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Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil Hibiscus and Argan Oil Review

What is it and who is it for? Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil Hibiscus and Argan Oil is a hair oil that can be used by anyone, Male/Female/Others, but it’s better to not to experiment small children with this product.

Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil Hibiscus and Argan Oil Review



90ml for Rs185. You may find it for less on various websites.


How to use?

(using as oil )While using it as the oil you can apply it on your hairs and leave it overnight. Make sure you remind yourself that the product is not homemade and does contain some chemicals. It will work best if don’t overuse it. It is not necessary to dip every strand of your hair in the oil. Take a few drops, cover your hair from roots to the end and give a good massage. You may oil your hair before 30 mins as claimed by the brand. Don’t forget to shake the bottle once before using it.

(using as serum )You may apply a few drops of it on your wet hair to use it as serum.

 My experience with Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil Hibiscus and Argan Oil

It worked like a magic wand for me. I had always been wandering in search of oil which could help me manage my obstinate hair and the elixir came to the rescue. Now at least I have a shoulder to cry on. The amazing thing is that if you apply it in the right amount, it doesn’t look oily. So the next time you have to go to the market after applying oil, you won’t be thinking twice before making your move. One more feature of this product which pulled me deep down in love with it is its fragrance, the smell is amazingly breathtaking. I don’t even want to wash my hair after applying this oil. Although I don’t observe much of shine in my hair, it has surely nourished it and treated my hair fall up to a great level. The petals in the bottle and the pretty bottle itself is an appreciable try by the brand to attract consumers. The packaging and the presentation will surely take away a big number from your bag and to add to the list, the quantity provided is more than enough for a 4 month period. So the return is much more than the investment you make. I would not think twice before buying it again and again and yet over again.

Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil Hibiscus and Argan Oil Review 5


·         Reduces hair fall

·         Makes hair manageable

·         Brings back the lost shine

·         Nourishes the hair

·         As compared to the quantity it provides, the price is reasonable

·         Can be used as a serum

·         Smells extremely good

·         Beautiful packaging


·         Use of chemicals

·         Should be used in the right amount

Overall, would I repurchase and recommend? 

Definitely yes. If I had enough money, I would distribute Elixir free of cost. But as of now, You will have to buy it. Try once. Your hair is definitely going to thank you for this much-needed product. If the chemical content had been a bit more decent, nobody would think of giving it less than 10 on 10. It actually makes you LOVE YOUR HAIR.

GlossyPolish Verdict


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Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick SPF 15 Review

What is it and who is it for? Lotus Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick is a foundation-cum-concealer-cum-moisturizer-cum-UV protection natural blend from Lotus and can be used by anybody who avoids much ado on make-up. It is available in three shades




Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick SPF 15 Review

How to use?

There is no specific guideline given to use this product. I dab it on my skin and blend it with my fingers. You may also use a brush.

My experience with Lotus Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick SPF 15

Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick SPF 15 Review 3

My experience with this product has been quite satisfactory till now. The product is an excellent concealer but where the foundation is concerned, it lacks a bit. It is moisturizing but I would advise using some sort of moisturizer before applying this to keep the skin hydrated. It is not sticky and neither does it feel heavy on the skin. All in all, if you are up for quick makeup and not really into heavy makeup kind of thing, this is the product you will be wanting.

Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick SPF 15 Review 4

  1. Excellent concealer
  2. Doesn’t feels heavy on the skin and is non-sticky
  3. Stable stays on for 6-7 hours
  4. Is in the form of a stick which is easy to carry and apply
  5. Can be used as an eye-shadow base
  6. Available in 3 shades
  7. Blends well with the skin
  1. Cannot be used to hide big dark patches
  2. Cannot solely be used as a foundation
  3. Could have provided a higher SPF
  4. List of ingredients missing
Would I repurchase and recommend?

Inspite of the cons mentioned, if you have a stick concealer which moisturizes and provides protection at the same time and comes in a well definite package which protects the product wholly and is very easy and comfortable to apply and the most important thing, gives you a natural look, you will definitely want it and so would I. I will also recommend this to girls so that they keep it safely in their bags. This is definitely going to save you on a rainy day.

GlossyPolish Verdict


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Nykaa Paintstix No Chill Orange

Nykaa Paintstix No Chill Orange Review

by Setu Shreya

Nykaa Paintstix No Chill Orange: WOW, Do you believe in Love at first sight?  Well, yes we love our parents and all. Okay, I understand that stuff. But what I meant is Have you ever become a slave of any product by its first usage? If not then ladies, THIS might become the Love of your life. I have just opened the packaging of the product and without wasting a sec, I applied it on my lips and WOW, what a swag, what color, how elegant.

Dear Nykaa,     I am in love with this outstanding product. Thank You. I could not have been happier.  You made my day  :)



3.5g for Rs425




How to use it?

Just swipe it on your lips; one bold stroke brings an intense colour finish.

My experience with Nykaa Paintstix No Chill Orange

Nykaa Paintstix No Chill Orange 3

It has not yet been an hour and I am already going bananas. It impressed me with the very first stroke. As claimed by the brand, it is highly pigmented and along with the rich color, it also keeps the lips hydrated and doesn’t let the color fragments saturate separately on the lips. The packaging is decent enough. Not so attractive but definitely, travel-friendly. I just experimented and found out that it is superbly water-proof. The thickness of the color is perfect. Neither does it feel heavy nor does it spread. It does not really give a super matte finish but gives a soft texture which really lasts long. There isn’t any need for rubbing it, its one stroke is very effective and will surely work wonders. It is, I must say a “MUST-BUY” product for each and every lady.

Nykaa Paintstix No Chill Orange 4

  1. Soft texture
  2. Rich in color
  3. One stroke effective
  4. Very soft on lips
  5. Available in 12 shades
  6. Pigmented
  7. Glides on the lips
  8. Presence of natural ingredients
  9. Travel-friendly
  10. Long lasting
  11. Great for everyday use
  12. Worthy of investment
  1. Low on matte finish
  2. After a while, starts drying a bit.
Over all, would I repurchase and recommend

Repurchase??? I WOULD LOVE TO. I will be buying its different shades. As of now, I am in love with this shade. (NO CHILL ORANGE – 03)

Recommend ??? Oh, I would not recommend. Rather, I would request everyone to try this product for at least once. It may seem a bit pricey but believe me; it is worth your every single penny.

Glossy Polish Verdict






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Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review 1

Who is it for? Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation is for those looking for an affordable herbal foundation.It is a comfort liquid foundation and can be used anyone but do take the right shade for your skin. There are three types of shade available in the market. I will be reviewing the Soft Cameo 330 (for oily skin)

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review


30ml for Rs365

Sensitive skin alert?

Not clear. Because my friend and I, both have sensitive skin. It suited me but somehow, it didn’t to my friend.

How to use?

Shake the bottle. Apply in dots. Mix appropriately with hands.

My experience with Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation?

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review 3

The first time I applied, I didn’t have the idea of the quantity. Eventually, I landed up over applying the product and that made my skin dryer. So, be careful if you have a dry skin. You need to nourish your skin well before applying this. Apart from this, the product doesn’t fails to satisfy you. It will give you a soft and natural matte finish as stated by the brand. The foundation helps your face glow for at least 7-8 hrs (if you are not too much into outdoor chores). Your face looks fresh and has a slightly whitish glow. It doesn’t stick to the skin and is light. It doesn’t give a powdery finish to the skin. But if your skin is dry, you will need to moisturize it after a while.

Lotus Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation Review 4

  1. Feels light on skin
  2. Long lasting
  3. Natural finish
  4. SPF 20
  5. Subtle whitish glow
  6. Reasonable price
  7. Nice sweet smell
  8. Easy to use bottle
  1. Doesn’t hydrate the skin
  2. For dry skin users, applying moisturize once in a while is necessary
  3. Not very effective if you stay too much in the open surrounding.
  4. Only 3 shades
Would I repurchase and recommend?

Repurchase? – Well, I will have to think. The foundation doesn’t have a wow factor but is satisfactorily good. I may use it again.

Recommend? – For oily skin types, I would say, you must try out this product. It is reasonable and will not upset you. And for the dry skin types, I say, search for a better alternate. If you don’t find one, you still can have this :)

Glossy Polish Verdict


Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001

Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001 Review

by Setu Shreya

Who is it this for? Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001 is for those looking for a soft kajal that they can smudge to create a smoky eye.

Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001


1.2gm for Rs650

Directions to use?

Well, although it can be used as a Kajal and the way it glides, it is super smooth. But pitching in 650 just for a Kajal is not worth it. So, why not instead use it for making your eyes smokingly hot. Draw a line and smudge it softly with the brush end of the stick, apply it once again after smudging or leave it as it is.

My experience with Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Black 001

To be honest, I would have not bought this product had it not been sponsored by Glossy Polish. There is one friend of mine who used it and would always sing the greatness of this Kajal. I had used it once from her, and I thought the singing wasn’t exaggerated. The colour is super intense and glides on the eye lids. You don’t have to rub the pencil. It is really one of those “one stroke “pencil kind of stuff. It doesn’t come off or smudges. Water proof? A big yes. It gives a very sexy look to eyes and is a “WOW” product but the price factor will definitely hold us back in buying it. But it is definitely a product which will stand by to what it claims.  If you have extra bucks in your pocket, go throughout the websites, search if they are giving discounts. Nykaa always helps in blue days. Do search it over there. But why all the searching? Because Madam, You are going to love me more after that :p

Now I am going to list some of the positives of the product and they are as follow:
  1. We can easily create the smoky eye magic
  2. It is definitely Intense and rich in color
  3. It doesn’t smudge and is smooth on the eyes as well
  4. It is Water-proof and long lasting too
  5. It works as an eye-liner, shadow? Not sure
  6. The attached brush is soft on the eyes
  7. It has Variety of shades
What I did not like?

The negative of the product is that it is very pricey. And the other big fault is that, sharpening the pencil is very tricky. The stick is so soft that even before you realize, you are done with half of the pencil. And because of these, one would definitely have second thoughts in spite of all the listed benefits.

Overall Performance of Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal

The performance is splendid. The texture of the Kajal, its eye liner capabilities, the smoky effect, the brush it provides, all are very much in sync with the outstanding brand it bears.

Would I recommend?

Oh well, I would definitely like you to have this product at least for once. This Kajal is worth a shot.

Product Purchased by Glossypolish
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Blue Heaven Face Shimmer Dust Silver

Blue Heaven Face Shimmer Dust Silver Review

by Setu Shreya

What is it and who is it for? Blue Heaven Face Shimmer Dust Silver is for all those who want to a “shimmery” or “glamorous” look on a special occasion.

Blue Heaven Face Shimmer Dust Silver


INR 95 for 3g (You can find it on discount on Nykaa)

Sensitive Skin Alert


My experience with Blue Heaven Face Shimmer Dust Silver


The shimmer comes in a small cute circular box. The packaging is nice and travel-friendly.

How to use

Take a soft brush and gently apply the shimmer on your eyes, upon your eyeshadow or you can even mix it with your eye shadow or blush and apply on your eyes and cheeks respectively.

Colour and Texture

This is available in various shades of silver, gold and pink blush. Since it is in dust form, the texture is very smooth and easy to use.


It has no fragrance


I am not very fond of make-up and stuff but I saw my friend using it at a party. She was really glowing and sparkling. She had not applied any makeup, just a bit of shimmer made her look different from others. I was impressed and I bought this and now, it has become one of the most “wanna” be a product in my kitty. While going to any party or special occasion, I just need a bit of it to look “heavenly” and of course, “pretty”. :)

  1. The packaging is really nice
  2. This won’t over-do the make-up part if used wisely
  3. No need of other makeup like eyeshadow or blush. Even if it is applied on bare skin, it brings out the desired effect.
  4. The texture is even and smooth.
  5. Affordable
  6. No side effects on the skin
  7. Easy to remove
  1. Over applying it might not help in looking over-beautiful
  2. The ingredients list is not mentioned
Would I recommend?

Well, if you don’t have much money in your pocket for a branded face shimmer, this might be your stop. With no side effects on your face, this budget-friendly product might become a good friend of yours.



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L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo

L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo Review

by Setu Shreya

What is it and who is it for?  L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo is a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ for extremely damaged and dry hair.

L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo


INR 380 for 250ml

Sensitive Skin Alert


My Experience with L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo


The packaging of the shampoo is done well. Not very exotic but appropriate and what else can be expected from a shampoo bottle packaging.

How to use

Like normal shampoos. Just take a little amount of it, mix it with water and apply on your hair. Massage it well for 4-5 minutes and then rinse it off.

Color and texture

The liquid is white in color. The texture is smooth. Neither too heavy nor too light.


This shampoo has a mild sweet smell and that is very heavenly. The smell does stay for a day.


I live in Pune and the water here we get is pathetic. My hair had become all dry and rough and then I found this blessing. I just saw this product in an outlet and thought of giving it a chance and “EUREKA”, it worked like a magic wand. Since the day I first used this product, I am telling every friend of mine to give it a try. My hair has become soft and manageable. This product is worth every single penny invested in it. I was in dire need of something like this and now since I have got it, I will never let it go :p

  1. Silky, smooth and manageable hair
  2. Sweet fragrance
  3. No roughness
  4. If your hair is already smooth, you don’t even need a conditioner
  5. It has apricot oil extract
  1. A bit expensive
  2. Not easily available
Would I Recommend?

Well, there is not even 0.01% chance that I won’t recommend this product. For those who are suffering from damaged and dry hair, I will not only advise but I would rather force you guys to use this product. This is an amazing creation of L’oreal and has made me fall in love with itself.



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Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter is A luxurious body butter for normal to dry skin.

Who is it for? Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter is A luxurious body butter for normal to dry skin.

 Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter is A luxurious body butter for normal to dry skin.


Rs890 for 200ml.

How to apply?

Take a considerable amount and apply it all over.

My experience with Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter


The lotion comes in a round shaped bottle. I bought the bigger one which is of 200ml and for this reason, I cannot call it travel-friendly. Other than that the packaging is good enough and gives a subtle look to the product.


The lotion is creamy in color and a bit heavy to apply. But once you apply it, the skin doesn’t feel heavy. It has a high moisture content which keeps your skin hydrated for long hours.


It has a very strong fragrance, a good strong fragrance. It smells heavenly like a scented stick (not completely like that) and gives a soothing effect.

Although the fragrance stays for long the strength of the odor decreases as the hour’s pass by.

Personal experience

I got it as a gift from one of my friends on my birthday and I was really delighted to see the product. The first time I opened it, I kept it close to my nose for 3 mins. I am so in love with the fragrance of the lotion.

But then I thought all that glitters is not gold, so I must use it completely to arrive at any judgments. Through my experience, I found that it keeps my skin well hydrated for 6 hours. The fragrance of the lotion also remains till that time but as I said, the strength decreases.

What did I like?
  1. Fragrance
  2. Moisture content
  3. No additional color added
  4. Less use of chemicals
  5. Light on skin
  6. Remains for long hours
  7. Not for brightening of skin
  8. No false claims
  9. Skin softening
What did I not like?
  1. The fragrance could have stayed longer
  2. Bit costly
  3. No SPF
Would I repurchase and recommend?

As of now, being a student I won’t buy it again. Thanks to my friend who let me try this brand and product.And as far as the recommendation is concerned, I found the product good but I wasn’t satisfied with the price one has to pay.Being a good product, you can try this once but I won’t recommend this as a “Must Have” product in your kitty.

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Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eye Liner

What is it? Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eye Liner is a water-resistant and smudge-proof eyeliner. But is it really magical? Let us find out.

Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eye Liner


Rs5 for 5ml

Sensitive Skin Alert?


How to use it?

Like the usual eye-liners, the brush dipped in the liquid is swayed on the eyes. As claimed, the brush does its work in one go.

My Experience With The Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eye-Liner


The brush and its handle are way larger than the bottle. It helps to have a good grip on the brush and also helps to make different patterns easily.

Also, the bottle is quite travel-friendly.


It doesn’t have any fragrance. However, the color has a very unpleasant plastic-look appearance. It is also available in 7 different colors.


I had very excitedly ordered this NYKAA product but it turned down all the expectations I had from this very brand. The texture of the liner (as I told you earlier) looks like you have applied a black sticker (of plastic) on your eyes.

To make it look sober and normal, I had to apply my Kajal after applying the eye-liner.

  1. The packaging of the product
  2. The design of the brush
  3. Water-proof and smudge-proof

. . . And well, that’s it!


Well, there are many things in this section but the important ones are –

  1. The color texture of the eye-liner
  2. Not easily removable. Sometimes, its particles stick to eye-lashes and removing them becomes cumbersome.
  3. To give it a normalized look, one has to re-coat it with a Kajal.
Would I Repurchase Or Recommend?

A big NO. There are a plethora of good brands and eye-liners present out there and there is absolutely no gain in buying a product and regretting it every time you use it.

I would never repurchase the product. (Even if it’s the only eyeliner available in the market). And how can I Recommend something, I won’t buy myself.


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Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk 3

Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk Review

by Setu Shreya

Ayur is one of the few brands that stands true on its claim of being herbal. Ayur cleansing milk is a purely herbal product and you can see that by looking at its list of ingredients. The product not only removes your makeup easily but is also an effective way of freshening your face after a long day. A small quantity of this milk on your face and cotton and you see how the dirt surrenders in front of it. The skin does feel clean and light. Well, there is more to the product that you must know.

Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

Basic Information about Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk


100ml for Rs50

The Brand’s Claim

Ayur claims that the milk is a natural and herbal cleanser, which gently lifts away make-up, dirt and other impurities leaving away the skin feeling soft, clean and healthy. It also claims that the product contains Rose Extract, Olive Oil, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E etc.

Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk 2

Direction to use

It should be applied with cotton wool or tissue on face and neck with upward and outward movements.

My Experience with Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

The sole reason behind me buying this product was its price. I, generally go soft on my skin and whenever I apply anything, I make sure I first apply it on a small portion of my face. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to the most gentle of the creams also, but I had heard of the benefits of cleansing one’s skin and I thought to give Ayur a chance. To be honest, I didn’t observe any over the top changes but yes, it helped in keeping my skin clean. The product also claims to give soft skin but I hardly felt that. I use this cream to remove my Kajal and even if I don’t wear one someday, I use it to clean my face before jumping to the bed. My skin is sensitive but I didn’t see any side effects of this on my skin. The cream is lightweight and doesn’t make your skin oily. Although, there aren’t any “ wow “ factors related to this product but the fact that the product does superbly well as compared to its cost, some of you might want to give it a chance. So, before you proceed with your judgment towards the product, let me brief its characteristics in detail.

Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk 1

Overall Performance of Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

Starting from its cover, PACKAGING of the product is not fancy and you can’t even expect that from an Rs50 product but it comes in a plastic bottle and it is quite firm.

Then, comes the SMELL. The milk’s odor is good, not enchanting, but yes, decent enough.

The texture, the cream is light weight as I mentioned earlier and doesn’t make your skin oily.

And most importantly, its price is super amazing.

So, as of now, you might be clear about how the product is, let me know jot down the points of what the product does.



  • Does extremely well cleansing as compared to the cost
  • Smells nice
  • Goes easy on skin, no harsh use of chemicals
  • Can be applied even if there is no makeup on your face.


  • Packaging is not so travel-friendly
  • Lacks the “ wow “ factor
  • Ineffective in case you wear heavy makeup
  • Does nothing to bring glow on the skin

Would I recommend?

If you are not frequently in contact with all the makeup stuff, or if you are a homemaker and stay indoors most of the time, this product is for you. But if you are looking for a professional makeup remover cleanser, I am afraid this product is not what you want.



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