L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo Review

by Setu Shreya

What is it and who is it for?  L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo is a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ for extremely damaged and dry hair.

L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo


INR 380 for 250ml

Sensitive Skin Alert


My Experience with L’oreal Smooth Revival Shampoo


The packaging of the shampoo is done well. Not very exotic but appropriate and what else can be expected from a shampoo bottle packaging.

How to use

Like normal shampoos. Just take a little amount of it, mix it with water and apply on your hair. Massage it well for 4-5 minutes and then rinse it off.

Color and texture

The liquid is white in color. The texture is smooth. Neither too heavy nor too light.


This shampoo has a mild sweet smell and that is very heavenly. The smell does stay for a day.


I live in Pune and the water here we get is pathetic. My hair had become all dry and rough and then I found this blessing. I just saw this product in an outlet and thought of giving it a chance and “EUREKA”, it worked like a magic wand. Since the day I first used this product, I am telling every friend of mine to give it a try. My hair has become soft and manageable. This product is worth every single penny invested in it. I was in dire need of something like this and now since I have got it, I will never let it go :p

  1. Silky, smooth and manageable hair
  2. Sweet fragrance
  3. No roughness
  4. If your hair is already smooth, you don’t even need a conditioner
  5. It has apricot oil extract
  1. A bit expensive
  2. Not easily available
Would I Recommend?

Well, there is not even 0.01% chance that I won’t recommend this product. For those who are suffering from damaged and dry hair, I will not only advise but I would rather force you guys to use this product. This is an amazing creation of L’oreal and has made me fall in love with itself.



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