Jovees Fairness Lotion SPF 25 Review

by Mahaswata Ghosh
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Jovees Fairness Lotion SPF 25: Hello, girls!!! We all know how much harm the sun rays can be to our skin. As the summer had started, with summer comes the biggest problem of skin tanning. One should never ever step out without applying a generous amount of sunscreen. Choosing the right type of sunscreen is always a tedious task. As, we have lots of option in the market for sunscreen.

Sunscreens are generally greasy and oily, so people abstain from using sunscreen just because of this greasy feeling. People with oily and acne prone skin are more concerned because too much oil can leads to break outs. So a good sunscreen with high SPF rate and less greasiness is hard to find. This search of mine led me to get JOVEES WATER RESISTANT SUNSCREEN FAIRNESS LOTION SPF 25 which I am going to review today. For me, Fairness is not a big issue as most products claiming fairness are just false. I picked up this lotion just because it claimed to be Water Resistant, had SPF 25 and came from a brand like Jovees whose products have never disappointed me.


Basic Info about Jovees Fairness Lotion SPF 25

What is it and who is it for?

Jovees Sunscreen Fairness Lotion (SPF 25) is a water resistant lotion that contains sandal, chamomile, licorice, carrot, Aloe Vera along with other precious herbal extracts that will make skin visibly fairer and even toned. It is easily absorbed into the skin and forms protective layer. It also helps in maintaining moisture balance.

The lotion is excellent for all skin, which helps in maintaining the moisture balance of your face. Neither it makes the skin too oily, nor does it make too dry.



100ml for Rs.185

(may get at lesser price in some online stores)

Sensitive Skin alert?




Jovees Water Resistant Sunscreen Fairness Lotion SPF 25 Review

How to use:

The bottle of the cream has a nozzle, so take out the amount of lotion needed on your hand, and apply it all over face, neck and leave on. The lotion has to be used twice a day.

My Experience with Jovees Fairness Lotion SPF 25

Jovees Water Resistant Sunscreen Fairness Lotion comes in a sturdy white bottle with a pump dispenser. The dispenser has an additional transparent cap which protects its nozzle from accumulating dirt. The nozzle has a small opening and dispenses product in small amount which prevents its wastage. I find the packaging to be very decent, travel-friendly and hygienic. The lotion spreads easily and gets absorbed without leaving any whitish cast or greasiness. It moisturizes the skin which is perfect for summer but in winter a heavy moisturizer beneath will be needed. It contains SPF 25 which is pretty good.

To test its water resistance, I intentionally washed my hand with plain water after applying it and it still had glow and fragrance. This makes it suitable to be used during rainy season as well.  Overall the product does not make skin oily and evens out the tone with added sun protection.

Jovees Water Resistant Sunscreen Fairness Lotion SPF 25 Review 3

Overall Performance of Jovees Fairness Lotion SPF 25

  1. Has SPF 25 (gives UV protection)
  2. Has Water Resistant.
  3. Well suited for all skin.
  4. Moisturizes the skin.
  5. Travel-friendly and hygienic.
  6. Contains Sandal and Aloe Vera.
  7. Pleasant fragrance.
  1. Better suited for normal skin.
  2. It has a faint Herbal Fragrance.
  3. Don’t lock sweat.
Would I recommend?

I would recommend this product to all of you as it’s a perfect combination of sunscreen and lightening lotion. It provides the right amount of moisturization without any greasiness. It also evens out the skin tone and protects from tanning. Moreover, its water resistance capability is an added advantage. If you are looking for a sunscreen minus oiliness, you should give this product a try.

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