Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume Review

by V Sravanti
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Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume: Hello, everyone! How’s everything going? I am sure everything will be best because women are always the best. This time, I am back with perfume, which I bought when I was passing through one of the gift shops, to buy it for my friend. You know what the condition is when you go out to buy perfumes. You have a wide variety of them and you face a problem in choosing the best one among them. You have the sales boy carrying coffee beans and walking along with you when you want to smell any perfume. Well, I hope you all know that those coffee beans let us smell a new fragrance so that we do not catch up the fragrance of the previously tried perfume once again.

Well, this time I will review the Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume. Read the whole description to see how wonderful this one is.

Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume

PRICE- Rs. 290/- for 100 ml of the product. In other countries, the price may vary.

VOLUME- this perfume carries 80% by volume.

Remove the two-layered packaging and finally find the perfume bottle. This one is not fragile but must be handled carefully. Remove the cap of the bottle and you can see the nozzle has a regular spray type appearance. Spray the perfume on your clothes and take care that you close the pack correctly, to avoid loss of perfume smell.

My Experience with Alisha Chic Perfume

PACKAGING- I seriously couldn’t understand why this perfume is given this kind of packaging. I can tell you that after unboxing two layers, you will get to see the nice scent bottle. The first layer looks like stainless steel material and has a cap to cover it. The next layer in the sense is typically a cardboard box, which has a cap as well and this is attached to the box. On removing the cardboard packaging, you find the nicely curved scent bottle, which resembles the figure of a lady.

Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume 4

FRAGRANCE– this has a fruity fragrance.

STAYING POWER- A lot. I can say that I never feel this scent diminishing, even if I wear the same dress without washing for the second time, I need not spray this perfume once again since the dress already smells the fruity fragrance

I just love the fruity smell this has and I also love the way it is packed. Even if you are careless, its packaging does not let you lose the original fragrance. I always receive compliments when I spray this and go out. It is love.

However, if you are sensitive about the close AC cars and sensitive to smell, I recommend that you don’t buy this product. This has a very strong fragrance and could often disturb one .Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume 3

Overall Performance of Alisha Chic by Hunaidi Perfume

  1. Women’s gift
  2. Long lasting
  3. Nice fragrance
  4. Affordable
  1. Strong smelling
  2. May not be liked by everyone

The scent is very strong and is thus recommended to be sprayed for parties. It suits the best in any kind of functions as well. This product is made in China and sells all over the world. This perfume is outstanding because of its fruity smell and long-lasting flavor. It is one of the best selling products of the modern age.

Would I Recommend?

Yes!!! This product is highly recommended to people who spray scents often. Yet, it is strong and not recommended for sensitive people.

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Nilab April 25, 2019 - 2:59 AM

Hi dear
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