Titan SKINN Perfume Sheer, Nude and Celeste Review

by Vivekina Koul
6 minutes read

Who is it for? Titan SKINN perfume Sheer, Nude and Celeste are for women looking for affordable and classy fragrances.

Titan SKINN perfumes Sheer, Nude and Celeste Review 6


Product Description:

  1. Titan Skinn Nude feels like a memorable summer romance. The first blush of sparkling Lychee and Raspberry, with the playfulness of citrusy bergamot, make way for the rich and sensuous rose. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas designed Nude with an underlying hint of musk and sandalwood that makes the love and its memory last forever.
  2. Celeste will remind you if bright spring mornings – with white floral notes, a touch of sweetness from peaches and pears, and the bold dry notes of sandalwood paired with minty hints of patchouli. As crafted by Master Perfumer Harry Fremont, Celeste reflects a playful mood, with a flair for charming mischief.
  3. Sheer paints the picture of a sunny Sunday brunch. Complete with fresh green pear and red strawberries, the sweet top notes are completed by floral elements and a dash of pink pepper. Master perfumer Nathalie Lorson has crafted sheer with a sweet dry down of vanilla, for a cheerful warmth that lingers.
PRICE: 1590/- for three 20 mL bottles

My Experience with Titan SKINN perfumes Sheer, Nude, and Celeste

What I like about all three of the scents is that they are quite soothing to the senses and are nothing like other variants falling in the same price bracket that smell like cheap perfumes. All three exude a certain class, do not draw any unnecessary attention, and are fit for a woman of substance.


 The spray vial-shaped glass Eau de Parfum bottles come in separate cartons in a chic cream-colored box. The box packaging also makes it an ideal gift option. The vial-shaped bottles make it an ideal option not only for frequent travelers but also for working women who are always in a rush and on their toes. The 20 mL bottles can be easily fit into one’s handbag and can even be taken on board on a flight, leaving one smelling as fresh as a daisy. The motifs on the box and the cartons containing the bottles depict the most well-known monuments from around the world. These monuments represent all the countries on every traveler’s list.

Moving on to how they smell
  1. Celeste is an elegant perfume with a complex yet balanced mix of smells. None of the components seem to overpower or seem out of place for a minute. A perfect mix of floral, fruity, and woody fragrances; it is ideal for women of various passions and those that want to convey a hint of alluring mystery. Perfect for a date or even for a brunch out with friends, it is an energizing scent not only for the wearer but also those surrounding the wearer. The perfume has a sense of easy sophistication that is often exuded by French women. It captures the freshness and sensuality of a woman. The perfumer, Harry Fremont is one of the best in the market; just a little Google search on his previous customer portfolio will make one’s jaw drop. Only a perfumer with such extensive experience can understand the nuanced intricacies of being a woman.
  2. Nude is a floral and earthy fragrance. It smells like sun-dried and crushed rose petals. It is more of a daytime fragrance and is something I like to put on when I want to meditate. It is a beautiful fragrance for daily wear.
  3. Sheer, on the other hand, is my favorite out of the lot. It is like a black dress that lasts you through the day and works well in night as well. Functional, yet attractive, and does not draw any unwanted attention. It is like the black dress takes up the personality you want it to. It has a sweet, vanilla-Esque smell which soon reveals itself to be a more spicy and earthy smell. As you progress through the day, the sweet smell gives way to the spicier and earthier notes.

Excited as I was, and mostly disappointed by most of the fragrances available in the market today, I forgot that it was an EDP and ended up spraying it 5-6 times. The lasting power is incredible, it lasted till my next bath and even then a hint of it was left. The perfume although with an incredible staying power, was not at all overpowering. It subtly gets one noticed, but does not invite any unwanted attention. Dermatologically tested, these perfumes won’t irritate those with sensitive skin.


  1. A great way to test out different scents and eventually find your signature fragrance
  2. The perfumes have a calming fragrance and for the price is quite high quality. They don’t smell like other cheap perfumes available for the same price.
  3. The set is quite travel-friendly
  4. All three perfumes are meant for different times of the day and different moods of a woman
  5. The staying power is exceptional, about 12-14 hours
  6. The composition does not irritate those with sensitive skin
  7. The perfumes are quite affordable for the quality provided (which is a standard, just Google the perfumers.)


There is only one. It is cheaper to buy a full-size bottle. So, once you find your favorite would recommend buying a full-size bottle.

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy the pack again?

Surely, I like the set. It works well for a person like me, who often gets bored of using the same perfume over and over again. Also, the different fragrances are perfect for different events and moods of a person.

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Paneeni May 5, 2017 - 9:43 AM

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Thank YOU ! 🙂 🙂

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They look so cool!!!

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YEs, the packaging is wonderful. They smell heavenly too. :haanji

Avni September 1, 2017 - 1:44 AM

Very well written…Thanks for sharing your review.. In Titan skinn women perfumes best seller is titan skinn celeste.and new variant titan skinn pristine

PerfumeAddiction October 8, 2017 - 4:29 PM

Titan skinn celeste and nude are my favourites… adding sheer to my wishlist.. will definately try it :good: