LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review

by Varnika Chauhan
3 minutes read

LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review: What Is It And Who Is It For? LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange is an orange concealer (color corrector) that is supposed to color correct the under eye dark circles. It is meant to give you the appearance of bright under eye area and therefore makes your skin look flawless! Anyone struggling with the dark circles can use this.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Orange Review


INR 575

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How to Use?

Now you have to be careful with this one. Since it is orange in color, you need to make sure that your foundation hides it completely! You do not want the tangerine peeking through and making you look E.T! Here is the breakdown:

  1. Apply a little bit using the applicator over the areas which are dark (scars, dark circles, spots) and blend it out using your finger. Be very good with the blending part!
  2. Apply your foundation as usual but using a makeup sponge or a beauty blender.
  3. Do not rub the color corrected areas with the foundation, instead use dabbing motions to cover the orange parts!
  4. Go over those areas with a little bit of your concealer if necessary.

My Experience with LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Orange

I love this! It’s a wonderful color corrector which effectively cancels out the darkness of the areas it is applied to and once covered with foundation, it will make the skin look pretty spotless and flawless! The concealer does not crease and is highly pigmented (so be careful while using it!) and is easy to blend. You can use this to correct any acne scarring or the forever annoying dark circles.

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Overall Performance of LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Orange

  1. Blends easily.
  2. Very pigmented, so only a little product is needed.
  3. The tube will last you for a very long time! You will grow old with this thing by your side!
  4. Does not crease.
  5. Colour corrects the dark areas perfectly.
  6. Available at a very decent price.
  7. The tube has an applicator which makes it easier to be used!
  1.  You need to be careful with the amount of product you use! Do not go crazy with it…….
Overall Would I Recommend And Repurchase?

Well, how could I not!

Glossypolish verdict:


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