. It sort of has an oil base. It leaves my hands very moisturized and also I feel that it provides long-lasting results.

The Oriflame Golden Edition Hand Cream 3

  1. Very affordable
  2. Classic packaging
  3. Classic fragrance
  4. Very moisturizing
  5. Does not make the hands oily
  6. Leaves the hands soft
  7. Has a long lasting effect

None for me; Although, if you prefer stronger scents then you will not like this.

Would I Recommend Or Repurchase?


Glossypolish verdict



Oriflame The One Illusion Concealer

Oriflame The One Concealer   :Initially, when I came to know of the concept of under eye brightening and highlighting, I really wanted to give it a shot because I do have really big dark circles (shout out to all the night owls!), so I was really tempted into buying a concealer because as you all would know, it is a huge thing on youtube!

So, I decided to purchase the Oriflame The One Illusion Concealer. This one is from their range – the one illusion. This range is slightly on the higher end and slightly more expensive. Here is all you need to know about it:

Oriflame The One Illusion Concealer

What is it?

This is a fairly medium coverage concealer which provides a natural finish and will help to hide the blemishes as well as any dark circles. It provides a natural finish to look like skin!


INR 329

My Experience With Oriflame The One Concealer

To begin with, the tube in which the product comes in is very cute and travel-friendly. You can take it anywhere!

The product does not have any fragrance at all which is preferred in products which you will apply close to your eyes.

Coming to the texture and consistency of this concealer, I would say that its texture is extremely light and the consistency is quite thin. The concealer is almost like a liquid and so it would not be hard to blend at all.

I purchased the shade nude beige. In India, there are only two shades available in this concealer. I picked the darker one because I figured it would look better in my skin tone. But to my dismay, when I got the product I realized that its darkest shade was still too light for me. As you may see in the swatch, the concealer hardly has any yellow undertones.

Coming to the actual performance, I feel that this concealer will do nothing if you have dark circles. In fact, since it is quite light in color, the concealer may actually make you’re under eyes look grey. Its coverage is very low because it is quite runny and the pigmentation is also quite weak. It does a decent job covering the lighter blemishes and if you have a foundation that is too thick, then adding a little bit of this will make your foundation look great.

In fact, some girls who like lighter coverage may actually use it as a b cream. It is a dream to blend and that will never be an issue. But the real purpose of the concealer is not served here at all.

Oriflame The One Illusion Concealer 2

  1. Very easy to blend
  2. Quite affordable
  3. Covers the blemishes
  4. Gives a natural finish
  1. Will definitely give a flashback
  2. Does not cover the dark circles
  3. No pigmentation
  4. Limited shades available
Would I Recommend Or Repurchase?


Glossypolish verdict


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The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Day Cream

The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Day Cream: You may have heard countless benefits of pomegranate for the skin and our body in general. Pomegranate contains several compounds which make the skin firm and bouncy. The antioxidants present in pomegranate help to keep the skin looking younger.

After having read all this goodness in one of the articles, I decided to look for some pomegranate enriched products and by no surprise, I found a whole range of pomegranate-infused skin care products by The Bodyshop.

So I purchased The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Day Cream . I have been using it for quite some time now, as you will notice in the pictures and so, here is the full review:

What is it?

This is a firming day cream meant to be applied on the face and neck area. It mainly addresses the skin issues which come with ageing. However, it can be used by any age group. It is a daily moisturizer which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin firmer.


INR 1695

The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Day Cream 1


My experience with The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Day Cream

The daydream comes in a cute tub which is very convenient to use.

You get about 50ml of product for quite a hefty price. That might be a turn down for some of us who are strictly on a budget.

Coming to the texture of this cream, it is very light and smooth. Upon application, the day cream gets absorbed within a minute into my skin. It makes my skin look quite dewy but I do not mind that if I am at home.

The day cream must be non-comedogenic, meaning that it would not clog the pores. I have oily skin and if it was a heavy product then it would have given me pimples very easily but it did not.

It hydrates the skin very well. In fact, I use a small amount of this on my skin before putting on makeup as well.

I have been using this cream for a period of about 1 month without skipping any day. So for a month, my skin was not bare at any time. I would apply this as soon as I washed my face. After about an hour, my skin would begin to shine again because of my natural oils coming through but I did not get any pimples.

It does make the skin look firm and lifted as well.

The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Day Cream 3

  1. Very hydrating
  2. Makes the skin bouncy and soft
  3. Helps to overcome dryness
  4. Does not clog pores
  5. Very light on the skin
  6. Pleasant fragrance
  7. Can be used before applying makeup as well.
  1. Quite expensive
  2. The quantity is quite less
  3. May make the skin quite oily.
Would I repurchase?

Probably not. I would prefer to experiment with more products as this one works normally well. And it is quite expensive.

Glossypolish verdict:


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Oriflame Pure Skin Black Head Toner 2

Oriflame Pure Skin Toner Review

by Varnika Chauhan

Oriflame Pure Skin Toner Review: Blackheads can be quite an annoyance for people with oily to combination skin. This is because their pores get clogged faster and end up turning into blackheads and whiteheads. When the dirt within our pores gets oxidized, it turns black. Therefore blackheads can occur on the nose, on the chin area and even on the back.

I have oily skin and since I also use makeup quite often, I do tend to get blackheads and whiteheads on my nose. This is why I opted for the Oriflame Pure Skin Black Head Toner. After using it for a very long time (my bottle is almost empty), let me tell you why I will be repurchasing it again and again….

Oriflame Pure Skin Black Head Toner

What is it?

Oriflamme pure skin blackhead toner is meant for oily to combination skin people who have acne prone skin. It helps to deep clean the pores and minimize pimples. It also contains salicylic acid which is very beneficial for fighting acne.


INR 499 for 150 ml of toner

My experience with Oriflame Pure Skin Black Head Toner

The toner comes in a blue bottle and you have to use it with a cotton ball.

To begin with, the toner has a very strong and medicinal smell. Since it also contains alcohol, the moment the toner begins to dry out, the fumes can irritate the eyes. So I never apply this anywhere near my eyes and after a few uses, I got used to the smell as well.

Coming to the actual performance, this toner made my face so smooth! I use it once every day after removing all my makeup and it helped in removing the last traces of makeup. I used it specifically on my nose and chin area and it did remove all the blackheads very effectively.  I seriously think that its strong and fast action is due to the presence of salicylic acid in it. Salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the skin without being very abrasive. It is almost like a chemical scrub but mild enough to be used.

Now, the toner will not give you a matte finish. In fact, the skin gets greasy very soon after its application. So you must not use this under your makeup.

Another way I have been using this toner is to get rid of the pimples. As soon as I feel a bump on my face, I take a small piece of cotton and soak it in this toner. Then I stick the cotton over a pimple and within a few hours, the pimple is gone. It never gets bigger!

In conclusion, this is a wonderful toner for people with oily skin who also like to use makeup. I loved it and so will you!

Oriflame Pure Skin Black Head Toner 3

  1. Deep cleans the pores
  2. Removes excess oil and dirt
  3. Eliminates blackheads and whiteheads
  4. Reduces pimples
  5. Can be used for spot treatment
  6. Does not dry out the skin
  7. Affordable
  8. Contains salicylic acid which exfoliates the skin
  1. Contains alcohol
  2. Strong smell
Will I repurchase it?


Glossypolish verdict:


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Oriflame Purifying Face Cream Review

by Varnika Chauhan

What is it? Oriflame Purifying Face Cream  is enriched with tea tree and rosemary extracts which help to purify oily skin. Its ingredients are meant to suit combination skin type and also help with acne which is commonly associated with oily skin.

Oriflame Pure Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Face Cream


INR 299 for 75 grams but you can always find it at a discount

My Experience With Oriflame Purifying Face Cream

Now, to begin with, this facial cream is supposed to be used for hydration. It was a part of the whole skin care kit for oily skin. The cream comes in a small tub which is very cute and convenient to use. There is not really much to the packaging because it is quite normal but in a good way. You can carry the tub anywhere you like but…I mean, why would you carry it? It is not a regular moisturizer.

Which reminds me: no it is not a regular moisturizer! This is an oil-based cream and I can say that for sure. This sort of baffles me because this facial hydrating cream is meant for oily skin.

The color of the face cream is a light green. Like, you will get the word TREE from its slightly green tinted color. Its fragrance is actually quite strong and medicinal but yes it does smell like tea tree oil. I have never smelt rosemary so I don’t know….it sort of hints at some mysterious which stuff (just kidding, witches are awesome!)

Let’s come to the actual performance. Like I said, the cream is oil based. To use it, you have to apply it to your face and massage it until it gets absorbed. This will take around 10-15 minutes of constant massaging and then the cream sort of seeps into the skin and does make my skin look healthy and plump. It leaves the skin quite hydrated. I would compare its effect to a cold cream.

It did not clog my pores but I feel like it might not be suitable for sensitive skin which breaks out easily because this cream contains lots of oil.

After hydrating the face, you are supposed to wipe it off with a wet towel or a wet tissue. So It definitely leaves the skin looking supple and fresh.

However, I did not see any long-lasting results. Like, I would use it because I bought it and it is not giving me any pimples but otherwise, there is nothing really it does.


One interesting way I use it is for removing makeup. Simply rub a small amount all over your face and take a cotton ball and wipe away all the makeup. This way it works the best!

Oriflame Pure Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Face Cream 2

Oriflame Pure Nature Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Face Cream 3

  1. Easy to use
  2. Contains tea tree and rosemary
  3. Will not clog pores
  4. Hydrates the skin
  5. Helps remove makeup
  1. Does nothing extraordinary
  2. May not be suitable for sensitive skin
Would I Recommend Or Repurchase?


Glossypolish verdict


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Love Nature Oriflame Tea Tree And Rosemary Face Mask 1

Oriflame Purifying Face Mask Review

by Varnika Chauhan

I purchased the Oriflame Purifying Face Mask for this purpose. I already have their hydrating cream from this range and so I decided to try the face mask as well.

Recently my skin broke out and this was the worst breakout I have ever had! Coupled with blackheads and whiteheads, I had fierce pimples which were quite painful.

You must have all heard about the miracles of tea tree oil! It is supposed to be the most useful oil for dealing with acne and skin infections. Tea tree oil is extremely good for oily skin as well. It helps to purify the pores and also, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Hence it is a common ingredient used in may facial cosmetics for the treatment of acne or for dealing with oily skin. Rosemary extracts are also beneficial for calming down irritated skin and rosemary oil also has healing properties.

What is it?

Tea tree and rosemary face mask are from the purifying nature skincare range and this face mask is supposed to deep clean the pores by absorbing excess oil and dirt.


INR 379

My Experience Oriflame Purifying Face Mask

The tea tree face mask comes in a green colored tube and the packaging is very convenient. It is fairly easy to carry or use.

The face mask has a slight green color. It smells sort of medicinal and yes, the fragrance is quite strong. It has a thick consistency and of course, it is not very easy to apply. I would compare its consistency to a clay mask.

Upon application, I use my fingers. It is fairly easy to apply. I use this mostly after exfoliating my skin to tighten my pores. Upon application, it usually takes up 10-15 minutes to dry up. After that, I wash it with plain water.

Let us discuss the results. The face mask, upon removal, is very effective in tightening the pores since I feel that it reduces their appearance. Also, it leaves my skin looking fresh and clean but not dry. You would expect that result from a product meant for oily skin but this face mask does not dry up the skin. It helps to keep my skin looking good but the results are not long lasting.

Love Nature Oriflame Tea Tree And Rosemary Face Mask 2

  1. Easy to use
  2. Affordable
  3. Leaves the skin looking fresh
  4. Cleans the pores
  5. Does not dry out the skin
  6. Brightens the skin
  1. Overpowering fragrance
  2. The results are not long lasting
Would I Recommend Or Repurchase?

Yes, you can definitely purchase this if you are looking for an affordable face mask that will keep your skin clean and well sanitized. However, do not expect miraculous results from it. It will not have drastic effects on acne.

Glossypolish verdict:


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Oriflame Primer

Oriflame Primer Review

by Varnika Chauhan

What is it? Oriflame Primer is a primer which is meant to make your skin appear smooth and flawless. It helps to reduce the appearance of the blemishes.

Oriflame Primer


INR 549 for 30 ml

My Experience With Oriflame the One Primer

The primer comes in a tube which is very convenient to carry around as it is quite compact. This primer is from their – “The one illusion” range. The color of the primer, as you can see in the swatch is opaque white and the consistency is quite thick. I would almost compare it to a lotion. My personal opinion is that primers should be lightweight. Since we will already be putting makeup on top, primers should not feel thick but rather light and smooth. But this primer does none of those things. I was very disappointed when I used this primer because it sits on top of the skin like a white layer and does not get absorbed. It will be an absolute nightmare for girls with oily skin because the primer is so greasy and so oily! It will literally make your makeup slip and slide. However, there is one interesting way in which you can use it! You can mix a small amount of this with your foundation and when I did that I found that it does not make the foundation oily. In fact, it makes the foundation look rather natural. So you can mix it up with a thick foundation to sheer it out.

Oriflame Primer 2

  1. Convenient packaging
  2. Can be mixed with the foundation for a natural look
  3. Will suit dry skin types
  1. Leaves a white residue on the face
  2. Cannot be used under makeup
  3. Leaves the skin looking very oily
  4. May clog pores
  5. Expensive
  6. Quite thick and heavy
Will I Recommend Or Repurchase


GlossyPolish verdict


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