Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream Review

by Sone
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What is it and who is it for? Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream is a baby cream, so suitable for even a baby’s skin.



Rs 40 for 30 gm

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How to Use:

Apply it as frequently as required, on clean hands.

My Experience with Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream:

I have seen Johnson’s baby milk cream a million times. But I have always overlooked it! I mean, everyone knows that this cream exists.Everyone knows how great it smells! But, how many of us have thought that it can be used a hand cream?

I just picked it up on a whim at the supermarket checkout counter. I was running out of my favorite hand cream and wanted to have a backup. I was so pleasantly surprised! It is a nice and thick cream, Use a very little amount and you will get soft hands 🙂 Yes it is greasy, but not oily greasy. It takes a minute to absorb, but leaves hands beautifully soft!

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The biggest plus point is its amazing baby powder fragrance. It is so calming and so beautifully neutral! At such a low price you are getting a handy little tube of great smelling moisturizer. What else do you need!! High-end hand creams cost a bomb…this little beauty, costs next to nothing-AND does the job 😀

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As far as using it on the face is concerned, I think once you cross the age of 20; you need some substantially loaded stuff to take care of your skin. So as soon as you turn 20 converts it into your go-to hand cream! You will love it, I promise 🙂

  1. Makes skins soft
  2. Smells great
  3. Very cheap
  4. Easily Available
  1. Has Parabens
  2. Has Mineral Oil
Would I repurchase and recommend?

This little beauty will forever be on my bedside table and in my handbag. Yes from time to time, I will crave exotic fragrances in my hand cream. This one will be my go-to neutral hand cream 😀 .

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Have you discovered any other uses of famous products, like this one?

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Sirish April 20, 2017 - 5:18 PM

Johnsons baby milk cream is a very good product at very low price.I recommend this product to all.Its a good buy in compare to others.