Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter -Must Have?

by Setu Shreya
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter is A luxurious body butter for normal to dry skin.

 Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter is A luxurious body butter for normal to dry skin.


Rs890 for 200ml.

How to apply?

Take a considerable amount and apply it all over.

My experience with Delon + Smooth Vanilla Body Butter


The lotion comes in a round shaped bottle. I bought the bigger one which is of 200ml and for this reason, I cannot call it travel-friendly. Other than that the packaging is good enough and gives a subtle look to the product.


The lotion is creamy in color and a bit heavy to apply. But once you apply it, the skin doesn’t feel heavy. It has a high moisture content which keeps your skin hydrated for long hours.


It has a very strong fragrance, a good strong fragrance. It smells heavenly like a scented stick (not completely like that) and gives a soothing effect.

Although the fragrance stays for long the strength of the odor decreases as the hour’s pass by.

Personal experience

I got it as a gift from one of my friends on my birthday and I was really delighted to see the product. The first time I opened it, I kept it close to my nose for 3 mins. I am so in love with the fragrance of the lotion.

But then I thought all that glitters is not gold, so I must use it completely to arrive at any judgments. Through my experience, I found that it keeps my skin well hydrated for 6 hours. The fragrance of the lotion also remains till that time but as I said, the strength decreases.

What did I like?
  1. Fragrance
  2. Moisture content
  3. No additional color added
  4. Less use of chemicals
  5. Light on skin
  6. Remains for long hours
  7. Not for brightening of skin
  8. No false claims
  9. Skin softening
What did I not like?
  1. The fragrance could have stayed longer
  2. Bit costly
  3. No SPF
Would I repurchase and recommend?

As of now, being a student I won’t buy it again. Thanks to my friend who let me try this brand and product.And as far as the recommendation is concerned, I found the product good but I wasn’t satisfied with the price one has to pay.Being a good product, you can try this once but I won’t recommend this as a “Must Have” product in your kitty.

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Apoorwa verma June 26, 2018 - 5:07 PM

Have never tried this brand before ! But after reading your review ,can try this !
Nice review darlingg !!!!

Prachi Singh June 26, 2018 - 5:16 PM

this one seems like one hyped product

Binisha Chakhun June 26, 2018 - 5:56 PM

Vanilla body butters are worth a try!
Nice review ?