Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review

by Paneeni Sharma
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Heyyaa ladies,

We all know that our hair have to go through many problems may it be pollution, stress, malnutrition, hormonal disturbances and what not. But there is one thing about which we always here that is oiling our hair. We all must have heard it from our mothers or grandmas that look at your hair they look so lifeless and dry don’t you oil them regularly. We hear them saying this and at the other point ignore them. We say it to ourselves that what do they know about today’s trend, one would look so champu wandering around with oiled hair. But we never think that why do they always trouble us by saying this. Guys you should all know that hair oils are very necessary for our hairs. One should oil their hair regularly if they don’t want to see their hair getting damaged more day by day. Now reading about the importance of hair oil you all must be thinking that which hair you people should rely upon. If is it so then you people need not care about it anymore because today I will be telling you about a hair oil with goodness of almonds which is perfect to depend upon. :haanji  :haanji  :mail:

Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review 2

Basic Info of Clinic Plus Vita Oil



Rs. 80 for 150ml



Clinic plus Almond Gold has Vitamin E which nourishes your hair from the roots and makes hair stronger and more beautiful.

Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review 3

Clinic Plus Vita Oil ReviewClinic Plus Vita Oil Review

My Experience with Clinic Plus Vita Oil

The packaging of this product is the best part. It makes this product look very attractive this hair oil is a very good product. It is a lighter oil which doesn’t make hair look much sticky. You can also massage it in small amount regularly on your scalp. The packaging is easy to carry around. There is absolutely no leakage or spillage that I ever experienced. The scent of the oil is very soothing. It doesn’t cause much softening of hair. This product also contains mineral oil which is not good at all.

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Overall Performance of Clinic Plus Vita Oil

Like all hair oil it nourishes your hair, makes hair stronger and more beautiful. It’s a light weight oil with a very very soothing scent. It has a very travel friendly packaging. And the best part with this one is that it can best be used as leave-in serum oil. :balleballe


Would I Recommend

If you want hair oil which doesn’t make your hair look oily or greasy then yes it is the one which is going to solve your problem. :good:

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