The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter Review

by Smriti S
5 minutes read

The body shop is a huge brand that is offering discounts currently. So people, if you are interested in buying products, hurry! There is one thing which I would honestly love to tell, some of the products in body shop are extremely hyped up, they are not worth it and the price, but still they are hyped. But some products genuinely are amazing. I am not a big fan of the skincare line, but in the initial days, I bought loads of lip balms and lip butter thinking they would be great. Find out what I think about The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter .

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter 3

Basic information about Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter

The Body Shop is a very famous skin care and makes up line which was launched in India after its huge success in other countries. The main highlight of these products is that they are paraben free, silicone free and made of organic ingredients. The main motto of this brand is to enrich the environment, not exploit it. Brand Ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez swears by their skin care products and is an ardent user of these products. In skincare line, they have body washes, essential oil, serum, body scrub, body butter, soaps, lip balms, roll-ons, anti-aging creams, and much more. In the make-up line, they offer lipsticks, lip tints, blush on, foundation, highlighter, mineral powder, bronzer and much more. Today I will be reviewing the pink grapefruit lip butter.


Rs 350/ $7

Net quantity

10ml/ 0.3 oz/ 9g

Brand claims

The brand claims to be the most ethical and sustainable global business. It claims to use pure, organic, paraffin free, silicone free and paraben free products. Also, a part of the company’s profit is shared with the poor children of Kenya and other underdeveloped countries. This lip balm claims to give the smoothest, kissable lips overnight. Apart from this, it moisturizes the lips and keeps them supple even after the lip butter wipes off.

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter

How to use

Prior to the application on lips, it is recommended to scrub off the lips using a scrub or a brush to remove the dead skin cells so as to expose the new skin and moisturize it effectively. I would recommend applying during the night only since it is pretty waxy and it will attract dirt and just do the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

Shelf life

5 years from the date of manufacture

Vegan alert


My experience with Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter


It is packed in a cute, little container which is light pink in color indicating the pink grapefruit flavor.


It has a very strong, berry kind of fragrance which stays on until the lip balm lasts, unfortunately, I did not like the fragrance.

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter 1


Body shop products never seem to annoy me but this one was a complete disaster. I bought this with great hopes but it completely disappointed me. It was a complete flop. Firstly, the smell is very bad. It is very strong and after a while, it feels extremely heavy on the lips. It is waxy in texture hence attracts dirt if worn under lipstick or just by itself during the day. Sometimes, it makes my lips chap even more which is really bad. As I already mentioned, some products are really hyped up and this is one of them.  There are other lip balms out there which are more affordable and do the specified work. I did not like it at all.

Overall performance of Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter


  • Cute container (il use the container to store my DIY eye creams)


  • Not worth the price
  • Smell is really strong
  • Feels very heavy on the lips
  • Not ideal to apply during the daytime
  • Doesn’t keep the lips moisturized
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Need to use fingers every time which increases chances of contamination
  • Very waxy texture
  • Doesn’t contain an SPF

Would I repurchase or recommend?

Unfortunately no! This product is not worth the hype. It does soothe dry, chapped lips to a certain extent only, but if applied during the daytime, attracts too much dirt. It is very sticky in nature and if it is applied during the daytime, it causes the lips to chap and cracks like crazy. Also, it attracts dirt and pollution.  I would give this product a 1/5. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, honestly!

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Meghal October 4, 2017 - 10:01 AM

The fragrance content in all Body Shop products goes overboard :unsure:

Smriti October 4, 2017 - 10:22 AM

Yes and even the hype. They behave as if these products are the best products available on earth. There are in a misunderstanding.

Sone October 4, 2017 - 12:40 PM

😛 But I love some of their body butters, they are actually the best in the market!

Sreeparna Ganguly October 4, 2017 - 10:45 AM

Looking at the cute tub I thought the product would be nice! :unsure:

Juhi Sharma October 4, 2017 - 11:02 AM

More cons than pros??

Mallika October 4, 2017 - 12:35 PM

oh !! such a terrible product !

Sone October 4, 2017 - 12:39 PM

TBS lip butters never worked for me :no :no

Smriti October 5, 2017 - 1:37 PM

Me too. They are bad