PAC Plush ColorLock Longlasting Lipliner Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for?PAC Plush ColorLock Longlasting Lipliner is for those looking for a pink lip liner.

PAC Plush ColorLock Longlasting Lipliner 2


INR 385 


My experience with PAC Plush ColorLock Longlasting Lipliner

When I came across the PAC ColorLock Long-lasting Lip liners, I didn’t think much of it. But as a makeup artist, I wanted to try it and get the feel of it, not that I was going to purchase it. (Or so I thought at least) The lip liners glide on so smoothly and the shades were quite nice too. But once I did a swatch of Plush which is a pinkish shade, I knew that very second that I was picking it up and it was going to be my go-to shade. And it is! For an early morning meeting, or a makeup appointment, or a brunch or even a night out when you don’t want to go all out…this is just perfect.

PAC Plush ColorLock Longlasting Lipliner 3

The PAC lip liners are much longer than any other brand, which means it will last you a long while. Only thing is that there is product wastage when it is sharpened, but I’d rather have it that way as it’s more hygienic. The packaging is nice; it comes in a color coded plastic pencil with a black cap. The pigmentation of this product is amazing. Even a swipe of it is good enough, but it is totally buildable. And the best thing about it, like the brand claims, it’s absolutely waterproof. I did a few coats of it on my hand and then tried washing it with soap, but it just didn’t budge! I then took a napkin and rubbed it hard, it was only then that the color came off just a little bit. The product will definitely last you a good 5-6 hours and will most likely last through means, it may just wash off slightly around the center.  The application is very smooth if your lips are well moisturized and taken care of. If the lips are dry, the pencil might tug a little.

PAC Plush ColorLock Longlasting Lipliner 1

  1. Long Lasting
  2. Smudge Proof
  3. Smooth Application
  4. Pocket Friendly
  5. Strong Pigmentation
  6. Longer Pencils
  1. Honestly, at this point, I have nothing negative to say about the product. The product is great from all angles and gives me no reason to complain
Would I repurchase and recommend?

Totally. I’m a big PAC fan as the quality is great and is very pocket-friendly too. I’ve always recommended the brand to all my clients and it’s no different for Plush. To all those reading this, please go and try out the product and all the other products too. And no, I’m not getting paid for this 🙂

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Juhi Sharma September 4, 2017 - 12:37 PM

Nice shade. I have one in Berry Me shade?

Nikhita Ferreira September 4, 2017 - 2:27 PM

Yes. PAC has lovely shades