You Must Unlearn Somethings , to Learn Something New

by Vidisha Singh
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If you are not a good singer then you will probably connect with this. Every time during your childhood, as you begun to sing your favorite song, there was your group staring at you .Saying, “oh dear your voice is not meant to sing”, while the rest laughed.Do you sing anymore? Most likely, this whole incident is stuck in your mind till date. There is the voice which still tells you, that you cannot sing. Ever since that day you are hesitant, to even hum that favorite number of yours. You have learned you are not a good singer.

There are some of our life experiences, that create a conclusion in our mind and we use these learnings, to monitor our present. Then, there are the beliefs that we grow up with. Whatever we see around us happening, the beliefs of those around us-and we ACCEPT them without questioning.But, we forget the fact that these experiences and beliefs cannot and should not limit our present. The time has changed, so have the people and most importantly you have changed too. Is it not sensible to then change your beliefs?

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As a bottle has to be emptied before refilling, similarly we need to unlearn some of the most important learnings; to learn something new.Unlearning is not reframing the old, but it is moving away from a learned incident. In clear words, it is not about being judgmental and saying what is right and what is wrong. It is about exploring what lies beyond the judgment. What you FEEL is right, NOW.

In spirituality, we all talk about being free from the bonds i.e. liberation of the true self. Whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism, Or Christianity- each and every religion really talks about getting rid of superficial beliefs, assumptions, and learnings. It is important to unlearn in order to reach for higher truth.

unlearn to learn something new

 Neuroscience also informs that up to the age of six our brain waves predominantly demonstrate delta and then theta frequencies. This is the same neural state that used in hypnosis. Why? Because during hypnosis, we are most susceptible to accepting whatever we are told. Basically, your mind has been hypnotized a certain way till now. All our basic limiting beliefs that we have learned, or the behavior we conduct towards certain situations – can be easily compared with our childhood learnings or incidents. You cannot live a fulfilling and adaptable life like you are meant to; if you limit yourself this way.

Releasing these learnings opens up ways for the new learnings. You MUST open your mind.

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Before you attempt, reaching a higher plane in life. First HEAL yourself.By going back to the childhood memories, you need not blame those incidents. All you need to do is understand the learning that left an impact and changed your behavior.

We will focus on the incidents that have made you believe something is impossible.Since childhood there are several life incidents that make you feel unworthy of the self, not good enough to be loved. Incidents that make you blindly follow what others are doing.

First and foremost, you have a duty to yourself. Accept that you can be better. Find your limitations, question your beliefs and open up your mind.It will not be easy. All these learnings have a very strong emotional reaction if any of our learnings are being questioned or challenged. After all, you have LIVED and THRIVED on these beliefs. The basic reason is we are not ready to unlearn the learnings of the past. The repetitive thoughts have created an emotional pattern of our behavior. It’s ok. It’s normal, it’s understandable. Now you know about it.

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Make a conscious decision to change yourself for the better today.The first step –unlearn whatever that you do not HONESTLY believe in.Unlearn everything that is a source of FEAR.Each and every one of you has limitless potential. By being stuck to the negativities in your character and beliefs…you will bring pain to your loved ones and to yourself. Change yourself today, take that step today.You will not believe the amount of positivity and the possibilities that are JUST WAITING for you to free up that space.

Stop complaining; make space for the positive today!!

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 The writer is a renowned Life Coach and LOA Therapist.


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