Skincare Products – The Beginners Guide

by Sone
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Skincare is a funny thing. Funny you say? Yes funny! To the seasoned skin care diva, it is as mundane as, your morning cup of coffee. For the novices, it can be just too confusing! I had recently written a post about basic skincare routine. (You can read it here). The feedback I got was what in the world are all these products? What exactly is each skin care product and what is it supposed to do?

Those questions are worth a million dollars. The very basis of any skin care, is understanding what each product does. In this post, I am writing down about most skin care products on sale in the market and what are they meant to do for you.

Skin Care Products Demystified part A Products

Psst : When I started writing this article, I didn’t realize how long this is going to get!! So I have split the article into two parts :p Consider this ,as your very own Skincare Products 101 😀

#1 Face wash

This is quite obvious! Face washes are meant to be the first step .Clean your skin. Now face washes come in many varieties-the foaming, non foaming, clay based cleansers, oil cleansers etc. I will do a detailed post on different face washes, for different skin concerns  🙂 .




Basics of Skincare Products Part A face wash




# 2 Face Cleansers

Face cleansers serve very different purposes ,compared with the face washes. These primarily are targeted to remove makeup and remove deep set impurities; which the face washes are not able to achieve. This category includes the simple cleansers, two phased makeup removers, balm cleansers and mi-cellar waters. You must have at-least one product from this category with you 🙂

Basics of Skincare Products Part A Balm Cleanser




#3 Facial Wipes

These are really great at removing makeup and handy for a quick face clean. But, only once in a while. Most face wipes are hard on the skin and they leave behind traces of dirt/makeup all over the place. Ideally, use them ONLY while you are travelling. Using them too often, may result in irritated skin!


#4 Ubtan

The Ubtans are true Indian cleansers. Made with finest of natural ingredients, they are our signature Grandmother’s skincare recipe 😀 .Ubtans have a mild scrubbing action. I recommend to use ubtans, twice a week; at the maximum. Using them frequently will irritate the skin. Also remember, the natural products are not sterilized for microbes. One has to be super careful, while using or storing them!

Basics of Skincare Products Part A Ubtan




#5 Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent and concentrated extracts from plants. They are very powerful ingredients and can work wonders for your skin. Depending on your skin’s need they can hydrate the skin, or even dry it out. But, be super careful. Most essential oils should not be used directly on the skin. They must be mixed with the carrier oils, in the correct proportion. Unless you  have learnt the technique, I advise you don’t make oil blend at home.

Basics of Skincare Products Part A Essential oils

#6 Toners

The toner is perhaps the most neglected skin care product. Actually, this is an integral part of your skin care routine. The skin care routine is not called CTM ,just like that!! T is the toner. The toner cleans out any remnants of dirt from the pores. It can be an astringent, for oily skin types or it can be humectants for normal to dry skin. In both cases, it provides the very first nourishment to skin and closes the pores. If you don’t use a toner, chances are that you will experience blackheads, whiteheads, mila or generally dull skin.

Basics of Skincare Products Part A Toner




#7 Face Mist

This is a refreshing tonic for the skin. If your skin is feeling dull or dry during the course of the day ; just spray on some refreshing mist. It can be a simple rose water tonic  or a multivitamin skin boost. Mostly, this product is used when you cannot  or do not want to apply a moisturizer. Personally, I just spray it on, right after washing my face; before the toner 🙂




Skin Care Products Demystified part A Facial Mist




# 8 Facial Serums

These are the new age ,beauty potions. Consider them to be concentrated beauty goodness or beauty dose. In this time and age, you cannot commit the crime of not using a serum. Serums are the most expensive skin care products. Actually they deserve to be expensive. They do for your skin, what no other product does! This is where you should spend the majority of your skincare investment.




Basics of Skincare Products Part A Serum




#9 Facial Capsules

These are serums or vitamins in a capsule form. They have just the right amount of product that you may need. Since each capsule is sealed, the antioxidants are most potent in this product. Naturally there are the most expensive.

Basics of Skincare Products Part A Capsules




The list is so not over!! I will be covering the Eye Creams, Eye Gels, BB Creams, CC Creams, Scrubs, Lip care, Face Masques, Face Packs, Overnight Masques, Facial Peels, Facial Oils, Dry Oils and AHA treatments etc ; in the second part.

Let me know, if there is some specific skin care concern or article that you are looking for. Stay tuned and stay beautiful  🙂 🙂



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