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by V Sravanti
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Home Remedies for Grey Hair / White Hair Solution / Home Remedies for White Hair Hello, girls! Do you know? When you see a person, the way he/she looks plays a lot of importance. Though you don’t judge a person by their look, the way you get ready shows how presentable you are. While the face catches all the attention, partly, your hair also does. Some people like curly hair while others, silky. Thanks to straighteners which change the original texture of hair and make you look as you like.

The main problem arises when the hair starts graying. Though gray hair is naturally occurring, if it occurs before the late forties, as of today’s patterns, it is called premature graying of hair. That is the main cause why people start looking old even if they aren’t.

Today, I decided to pen down my thoughts on this because this is a natural problem for every girl. Some boys do manage with that gray hair from their young stage but I know most of the girls can’t tolerate graying of hair. For this, they apply henna, go for dyes and many artificial methods. Some cause side effects such as the blackening of the face, the appearance of dark circles, etc. Most people may be aware of the natural means to treat premature graying of hair but I would like to throw light on them once again.

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Green Leafy Vegetables

Firstly, you can prevent premature graying of hair by eating leaves in your diet. You are very well aware of the curry leaves. If you don’t, go run and ask your mom what those are. I’m sure they are available at everyone’s house since they are an essential part of everyone’s diet. You need not eat them raw, but if you don’t like eating them along with a curry or rasam, then you should be ready to eat them raw or mix them in water and have it. You will also observe that the combination of curry leaves and water, when you drink, reduces your belly fat a lot. So, to get the benefit of a perfect belly and black hair, do this and see a visible difference in four weeks.


Secondly, you may also observe premature graying of hair due to improper digestion. For this, try an Ayurvedic powder, “Triphala Churanam”. It consists of ingredients such as three myrobalans, taken without seed: Amla- Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis), Haritaki- Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Vibhitaki- Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). These ingredients greatly help in the prevention of gray hair. Also, it pulls of any gray hair present on your scalp. This powder is available in many sizes. You start with the smallest size and have a pinch of the powder with honey or warm water, every day! See a visible difference in the color of your hair in a month.

Oiling Your Hair

Thirdly, I am really sorry to write this tip, I know you people hate this but start applying oil to your hair regularly. Oil is so helpful in preventing premature graying of hair, and I know we people can’t do this! So, won’t elaborate much, but this one is also very beneficial, to prevent gray hair. Try this excellent Oil spa at HOME .

Say No to Caffeine

Fourthly, prevent intake of substances which contain caffeine. This ingredient affects the color of your hair and turns it gray if consumed more. So prevent drinking coffee twice or thrice a day, limit it to once. It is beneficial for you good health as well. I cannot assure you that preventing over-drinking of coffee completely lets the gray hair go off but really is helpful on the go; you can observe long-term changes.

Goodbye Junk Food

Fifthly, avoid eating junk food. You don’t know what they are made of. The artificial coloring they put in the food affects your hair. You should eat a diet which is rich in mineral content and mainly iron supplements will give you strong, long lasting, black hair. If you have a habit of smoking, it’s time to quit it too.

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Sixthly, the perfect alternative for preventing graying of hair is doing yoga. Perform the needed yoga poses once a day. You can follow the yoga poses for prevention of premature graying of hair on YouTube. This is very effective and you can see a noticeable change soon. Yoga is very effective for this. You can spend ten minutes towards this daily. It is for your own benefit.

Coconut oil Lemon Conditioning

Finally, a combination of coconut oil and lemon juice can be applied for a half-an hour before you take shower using your shampoo. This mixture is a natural one to let off the gray hair and also prevent graying of hair.

One thing which some be “noted” for all of you is that, even you find one gray hair on your scalp, NEVER PULL IT OUT. If you do so, you will find more ones coming up from the next day itself. I know the remedies I mentioned are not so tough to be followed. So, follow them! I would like to see your comments posted on this, after trying any of the above-mentioned remedies, after a month.


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trying hard to give up on the junk food… trust me, i know the pain.. Nice article. :haanji