Chambor Liquid Lipstick 484 Review

by Smriti S
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Chambor Liquid Lipstick 484  :Lipstick and lip glosses are a part and parcel of every girl’s life. We are constantly trying to find out which color suits us the best and which color for which occasion would make us look our best. Right girls? You will be extremely happy when I will tell that your search has ended here. The brand Chambor has lipsticks for every occasion, every lip tone, every skin tone and for everything. We all are aware of lipsticks and lip glosses. But this is Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof liquid lipstick 484 is something different, it is a liquid lipstick which is matte, which provides eXtreme coverage. Read on to know how the product fared for me.

Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick 484 Review 1

Basic information about Chambor Liquid Lipstick 484


Rs 845

Net quantity

How to use

Depending on the occasion, swipe once or twice on your lips for a matte yet hydrating finish. For best results, take a lip filler brush and carefully outline the lips and fill in rather than using applicator as a whole.

My experience Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick 484


It comes in a long bottle, which has an applicator attached to it.the applicator is just perfect. It has been designed to suit the shape if every lip. This bottle is enclosed in a cuboidal box.


An extremely mild fragrance depending on the shade.

Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick 484 Review 3


I was in a mall, trying out lipsticks where a lady came up to me, telling me about how amazing chambor lipsticks are. Curiously, I went along with her and I applied a nude shade. There were only 2 shades remaining and all other shades were out of stock. The lighting there was bad, so I couldn’t really decide anything, so I came back home. Until the time I came home, the lipstick hadn’t budged. It hadn’t made my lips flaky and dry as well. This is when I decided to actually go try all the shades. I went to buy one but ended up buying two really beautiful shades. I am head over heels in love with these lipsticks since they cover any pigmentation present on the lips giving it a matte finish. I know, people would have a doubt, that, if it is matte, won’t it crack? The point is that this lipstick has been designed with special formulations which hydrate the lips as well as give it a matte finish. Amazing, isn’t it? Also, the shade, 484, is a nude shade which can be used on any occasion. It is a great idea to try out all the shades before buying since each shade is amazing in its own way. There is no color which won’t suit any your skin tone.                                                                   Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick 484 Review

Overall performance of Chambor Liquid Lipstick 484

  1. Doesn’t bleed
  2. Great color pay off
  3. Amazing shades
  4. Matte
  5. Hydrating doesn’t dry the lips
  6. Affordable
  7. Covers the pigmentation on the lips
  8. Not tested on animals
  9. Easy to use
  10. Easy to carry
  11. Great applicator
  12. Cute packaging
  1. Nothing
Would I repurchase or recommend?

A big yes. I am purchasing all the other 16 shades (I own 2 already). I would recommend this product to anyone searching for a lipstick or a lip gloss. I wish I could give this product a 10 on 5. But let’s stick to 5/5. The 18 shades are so beautiful and cover up the pigmentation on the lips, which, as far as I know

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juhi sharma July 31, 2017 - 3:55 PM

beautiful shade

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Thanks juhi.