Chana Benefits

by Pallavi Bose
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Chana Benefits: Chana also known as chickpeas is one of the most popular foods in India and even abroad. Chana is a powerhouse of nutrient and vitamin. Chana is part of the legume family and it is very popular in middle eastern countries since ages. Chana also has loads of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and it helps in digestion, weight management and even reduces the risk of various diseases. Chana is extremely high in protein content and thus a perfect product for people who opt for vegetarian dishes as there isn’t much option in vegetarian dishes as far as the nutritional content is considered.

Chana Benefits

Let’s have a detailed look at what are the benefits of chana –
  1. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels – Chickpeas have a glycemic index of 28 and thus it does not raises your sugar levels. Even researches have also concluded that chana is known to reduce diabetes. Consuming chana instead of wheat drastically reduces blood sugar level.
  2. Weight management – Chana is a filling meal. It will keep you full for a longer period of time and thus you won’t have the craving to keep eating something or the other. Thus, chana goes a long way in keeping your weight checked.
  3. Aids in Digestion – Chana has fiber content which helps in healthy digestion. It maintains your PH level, as a result of which unhealthy bacteria is eliminated from your system.
  4. Improves your heart rate– Chickpea has potassium, fiber, vitamin C and B6 and this all is a must have for a healthy heart. The fiber content in chana reduces cholesterol level and any other heart disease.
  5. Anti Wrinkles – Chana is an excellent source of manganese. This helps to fight against wrinkles and other aging marks on your skin. You can also use chana paste on your face to keep your skin away from sagging.
  6. Good Hair – Chana is very helpful to fight against hair loss. The protein and magnesium content in chana helps to strengthen your hair. Additionally, zinc and vitamin A helps to fight against dandruff in your hair.

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