Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray Review

by V Sravanti
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Hello, ladies!! I have been wandering about the whole market here, to pick a good perfume for myself. I tried many and liked them too, but this was the final spray I purchased and wanted to possess it. It is one among the luxurious scents a woman can possess.

I hate summers for one reason that we actually give our bad odor when we sweat. Apart from that reason, summers are fun! Now, to get rid of giving out bad odor, there are two ways. One is taking shower thrice a day or spray a perfume or deodorant. Now, people, don’t waste water by taking bath thrice. Twice is okay but thrice? NO! Instead, try the revolutionary spray brought to you’ll by Guess.I will be reviewing the Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray .

I fell in love with its fragrance and the quantity given for the price was also worth, making these two reasons the main ones to get this home. Now let’s quickly jump to the details about the product.

Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray 1

Basic Info About Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray

The Guess perfumes are a range of perfumes for him as well as her. This is costly too and is rightly mentioned to be luxurious.

Price- $17

Quantity– the quantity provided in one bottle of this spray is 75 ml e 2.5 FL OZ

Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray 3

Shelf life- Lasts for about three years from the date of manufacture.

My experience with Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray

Fragrance– fruity top notes with sweetly tantalizing flavor, more of a juicy strawberry

Packaging– the packaging of this perfume is done in a cardboard box which you need to unpack to get the perfume out of it. Then, there is a small cap acting as the fragrance saver for the bottle and you need to remove that to use it. By plucking out the cap, you will see a nozzle as an outlet for the spray and your perfume is ready for use.

Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray 2


How to use- the nozzle is provided for spraying and by gently pushing the nozzle downwards, you will see the spray coming out. Open the cap and press down the nozzle, so that the outlet of spray faces your outfit. Spray the perfume any number of times as desired. But, follow the instructions on how to spray and some set of warnings, given below, prior to the usage of the product.

Warning!!- The spray is inflammable and must be thus kept away from children. Do not let it come into contact with your eyes and if it accidentally does, wash your eyes immediately. If irritation persists, consult a doctor immediately. Use only in ventilated area and do not apply on rashes or broken skin.

Staying power– the staying power I felt it for about 3 hours from the time you the have sprayed.

Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray

I can say that this product is a must buy. After successfully launching this wide range of perfumes, the brand has shown off its popularity by the fragrance of its sprays and this is here to keep you noticed in a group of people.

Overall performance of Guess Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray

The product is good enough to be sprayed for any occasion and can be used multiple numbers of times. The fragrance is suitable for everyone and I don’t think fragrance like this will disappoint you.


  • Lovely fragrance
  • Good staying power
  • Affordable


  • no mentionable cons.


Yes! I would highly recommend the use of this product and I also give it a five-star rating. I know this cannot reach the levels of other brands but it is one of its kind. Since it is affordable, must be present in every wardrobe as a part of your collection!

Look good, feel good and also smell good!

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