Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
5 minutes read

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Today I am reviewing Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash. This facial cleanser is a new addition to Clean & Clear’s oily-skin friendly face wash collection. This variant came into the market last year. I have used all the variants of Clean & Clear face washes earlier and they did perform nicely on my oily-combination skin. That is why I was really looking forward to laying my hands to this particular variant that claims to contain rose water and honey. These two ingredients are often found in facial care items for dry skin but this combination felt quite new to a deep cleansing product. Read on to discover what it did to my skin.

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review

Details about Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

What is it?

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash is a facial cleanser that cleanses and brightens dull skin. It is specially designed to eliminate young skin problems. I’m gentle double action formula works in two ways,

  1. Rose water cleanses away dullness and accumulated impurities from the delicate facial skin
  2. Natural Honey and Glycerin nourish the skin

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review 2

Price- Rs.60 for 50ml

Shelf Life-24 months from the date of packaging

Sensitive Skin Alert?




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My Experience with Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Packaging- This face wash comes in a clear plastic bottle with a blue plastic cap. The cap has flip-open as well as screw-open facility so there will be zero product wastage. Even if you take out extra product accidentally, you get a chance to pour it back. I personally like such packagings a lot. The packaging is compact and easy-grip. This tiny bottle fits easily into my small purses. I have not experienced any product spillage with it. I can happily give a thumbs-up in the packaging department.

Colour & Texture- The facial cleanser is light pink in color. Texture wise it is a transparent liquid of medium consistency. Since it is not an exfoliating face wash it does not have any scrubbing beads like some other face wash variants from the same brand. When it is rubbed with water it produces moderate foam; just like a gel based face wash. This product creates less lather in comparison with other Clean & Clear Face washes because the other ones are purely clarifying facial cleanser but this one provides nourishment also.

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review 3

Fragrance- This product has very light floral fragrance. The fragrance has a slight rose tone to it but it is not anything too rosy. The smell gets almost unrecognizable once the face is splashed with water after application.

How I use it- I generally use it for my night cleansing routine on the days I haven’t applied any makeup. It needs a pea size product to clean my face and neck. I use a light rubbing motions to generate a little bit of froth and the wash off. It gets rid of my face with a few splashes of water; I do not need too much water to cleanse it. Plus, it does not leave any oily residue on the face. This one did not help much with my existing pimples at the same time did not cause any new breakouts as well. I do not take it as a con because this face wash did not claim to do so.

Overall Performance of Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash removes excess oil from my face but do not rip off the natural moisture. So, I do not experience uncomfortable stretchiness in my face after application. My face remains oil free for 3-4 hours. This cleanser claims to subside dullness from the face which it certainly does. It brings glow to the face and deeply cleanses the skin.


  1. Cleanses face without over-drying
  2. Perfect choice for combination skin
  3. Makes my face oil-free for 3-4 hours and brings a healthy glow
  4. Does not cause any redness, pimple-outbreak or irritation to my face
  5. Easily available
  6. Travel-safe
  7. Budget friendly


Not a single!

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I would recommend Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash to someone with moderately oily to combination skin (with or without acne problem) who is searching for a budget-friendly clarifying yet non-drying facial wash. It will make a nice winter face wash for my oily-combination skin so I will make another purchase of it.

Rating-5 /5

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