Loreal Professional Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo – Just Average?

by Neha M
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Loreal Professional Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo is meant for those with scalp irritations or a sensitive scalp. The loreal professional range was recommended by one of the hair stylists at a Habib’s parlor. This shampoo does the job of calming and treating the scalp but, in terms of treating the hair, this shampoo failed to live up to my expectations. This shampoo is supposed to do the job for both a shampoo and a conditioner, but I my case, it lagged behind in the ‘conditioner’ part. It does leave your hair feeling fresh and clean but doesn’t moisturize it. You might want to follow it up with a separate conditioner or a serum.

Loreal Professional Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo

Price INR 575 for 250 mL
How to use

Apply to wet hair. Massage well and then rinse off completely.

Sensitivity Alert?


My experience with Loreal Professional Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo


It comes in a blue-tinted clear bottle. Has a very convenient cap.

Texture/ Consistency

The shampoo is a clear, liquid. The consistency is almost like that of water. However, after application it becomes soapy but the consistency remains the same.


It has a very soothing and a fresh fragrance, definitely one of the plus points of the shampoo. The fragrance is very unique too.

What did I like about it?
  1. Fragrance
  2. Treats the scalp
  3. Cool Soothing feeling
What did I not like?
  1. Price
  2. Very little moisturization
Would I recommend?

To someone with scalp problems, I might recommend, but given the price and the fact that it sometimes leaves your hair frizzy (probably because I used this shampoo during the monsoon season), I won’t repurchase or recommend this product to someone looking for an all-rounder shampoo.

Overall Verdict


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