VEGA Makeup Brush Set Review

by Priyanshi
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Want to do you makeup like a pro but still a beginner? I got you! So today I am reviewing Vega brushes, a set of five brushes. And it all you need and guess what it will not hurt your pocket too!

Basic Info about VEGA Makeup Brush Set

What is it and who is it for?VEGA Makeup Brush Set

So a quick listing of what all the five elements are and what they do!

  • Lip Liner – to make sure to give perfect line to your lips
  • Lip Filler – so that you don’t have to dirty your fingers for applying the shade!
  • Eye Shadow – for that pro blending!
  • Eye Applicator – again do it like a pro!
  • Blush Brush – for giving a perfect finishing and glowing to your cheeks!

As I mentioned earlier it is pocket-friendly, and you get every element to apply for everyday makeup and best if you are in making to be the pro!



Sensitive Skin Alert?




What does the Brand Claim about Vega Brush Set of Five?

Set of 5 Vega Make-up brushes having five unique and essential brushes. This brush set is compact and easy to carry in purse while traveling or out from your home.

Lip Liner:
Ideal for defining the outer lip lines. Vega lip liners are carefully crafted to enhance the beauty of the lips.

Lip Filler:
Vega lip filler is an ideal accompaniment to lipsticks and lip colors. It is perfect for detailing along the lips and applying the color evenly and consistently.

Eye Shadow:
This brush has been designed for the even spreading and blending of eye shadow.

Eye Applicator:
This sponge brush can be used for applying colors on eye shadow.

Blush Brush:
Made with natural hair which is ideal for correct pick-up and blending of the powder.

How to Use:

This is set of five brushes. for using them you have to make sure that handle then with light hand don’t push the brushes or the finishing will not be that effective and with will look like a cake!

Although, Exception can be made for lip filler, eye applicator and lip liner for these three you have to keep a firm hand because of the nature of the application and make sure while applying you hold them from the middle that is the starting of thVEGA Makeup Brush Set 1e wooden area to get the best results!

For rest of the two blush and eye shadow one, you have to keep a light hand! And do lots of blending!

My Experience with  VEGA Makeup Brush Set

Let me be honest with you guys, I bought this set last year and it is still working really well and surprisingly in very good condition, which is an exception for things I own! This proves the durability of these brushes and the quality of the same

They blend in really well and the finishing of these brushes is amazing at this price and as a college going girl they work perfectly for everyday makeup!

VEGA Makeup Brush Set 2

I own this brush since the past two years now and I haven’t faced even single fallout from this one. It has passed innumerable washes and is still as vibrant as it first was. The only downer is the price and the white color of the bristles. So it becomes very evident when the brush is dirty: P

Overall Performance of VEGA Makeup Brush Set


  • Natural bristles
  • Excellent and smooth flawless finish
  • Good grip
  • Wooden touch handles
  • Pocket friendly


  • Fallout if not cleaned regularly
  • Starts looking dirty earlier

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Makeup brushes are must haves! And at this price, what else do we all broke people need in life! (kidding), you should definitely buy it!

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