Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001 Review

by Setu Shreya
3 minutes read

Who is it this for? Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001 is for those looking for a soft kajal that they can smudge to create a smoky eye.

Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001


1.2gm for Rs650

Directions to use?

Well, although it can be used as a Kajal and the way it glides, it is super smooth. But pitching in 650 just for a Kajal is not worth it. So, why not instead use it for making your eyes smokingly hot. Draw a line and smudge it softly with the brush end of the stick, apply it once again after smudging or leave it as it is.

My experience with Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001

To be honest, I would have not bought this product had it not been sponsored by Glossy Polish. There is one friend of mine who used it and would always sing the greatness of this Kajal. I had used it once from her, and I thought the singing wasn’t exaggerated. The colour is super intense and glides on the eye lids. You don’t have to rub the pencil. It is really one of those “one stroke “pencil kind of stuff. It doesn’t come off or smudges. Water proof? A big yes. It gives a very sexy look to eyes and is a “WOW” product but the price factor will definitely hold us back in buying it. But it is definitely a product which will stand by to what it claims.  If you have extra bucks in your pocket, go throughout the websites, search if they are giving discounts. Nykaa always helps in blue days. Do search it over there. But why all the searching? Because Madam, You are going to love me more after that :p

Now I am going to list some of the positives of the product and they are as follow:
  1. We can easily create the smoky eye magic
  2. It is definitely Intense and rich in color
  3. It doesn’t smudge and is smooth on the eyes as well
  4. It is Water-proof and long lasting too
  5. It works as an eye-liner, shadow? Not sure
  6. The attached brush is soft on the eyes
  7. It has Variety of shades
What I did not like?

The negative of the product is that it is very pricey. And the other big fault is that, sharpening the pencil is very tricky. The stick is so soft that even before you realize, you are done with half of the pencil. And because of these, one would definitely have second thoughts in spite of all the listed benefits.

Overall Performance of Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal

The performance is splendid. The texture of the Kajal, its eye liner capabilities, the smoky effect, the brush it provides, all are very much in sync with the outstanding brand it bears.

Would I recommend?

Oh well, I would definitely like you to have this product at least for once. This Kajal is worth a shot.

Product Purchased by Glossypolish
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Apoorwa verma August 5, 2018 - 10:05 AM

Its a worth buy ??? kajal is something which has its least availability being best , for me?
Loved the images and review setu ❤️❤️

Shivani August 6, 2018 - 7:16 PM

The images are wonderful ! the performance of the kajal seems good too. good review 🙂

Sreeparna Ganguly August 8, 2018 - 12:05 PM

??? the kajal…

Prachi Singh August 10, 2018 - 8:52 PM

Your clicks are just awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️