Chambor Mono Blush 04 Amber Rose Review

by Sahiba Singh
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Chambor Mono Blush 04 Amber Rose is a nude shade blush which has shimmer in it. This would be ideal for both day and night wear purpose


Rs.625/- for 3.5g

How to use:

The blush in simple to use and apply, you can apply it with the help of the applicator provided or with your own brush onto the cheeks moving in outwards and upward direction.

My experience with chamber mono blush 04 amber rose

I personally do not like shimmery blushes but this shade itself was such that I couldn’t resist to buy and try. And I am glad I made the right choice.

The shade is so warm and fresh and adds so much structure to your cheeks and face. The shade though is shimmery but would be ideal for day wear/ formal purposes if used in the right quantity. The shade is more on the nude side and would be ideally best suited for office wear or formal purposes but since it has shimmer in it one can pair it with their night looks as well and I am sure it won’t disappoint you.


Chambor Mono Blush 04 Amber Rose 4


The texture of the blush is smooth and soft and it spreads and blends easily and stays for a good amount of time.

The packaging of the product Is also worth mentioning it comes along with a brush and an inbuilt mirror which for me makes it a very handy and travel friendly product as it can be used on the go if you are running late.

so for me this is an above average product which has many different shades to offer other this shade.

  1. Soft and smooth texture
  2. Easily blends with the skin
  3. Has an inbuilt mirror which makes it a compact and travel friendly product
  4. Good option for people who like matte and shimmery based blushes
  5. Ideal for both day and night wear
  6. Has different shades to offer
  1. Pricey! The quantity is less and it is expensive in comparison to other brand’s blushes
  2. The brush/applicator provided is of little use.
Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

If you are looking for a balanced shimmer and soft textured blush then this one is worth a try. It has beautiful shades to offer.

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