Biotique Bio Berry Sensitive Mommy and Baby Bubble Bath Review

by Sone
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What is it and who is it for? Biotique Bio Berry Sensitive Mommy and Baby Bubble Bath is a shower gel suitable for sensitive skin and babies!

Biotique Bio Berry


Rs.99 for 120ml

How to Use:

Pour on a loofah and cleanse well with the light lather.

My Experience with Biotique Bio Berry Sensitive Mommy and Baby Bubble Bath

This shower gel comes in very sturdy and compact packaging. I have literally used this shower gel to the very end because the bottle is easy to squeeze. The shower gel itself is blue in color. It suds well.

As far as the fragrance goes, it is a typical perfume fragrance. I did not find it to be berry like…more like juicy and synthetic. Still, this fragrance is inoffensive. It cleans the skin well and did not irritate my skin. The fragrance does not linger after the shower but it does impart a fresh clean feeling. It did not dry my skin out, actually, this is a very essential plus point. So it does match up to its claim of being sensitive skin friendly and mild.

  1. Mild
  2. Does not irritate skin
  3. Does not dry skin out
  4. affordable
  1. Not wow
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I will term it as a good product. It is above average in its performance. Still, I would not be repurchasing this…neither will I say that you HAVE to buy this. In my opinion, this is a good cheap buy.

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