Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi Milk Review

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As we grow older, since the time we hit our twenties, some changes start coming in our skin.

The most important among these changes are the ability of skin to shed /naturally exfoliate diminishes. The dead skin keep on building up micro ,layer by layer, trapping with it free radicals and pollutants. The result.

Ageing skin and skin that looks dull.

Basically we enter a vicious circle of skin that does not shed-then more skin gets older-then it does not exfoliate and problems escalate.

The first step to ANY anti ageing regimen must be exfoliation.

There is a lovely product that I swear by, read its detailed review and usage here.

But in case you are not in a position to spend heftily, here is the review of another product that might be useful for you.

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi Milk Review

What is it and who is it for?

A natural ubtan cleanser based on ayurvedic formulation. Suitable for dry and ageing skin.


Rs 875 for 50 gm




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Sensitive Skin Alert?



What does the Brand Claim about Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi Milk?

The Tejasvi Milk Ubtan contains full fat fresh Milk, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Saffron and potent herbs, which by their nourishing, refreshing & refining action, helps in restoring the levels of the skin.


The natural ingredients of this ubtan remove tan and improve skin texture.

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 How to Use:

Personalize your ubtan:-


Use with Rosewater or Aloe Vera for normal skin.


Use with milk or cream for dry skin.


Use with yogurt for oily skin.


Mix a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice for pigmentation.


Use to wash face.


Rinse well.



My Experience with Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi Milk

This ubtan comes in a luxurious jar packaging. Be sure to ask for a wooden spatula with the ubtan. Earlier the forest essentials people used to provide it without asking but these days they don’t provide it unless you specifically request them.

This ubtan is like a dried form of ghee mixed with sandalwood. This is the only ubtan from forest essentials that has this quality.That is why I feel that this is not drying and is best suited for ageing skin. If you have oily acne prone skin, just stay far far away from it.I mix this with milk and apply all over face and neck every day, every alternate week. It seems to work for me that way.It gently exfoliates my skin and you know makes it feel clean.I use it in the evenings and this is like a daily home spa therapy.

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Now this ubtan claims to clear tan…which it does to s amll extent.Basically if you will exfoliate your skin regularly a lot of tan will come off.Just be doubly careful to use heavy SPF the next day and you will get a nice glowy skin.

This is an expensive product but it stands to most of its claims.

Positives of Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi Milk

  • Lovely packaging
  • Stores well
  • Ease of application and customization
  • Natural ingredients
  • Gives a glow to skin
  • Does not dry the skin out



Negatives of Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Tejasvi Milk

  • Frankly its too expensive

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I would recommend this to dry skinned ladies and to those women who are seeing signs of ageing. Use this as a mild daily Exfoliator every second week.

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