B Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink Review

by Vivekina Koul
7 minutes read

I love brightening up my outfits with color; I feel they add so much pizzazz to one’s outfit. I had wanted to color my hair for the longest time, however like any girl with jet black hair feared that all the bleaching and dyeing would wreak havoc on my hair. Furthermore, being a regular swimmer I was scared that coloring my hair would really bring down the quality of my hair.  I have been a huge fan of B: colourBlunt products and came across this one a while back, and decided to try it out. Being a temporary option, I felt I could experiment color more often. Further, the spraying option makes it easier for one to colour their hair, reducing all those expensive trips to parlours for touch-ups and care post colouring. I felt this was a revolutionary product and hence purchased it. Read further to know my experience with the product.

B Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink Review

Basic Information about B: Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink


B: Blunt started off as a chain of salons by Adhuna Bhabani with an aim to restyle the country with people who aren’t afraid to experiment with their hair and make it a form of self-expression. Since the opening of their first salon in 1998, the brand has gone on to various awards appreciating the best in beauty and also women entrepreneurs.  The philosophy of the brand, unlike others doesn’t strive for perfection but helps one express their true self. They believe it is one’s imperfections that define us, believe the only person one needs to look at is oneself.  B: Blunt since its inception has gone on to launch various hair care and styling products that suit not only the needs but also the certain demands of the different hair types of Indians. All this at inexpensive prices to make quality hair products more affordable for Indians. One such product is the ‘One Night Stand’ temporary hair colour.

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Rs. 350



Brand Claims

The product claims to help one colour on their own terms, without having to commit to a colour permanently. Spray it on to add a dramatic splash of colour to your day! Simply shampoo to wash it off colour.

Furthermore, the brand claims that it has been specifically created for Indian hair.

How to Use the product

Shake the can well before use. Apply to dry styled hair. Isolate the section you want to colour. Hold can six inches away from the hair and spray evenly on the desired area. Leave to dry. Brush out excess if required. Wear protective gear to prevent colour from staining hands and clothes.

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My Experience with B: Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink


Having loved their products for a while now and wanting to colour my hair without the consequences, I decided to purchase this. I hadn’t heard of any other colouring product that could be easily sprayed on, and was really excited to try it out. I thought this was a revolutionary product.

The process is pretty easy, one has to use this on dry hair. I washed my hair before I used this for better application and effect. The colour is nothing like ‘blush pink’ and has a metallic finish to it. One has to layer it on for the colour to show. I sectioned my hair first, brushed it thoroughly and applied my first layer of the spray. Post it drying up, I repeated the process of spraying the colour on. While the colour shows up well, it leaves the hair really dry and crunchy. The hair seems lifeless and I was so disappointed that I immediately washed it off. AS soon as it was washed off my hair, I could feel my hair regaining its original smoothness.

In terms of staying power, it is ridiculous. Even post drying, the colour transferred to my hands and clothes. Further, when I tried to brush through my hair to reduce the crunchiness, the colour started coming off. One doesn’t even need shampoo to wash it off. Even if it magically doesn’t dry your hair, it will wear off within a days’ time and transfer to not just your hands but maybe others as well. I am extremely disappointed with the product. For a student like me who is always on a budget, this felt like the worst decision of my life.


The packaging is its only saving grace and even it has its faults. While I love the design, the spray nozzle is extremely flimsy and of low quality. It got stuck while I hadn’t even finished covering half of my hair with colour and I thought it had finished off. I was about to throw it off, extremely disappointed with the quantity, when my friend stopped me and we spent a good 5-10 minutes trying to get a few more sprays out of the bottle. It is extremely sturdy and travel friendly. The packaging may make you believe that it is a high quality product but don’t be fooled. The packaging is just doing its job.


I wasn’t expecting the product to smell all rosy since it has a long list of chemicals, however was taken aback by the extremely strong and horrendous fragrance of the product. The product has a rancid smell, which might eventually wear off from your hair but makes the application process a horrible experience. Further, it leaves the room where the process was carried out smell horrendous.

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Overall Performance of B: Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink



  • One of a kind product that makes the disadvantages of colouring out of the process. However, the product can be worked on. A lot.
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • He colour shows off well on even dark hair
  • Not sure whether it’s a pro. The product would have been worth eth price if t would have worked according to the claims the company made.


  • Makes hair dry and lifeless
  • Transfers even post drying up
  • The scary and long list of chemicals
  • The packaging of the product in terms of the nozzle and application is disappointingly of low quality
  • The pathetic fragrance it has
  • Wears off real fast unlike what is claimed
  • Not suited for any hair let alone the tortures Indian hair goes through unlike what is claimed

Would I repurchase it?

Well, my review would have made it clear that my answer is going to a big no. However, I would sincerely urge the brand to better the product, it would really revolutionise the colouring process. I would give it 2/5 for being innovative and its cute packaging, but the product has a long way to go to get a score above that.




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V. sravanti May 25, 2017 - 10:58 AM

:no seriously!! You saved us from buying this!

Vivekina Koul May 25, 2017 - 2:52 PM

I am glad the review was of help. 🙂

Subhangi Singh May 25, 2017 - 4:17 PM

Apt review even i tried it once and will completely agree with you

Paneeni May 25, 2017 - 4:49 PM

Very informative review :good: