VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk Review

by Shagun Sehgal
4 minutes read

VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk: Cleansing Milk is a boon!We all love makeup but we can all agree taking it off is just the biggest task ever. To make the task easier I am going to give a try to the VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk. VLCC products are very well known. Let’s see how this one fares!

Cleansing Milk VLCC Sandal Review


What is it?

This is a cleansing milk that is a cream formula which can be used to remove makeup and impurities from your whole face. It promises to give your skin a deep cleanse while nourishing it.

Who is it for?

Cleansing milk mainly aims at people with normal to dry skin as they tend to make oily skinned people a bit more oily.

But if you are someone with oily skin and wish to use a cleansing milk, please make sure you wash the residue well with your facial cleanser.


160 Rupees for 100ml

How to use it?
  1. Take an appropriate amount of cleansing milk
  2. Massage it in circular motion on your face and neck
  3. Take a cotton ball and cleanse off
  4. Wash off with your facial cleanser


My Experience with the VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk

Packaging- The cleansing milk comes in a white cardboard box and you will find a white plastic bottle with stickers on the back and front that give you the appropriate information. The bottle is has a flip cap which tightly secures the product from spilling making it travel-friendly.

Fragrance- The cleansing milk has a light fragrance which resembles the old school cold cream fragrance. It is quite pleasant and doesn’t irritate the nose at all.

Consistency and Color- The cleansing milk is white in color and a liquidy consistency. I really like the consistency of this cleansing milk as consistency helps to spread the cleansing milk and massage it into the face and neck.

Makeup Removal- The cleansing milk actually removes even the last bit of makeup from my face and neck. It removes every bit of makeup from my face including liquid lipsticks. I never use it near my eyes as cleansing milk generally tend to irritate my eye so I can’t comment on how well it removes eye makeup.

My Experience- In my experience this is a good cleansing milk which removes the makeup quite well. The only drawback is that it sometimes irritates my dry skin for a couple of seconds when I apply it.

But you should keep a safe distance if you have very dry spots on your face as it tends to irritate them.

Cleansing Milk VLCC Sandal Review 2

  1. It is a good makeup remover
  2. It is cost efficient
  3. The packaging makes it travel-friendly
  4. The product is quite hygienic to use as you don’t have to dip your hands into the product
  1. The fragrance is just average
  2. It irritates very dry skin for a few seconds
  3. People with dry spots should keep distance
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

If you do not have a very dry skin you should surely give this one a fair try. It is a good product which does it’s work well.

Ratings- 4/5

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Smriti January 28, 2018 - 10:37 AM

This is a great product. Nice review.

Chaity Chakraborty January 28, 2018 - 10:42 AM

I have a mixed kind of skin that means it is not meant for me. Great review!!!

Meghal January 28, 2018 - 11:20 AM

I like using water n oil makeup remover
But a good review

Sreeparna Ganguly January 28, 2018 - 11:31 AM

Your review was very informative :love
Since it irritates dry spots of the face then it might irritate the other delicate areas of the face. I think I should stay away from it..