MAC Studded Kiss Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Mac studded kiss is quite unlike the other colours that we have duped so far.A red with a hint of brown undertone in it which makes it look all the more deep red.

Not an everyday thing but something you would wear to that one special night when you expect compliments to be thrown at you.A bit like diva yet it doesn’t stain like it, it might even look like oxblood on some.If you ask me I would carry it with black.

Not one of those vampish reds but definitely a red with a bit of dark side to it.

MAC Studded Kiss dupes

Let’s get you the dupes for our mystery red here.

#MAC Studded Kiss vs. Maybelline Wine Dine

A perfect dupe for this one is indeed Maybelline’s wine dine.

Yes, a colour that reminds you of late evening candlelight dinners and some of that special red wine.

A colour this amazing is indeed a must try especially when it comes for a price of just $5-$6.

Matches the texture too and the best part is you don’t need to line your lips with this one like you would do for Our Diva*

It’s easily available both in India and abroad.

No comments! Just get this dupe!

MAC Studded Kiss dupes 4

Image Credit: Pinterest

#MAC Studded Kiss vs. Rimmel 124

Another dead ringer for the studded kiss would be Rimmel as the colour is an instant t match as you can judge by the swatches.

You can’t tell the two apart and that’s a bet.

Rimmel is known for its lipsticks and the texture and stay are not something you would worry about.

Comes for just $6 and you will love it for its likeliness 🙂

MAC Studded Kiss dupes 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

#MAC Studded Kiss vs. Rimmel 107

Now this dupe is it something I would consider as one of my first options but yes it’s definitely worth a shot.

All you need is a double coat or maybe go a bit overboard.

The fact is this lippie leans a bit more towards red in it while studded kiss has more reflections of brown undertone.

But I would still give it a 70-80% match.

Might come out different on different skin tones.

$6? You could give that one a chance and see how it goes on you.

MAC Studded Kiss dupes 2

Image Credit : Crystal candy makeup blog

If you have any other likely dupes for this shade we would love to add them to our list.

Please do comment and tell us how they worked out for you.

We are all ears for any evening stories you might have up your sleeve 😉

mac studded kiss dupes 4

Image Credit: Giphy

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