9 Killer Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer !!

by Mallika Dharmani
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 Smelling good?? Yeah, who doesn’t want to…As girls, we like to smell good and feel fragrant all the time!A person immediately becomes a lot more attractive when they smell nice and every girl feels she has that one fragrance that defines her! You feel confident and good about yourself when you are fragrant.

Like Every other girl, I too want to own stacks of Dior’s, channels, Burberry and rave on and on about their fragrance.

 The question here is, are you doing justice to your perfumes?? Are they lasting long enough? If not they will now with these simple hacks to make your perfume last longer  🙂

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The first thing to know about perfumes is that they don’t last long on dry skin. Moisturized skin can hold up the perfume for a much longer time. So the next time you apply perfume remember to apply moisturizer first.

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Vaseline! If you want your perfume to last for a few more extra hours apply a little Vaseline first to your pulse points and then spray on your perfume. The petroleum jelly traps the molecules of the perfume making it last longer.You can also buy a solid perfume!!


Apply your perfume to your pulse points – behind your ears, base of your throat, inside of your elbows, inside of your knees and your wrists. These points are the heat radiating points of our body so it speeds up the evolution of the perfume.

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Store your perfume in a dark and dry area possibly in your cupboard or dressing table rather than in the bathroom which is moist.

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Choosing the right perfume can also play an important role in making it last long…? Citrus fragrances don’t stay long whereas base fragrances like wood and musk can linger on for a much longer time.

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Select perfumes which have a higher % of oil. The more the oil, the longer will the fragrance last. Eau de Parfum has 15% oil in it whereas Eau de Toilettes have only 8% and colognes have just 5% .


Apply your perfume before you put on your clothes to avoid staining them but immediately after having a bath…after bath our pores are open and this helps the perfume to seep into our pores.


NEVER RUB YOUR PERFUME! We have this strange unexplained habit of always rubbing our wrists after spraying on our perfume – please guys don’t do this. You are breaking the molecules of the perfume by rubbing your wrists together and the fragrance doesn’t stay as long as it is supposed to.

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Spray your hair with perfume – yes it may sound silly but it works. Hair is way better carriers of perfume than our skin can ever be. Doesn’t worry the alcohol in the perfume won’t damage your hair because such a wee bit can’t cause any harm. You can even spray a little on your hairbrush so that every time you do your hair you get that whiff of gorgeous smell.

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Layer your fragrances – apply a layer of perfume on top of another but don’t mix more than three perfumes. This increases the concentration of the perfume and helps you smell heavenly all day long.

I felt as if I really must do an article on this because I am personally a big sucker for fragrances and I’m sure you girls out there are too…females and fragrances are such an inevitable combination. I hope this article helps you. I would love to hear from you about it so do get back and tell us whether it worked for you or not. (However, I’m sure it will 😛 )

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