Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water Review

by Neha Tanwar
5 minutes read

Hey, beauties!

I am reviewing about Dabur Gulabari Premium rose Water. I know you all are familiar with this product. As summers have come and it just messes with our skin, we know this very well. With all the sweat and hot air blowing, our skin tends to look dull and aged. Trying a lot of products take time and deciding between them can be a tedious task. Though makeup hides everything but having a natural and glowing skin is what every girl wants. So ladies here’s a product which will ensure you a soft, glowing and radiant skin.


 Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water Review


Basic info about Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water



Rs 42 for 120 ml

 Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water Review 1

What does the brand claims?


Dabur Gulabari premium rose water gives you a clean, fresh and glowing skin. Rose water acts as a moisturizer for skin and is for all skin types. The smell is of real roses and doesn’t overpower. It gives a rose like radiance.


 Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water Review 2



Direction to use


  1. Use it with cotton and gently run on your face.
  2. Use some droplets of rose water in your face pack for a thick paste.
  3. Use it with glycerine and apply on your face before taking bath.
  4. Soak cotton balls in rose water and put on your eyes.


You can use it any way you like. It’s effective.




My Experience with Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water

Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water Review 3


Dabur is a very famous brand and also trustworthy. The smell is mild and pleasant. It’s like you smell the roses. It is transparent like water but with the pleasant smell. It’s not sticky. I have been using it regularly for the last 3 months. Earlier I used it at night by wetting the cotton with rose water and gently rubbed the cotton on my face primarily focusing on the area around my nose and under my eyes. It helps in tightening the pores and gives you a fresh look. You will wake up with a glowing and soft skin. Now I use it with a little glycerine before taking bath. I have acne scars due to which my skin looks dull. But now using it with glycerine and face packs has not only given me soft skin but also a glow which I always wanted. I also keep cotton balls soaked in rose water on my eyes which make them look fresh and not tiring. I use it as toner and also cleanse my face.


Packaging: The bottle is transparent with a drop shaped with a baby pink plastic cover around it. The cap is pink in color with a tight lid. It is easy to carry and spill proof.


Texture: The rose water smells of real rose and transparent as water.



 Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water Review 4

Overall performance of Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water


As I have been using it regularly I can see a constant glow in my face. The acne scars don’t overpower this glow. Plus the smell is nice and doesn’t overpower. I use it as a cleanser and also toner. It moisturizes your skin. Even if your feel your skin is dry, just apply it and you will see the results. It works for dark circles too. If you want to relax you can just put cotton balls on your eyes and you will feel really good and have energized eyes. Though it burns a little but it gives amazing results. Your eyes don’t look tiring. This is a multipurpose product and I depend on it every time and for everything. I usually don’t apply anything when I am home but only dab some rose water on my skin and I am all set for the day. You can also add some to your bath water and can have a fragrant bath. I just love it.




Would I recommend?


A big yes to this product from my side. I loved it and would recommend to all. By including it in your routine, you will be very happy and satisfied like me. Just include it and you will see the results yourself.


Happy summers!!!

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Subhangi Singh May 4, 2017 - 7:26 PM

And i swear upon this product :good:

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this is really a great product :haanji

Paneeni May 5, 2017 - 10:11 PM

Great review :good:

Tanu Shree May 6, 2017 - 5:45 PM

How is it in comparison to Patanjali Gulab jal?