Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block Review

by Bhumika Gupta
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Hello everyone! All of us know that how essential a sunscreen is, and there is so much variety in the market, it’s really tuff to make a choice among the products, I have been using and reviewing Jovees products since a while now, for e.g., the face washes and the toner, this made me try its sunscreen too. So to start with this is an herbal product, so not much amount of chemicals are used in it, also it specifically highlights that it contains carrot and Anjeer both of which are good for the skin. Read the complete review to know if it is worth a try or not 🙂


 Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block Review


What is it and who is it for?

This is a Sun Block UVA/UVB protection which contains Anjeer and Carrot as its main products, the other active ingredients being Ficus, Liquorice, Aloe Indica, Sandalwood, and also Wheatgram. This is for people looking for a sunscreen with less of chemicals, as it contains more of natural products. It contains SPF 45.  The sunscreen comes in a white-mustard tube, with a flip open cap; the details are mentioned on the back of the pack.



Rs 265 for 100g


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What does the Brand Claim about Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block?

The brand claims that this water-based Sun Block is developed scientifically using modern production techniques that help to preserve the integrity of herbs thus ensuring formation of a thin layer over the skin, which protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. This sweat and water proof sun block with SPF 45 will also help improve skin texture and complexion while maintaining the moisture balance.


Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block Review 2


How to Use:

 Basically, you NEED to apply any sunscreen a minimum of 15 minutes before you leave your home, otherwise it will become sweaty and will not be of any use, so apply it evenly all over face and to the skin exposed to the sun. Leave on. You can repeat it when required.


Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block Review 3


My Experience with Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block

My experience is satisfactory with this, I am pretty happy with the SPF 45 it does work, also it is easy to carry, I am happy that it does contain a lot of natural products, Anjeer and carrot being the main, also it contains sandalwood, after application it feels a little sticky for about a minute, but it’ll get fine after that.


Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block Review 4


Also, spread it evenly on your skin and blend it well, it will settle after a while. Yes it may cause a little sweating but for that apply it 15 minutes before. The sunscreen has a thick texture. But honestly, I am not extremely happy with the product in comparison to other products of this brand; it is a very average product.


 Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block Review 4


Positives of Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block


  • Contains natural products
  • Gives face a little matte-finish
  • SPF 45 works!
  • Easy to carry


Negatives of Jovees Anjeer and Carrot Sun Block

  • Sweating of the face
  • In case of extra oily skin this won’t work


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I can recommend this product to people with dry skin, you can keep it as an option, but it’s a no for people with oily skin as the present weather is really humid!


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