Colorbar Sheer Glass Lipgloss Red (01) Review

by Sakshi Sinha
4 minutes read


It’s been so long I have not reviewed so today I am going to give a review on red glass lip-gloss of Colorbar. Red is the most important color that one should have in their makeup box. Red cherry red, it looks so attractive and so sexy.

This is the perfect choice girls. Read along and see the pros, cons, and durability of this product by Colorbar.

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip-gloss Red 1

Basic Info about Colorbar Sheer Glass Lipgloss Red (01)

What is it and who is it for?

This is a lip-gloss by Colorbar of red color. It has a red glossy shine.

It is for all the girls. Party time and Red is the color everyone loves.


Rs 675 for 3.3mL

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip-gloss Red



Sensitive Skin Alert?


What does the Brand Claim?

The Brand claims that this lip-gloss has a unique sparkle vinyl finish with a light to medium coverage. Its new “light magnifying technology” allows for infinite light multiplication and absolute color purity. The special copolymers in the formula give a smooth, cushiony and long lasting finish with an unprecedented glossy shine.

> 95% said it has glass-like finish

> 90% said it creates a shine that lasts

> 85% agreed that it imparts absolute color purity

> 85% said it gives a smooth and cushiony feel on lips

> 90% said lips look visibly fuller.

How to Use:

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip-gloss Red 2

Apply directly on lips. For perfect use, Apply lip liner around the lips and then use the brush on lips glide it softly and mix it evenly. It is done. Apply again if required.

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip-gloss Red 3

My Experience with Colorbar Sheer Glass Lipgloss Red (01)

It comes in a silver packet in which there is glass cylindrical bottle with a brush. Its texture is creamy glossy and very moisturizing. Its red color is so beautiful for all the girls. It makes the lips look extremely glossy and creamy. It lasts long for about 5-6 hours. Finishing is good. It does not smudge out easily. Its texture is something to fall in love with. You will love the way it feels on the lips.

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip-gloss Red 4

Its smell is also very sweet. Red is the color that generally goes with fair colored girls. It is best for them. But I think it’s not the complexion color that is needed to decide the lipstick color, but the confidence is so whatever one’s complexion is irrespective of that give a try. It is really nice.

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip-gloss Red 5

Overall Performance of Colorbar Sheer Glass Lipgloss Red (01)


  • Glossy shine
  • Lasts long
  • Don’t smudge
  • Colour is very nice
  • Easily available online



·        While applying one should know how to use the brush perfectly.

·         Expensive

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would recommend it because of the color and quality both is very nice. And this is a must color for every girl. Its shine is extremely beautiful. But its price is little expensive so if your budget goes along with the price of this product, It is worth buying. Go girls have a try;-* ;-*

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Paneeni April 28, 2017 - 7:36 PM

Beautiful shade :love

V. sravanti May 1, 2017 - 11:25 AM

WOW that was so glossy!

Tanu Shree May 1, 2017 - 9:55 PM

I’m a bit skeptical of this brand though.