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What is Angel Healing ?

by Vidisha Singh

Angel Healing: When we are children, we believe everything. As we grow up; we are programmed what to believe. In this process, while we start believing the “accepted “thing; for other aspects of our lives-we turn into nonbelievers.

 Today I am presenting this article –with a hope that you could go back to your open-minded childhood-the way you were untarnished. Take the concept I am explaining-as a constant source of support and motivation; if not anything else  :)

I am introducing you today-to the concept of angel healing. This may help those, who need their private reassurance –that someone is indeed looking out for them.

When you describe someone as an “angel”, you mean a personality trait of kindness. Angel is the ultimate manifestation of all the positive energy that you have around you. The word angel comes from the Greek word “Angelo’s”, which means messenger. Angels are messengers of God. They are non-judgmental beings of light. Angels work on free-will, so until you don’t ask them they cannot interfere with your life. Unless it is a life or death situation.

Angels help you regardless of what you’ve done in the past or who you really are. You do not have to be labeled as a good person to be helped by angels. But they love to help those who try to help themselves.

Don’t sit back and expect them to do wonders in your life. Angels are here to help but they can’t do every work on your behalf. So give your work a quick thought, followed by a quick start, invoke the Angels’ presence through affirmations, prayers, and visualizations and they are right beside you.

When angels visit us, one does not hear the sound of their wings or feel the touch of their feathers, but we know their presence by the love they fill our hearts with. They clear the roadblocks in your life. Keep doing your karma and angels will assist you. Do not fear as you have your guardian angels to help you fight and emerge a winner.

Angel therapy is a miraculous healing concept which involves love, faith, gratitude and to add spark to them all —communication with the angels. Angel therapy involves different techniques, which differ from individual to individual and their ways of taking guidance. It doesn’t always involve the presence of a third person who will ask specific angels for help. Angel therapy works wonders in self-healing.

angel healing 9

Every person has at least two Guardian Angels, so you can call upon them anytime, anywhere. Angel healing is not only about physical or mental healing, it also helps in guiding you on important decisions in life-related to work, finance and quitting bad habits.

In short, they can heal anything and everything. Just as there are many types of angel therapies, the range of treatments and their results also vary. Some healings happen overnight, while some take time.

For instance, while using the channeling technique, an angel therapist channels an angel and through different techniques like auto-writing, Clair-sentience, Clair-audience, Clair-cognisant, the therapist (clairvoyant) comes out with different solutions given by the angels for a specific problem or situation.

While providing angel therapy, we work with seven archangels.

Some of them are:
 AA Michael

— for protection, courage, confidence, safety, fixing mechanical and electronic items.

AA Raphael

— for healing people and animals, guiding healers, connecting you with your soul mate.

AA Gabriel

— for delivering important messages, helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, actors, artists).

AA Uriel

— intellectual understanding, conversations, ideas, insights.

angel healing 3

So to heal with the help of the angels, all you have to do is call upon them, tell your problem, have faith and pay gratitude. Thank them in advance. Angels love it!

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The writer is an angel therapist and life coach who also gives workshops on the Law of attraction.

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love yourself

Love Yourself

by Vidisha Singh

Love Yourself: Life brings heartache and sorrow in many forms.W hen our heart is breaking it can feel like, our whole world is falling apart. It is the time when the game of SOLITUDE vs. LONELINESS starts to begin. For me, there is a difference between both. ~ Solitude is a something which you WANT and feel comfortable with – a peaceful, relaxing and inspirational space. ~ Loneliness is an UNWANTED experience, of being on your own.I believe one of the greatest fears we have is the fear of Loneliness, especially the loneliness we feel when we are without a lover. This fear traps many of us into unfulfilling or destructive relationships or leads us into

The biggest question is WHY? Why do we need someone else to love ourselves? Why do we need someone else to pamper us? Why do we need appreciation from someone else, to approve of ourself? In the quest to find answers to so many unanswered questions, we start forgetting the worth of “SELF-LOVE”.  We get so busy trying to prove our worth to the other person that we get lost in the midst and at last reach nowhere.

love yourself (4)

Accept and Acknowledge your Worth. Self-Love and Self-Esteem are inside. One needs to feel it from within and not wait for an outside validation or approval. If your life lacks the love, the trust, the connection, the faith . I f the balance between desire and deserve is not harmonious, it’s time that u take a look at your relationship with your SELF.

Let the flow of love within, begin. Open to receive the love, the worth. You deserve it all. Spread your arms, feel the essence of self love. Heal and transform yourself! Don’t be Conditional in choosing your love for self. Don’t love because you did a great deed, got a promotion, or got success. Love yourself for both what you have and don’t have, all your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is not perfect. But feeling respect for oneself is LOVE. You are love, Receive Love and Give Love.  Don’t limit yourself by saying I do not deserve, Nobody loves me; I am lonely … Because now you are the source of the Love… When you love yourself, you do not judge others, because you do not judge yourself!


All that your heart desires is yours to manifest and make it your own.  The moment you are aware of Love, you see your dreams becoming the realities of your life. The never ending sorrows fills with joy, the wounds of the past begin to heal. You no more need to fight for the love…

Appreciate Yourself

Feel grateful for yourself

Acknowledge and Appreciate your Blessings

A Small Exercise to Start the Flow of Self Love:

Visualize yourself being surrounded by pink light. Imagine that the pink light of love, compassion and purity completely surrounds you within and outside your body. You are in the energy of Love, forgiveness, faith, beauty, serenity. The pink light dissolves the hurt, pain, loneliness, sorrow. It makes you emerge in a state of peace and complete SOLITUDE!! A journey of Self- love begins!!

Blessed be!!

DReams Self Help (4)

Everyone has a list of dreams and we all deserve to have whatever we truly want in our lives. Everything we dream of , no matter how small it is , is valid if it is important for us.Dreams may vary from a romantic relationship , to a new car, a new skill or much dreamt by all-financial abundance. Ahhh!! there is nothing wrong in desiring financial wealth!

DReams Self Help (4)

Do we have any idea what limits us in achieving and manifesting our dreams?Do we have any idea what our personal goals and aspirations are? What is that we love to do? We get so busy in the hustle and bustle to chase our dreams that we just forget to think about these questions. We start to concentrate so much on our dream list that we forget to be happy.

DReams Self Help

While on the path to achieve our dreams we start to list the things that are not perfect , the hurdles , the blocks , the time it takes to fulfill our dreams. . Achieving our dream is important but equally important is to be happy with what we have.

DReams Self Help (3)

I know i am stating two contrasts – ” to be content and yet to dream big “…

The major crux of life lies here.

Dream but do not forget to enjoy the present .Do not emphasize so much on the future that when you achieve your dreams you stand ALONE , and you realize all that you could have done and still achieved your dream.

DReams Self Help

Be happy with what you have . Live, Laugh, sing , dance . Celebrate the present . That will help you in creating a positive self attitude, which will motivate you to dream and move ahead and at the end ~~All your dreams are manifested into a reality.

DReams Self Help (2)

Follow the path of true miracles.!

Happy dreaming and

Happy Manifesting!!

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unlearn to learn something new

If you are not a good singer then you will probably connect with this. Every time during your childhood, as you begun to sing your favorite song, there was your group staring at you .Saying, “oh dear your voice is not meant to sing”, while the rest laughed.Do you sing anymore? Most likely, this whole incident is stuck in your mind till date. There is the voice which still tells you, that you cannot sing. Ever since that day you are hesitant, to even hum that favorite number of yours. You have learned you are not a good singer.

There are some of our life experiences, that create a conclusion in our mind and we use these learnings, to monitor our present. Then, there are the beliefs that we grow up with. Whatever we see around us happening, the beliefs of those around us-and we ACCEPT them without questioning.But, we forget the fact that these experiences and beliefs cannot and should not limit our present. The time has changed, so have the people and most importantly you have changed too. Is it not sensible to then change your beliefs?

unlearn to learn something new 1

As a bottle has to be emptied before refilling, similarly we need to unlearn some of the most important learnings; to learn something new.Unlearning is not reframing the old, but it is moving away from a learned incident. In clear words, it is not about being judgmental and saying what is right and what is wrong. It is about exploring what lies beyond the judgment. What you FEEL is right, NOW.

In spirituality, we all talk about being free from the bonds i.e. liberation of the true self. Whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism, Or Christianity- each and every religion really talks about getting rid of superficial beliefs, assumptions, and learnings. It is important to unlearn in order to reach for higher truth.

unlearn to learn something new

 Neuroscience also informs that up to the age of six our brain waves predominantly demonstrate delta and then theta frequencies. This is the same neural state that used in hypnosis. Why? Because during hypnosis, we are most susceptible to accepting whatever we are told. Basically, your mind has been hypnotized a certain way till now. All our basic limiting beliefs that we have learned, or the behavior we conduct towards certain situations – can be easily compared with our childhood learnings or incidents. You cannot live a fulfilling and adaptable life like you are meant to; if you limit yourself this way.

Releasing these learnings opens up ways for the new learnings. You MUST open your mind.

unlearn to learn something new 4

Before you attempt, reaching a higher plane in life. First HEAL yourself.By going back to the childhood memories, you need not blame those incidents. All you need to do is understand the learning that left an impact and changed your behavior.

We will focus on the incidents that have made you believe something is impossible.Since childhood there are several life incidents that make you feel unworthy of the self, not good enough to be loved. Incidents that make you blindly follow what others are doing.

First and foremost, you have a duty to yourself. Accept that you can be better. Find your limitations, question your beliefs and open up your mind.It will not be easy. All these learnings have a very strong emotional reaction if any of our learnings are being questioned or challenged. After all, you have LIVED and THRIVED on these beliefs. The basic reason is we are not ready to unlearn the learnings of the past. The repetitive thoughts have created an emotional pattern of our behavior. It’s ok. It’s normal, it’s understandable. Now you know about it.

unlearn to learn something new 2

Make a conscious decision to change yourself for the better today.The first step –unlearn whatever that you do not HONESTLY believe in.Unlearn everything that is a source of FEAR.Each and every one of you has limitless potential. By being stuck to the negativities in your character and beliefs…you will bring pain to your loved ones and to yourself. Change yourself today, take that step today.You will not believe the amount of positivity and the possibilities that are JUST WAITING for you to free up that space.

Stop complaining; make space for the positive today!!

unlearn to learn something new 3

 The writer is a renowned Life Coach and LOA Therapist.


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How To Deal With Angry People in Your Life 1

Very quietly I was sipping a cup of hot coffee in my garden. To add to the sweetness to every sip, I was enjoying the beautiful company of my grandfather, who was giving me some insights on gardening!

 As I just stood up, to look at a big bunch of dahlia, a bird from somewhere just fell in front of me. Black in color and half grown up! My gardener came running and took the bird in his hands. “Is it a crow?”” Alive or dead” I asked so many questions as I   held the bird in my hands.

And there… the bird opened its eyes. .  It’s Koel, The cuckoo bird. My dadaji recognized it because of its distinct feature of long tail and red eyes.  Ohh the crow must have pushed him out of the nest because Koel is a brood parasite and lays eggs in nest of other species; especially crow (and crow usually does it when recognizes that it’s not his baby ) said my dadaji .


How To Deal With Angry People in Your Life

Image Credit : iamkohchang


Before I could put the bird on the floor, OUCH!! There I got a poke form its beak, and my index finger started to bleed. The bird was unable to fly but still trying to safeguard himself, a helpless creature but full of anger. Every time he was trying to fly he was unable to. There was a wound in his leg that was hurting him!!? . I bought some bread crumbs and kept it near to him. Very slowly she ate that! I was happy to see the moment! It filled me with joy. Never before had I felt so complacent!

A very small incident but taught me a big lesson.

 A lesson for lifetime.

Very often I used to feel sad and question myself, why do people hurt me when I am trying to help. I used to focus only on my intention and not realizing the pain the other person is going through.

  Anger is a natural and mostly automatic response to pain of one form or another (physical or emotional). The Koel, who was in acute pain, bit me out of anger! And I got answers to my so many unanswered questions. Also incidents wherein I stopped talking to people because they behaved with me rudely when I wanted to help them. Today I felt sorry and realized that the one who shows too much anger has a deeper and bigger pain. They reacted because they never wanted to feel it, because it used to hurt them.


How To Deal With Angry People in Your Life 1

Image Credit :relatability


 So before jumping on to any conclusions we should approach with a calm and quiet heart. Emotional pain is the most difficult to heal.  So the heart should be healed more than the mind!!  :)

I am not saying, that you should allow an angry person, to continue doing the wrong thing that they are doing. Especially to you. Don’t get me wrong, you keep your priorities straight at all times.

What I am saying is, stop investing in their angry energy. Stop getting affected by their rudeness or angry outbursts. Because if you let that happen, two things are sure:

  1. You will hurt yourself, and feel unhappy yourself.
  2. The entire focus will shift from what is to be fixed, to how a person is behaving or how you will behave with them.

This is not the solution.


How To Deal With Angry People in Your Life 1

Image Credit : themindunleashed


The most important, first step to dealing with anger in your life is-to not invest in the negativity it brings.They are angry because they are hurt. Now their sense of hurt may be entirely wrong, but what to do about it , they are hurt.Just let them be for the time being.

Acknowledge the other person’s anger. Not the reason, but a simple human trait of getting angry. Don’t let their angry behavior affect YOU. You might have also lashed out in anger too, sometime in your life.You were sorry for it later, but NOT at that time. Exactly that way this other person is lashing out. Don’t get hurt by ANYONE’S angry behavior.

Save yourself the pain first.

Then you will be able to solve the problem.

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