Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick For Lips Review

by Aria Mirza
4 minutes read

Hello to all the readers! I know you are looking beautiful today ❤ I’m here today to review Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Pencil Sense Red for you all. I bought this a week ago. Not wasting much time and getting onto the review directly. These lip pencils which are known to be dupes of the NYX Matte Lip Cream lip pencil are favorites to many bloggers as I’ve noticed. That is the reason why I badly wanted to have one to try and so I did.

Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick For Lips 2

Basic information about the Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick for Lips

Price – 50 INR for a stick

Packaging – Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Pencil comes in a red color wooden pencil stick. Outer color corresponding to the lip color it consists. The pencil has a silver aluminum cap. Not many details can be seen on the pencil.

Texture – Like a good lip pencil, not very creamy but soft. Does not slide on very easily on lips, but not that tough also, and dries up in little time.

Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick For Lips 1

Direction to use – Outline lips with Miss Claire Glimmerstick Lip Pencil Sense Red and then fill in with the same if you want the lipstick to last longer or can just fill in with a lipstick matching the color of the lip pencil.

Shelf life – Three years from manufacturing.


My Experience with Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick for Lips

Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick For Lips 4

This color is a lovely bright red with a hint of pink in it. I had been looking for a color like this as I’m bored of the usual reds and pinks. I wanted something in-between. But at the time I was buying this I had no clue it’ll have a bit of pink tone to it. The stick looked absolutely red and still, I went ahead to buy this because red is a safe choice to make when you’re not sure. Let me tell you the pencil is amazingly pigmented and the final look is matte. Its application does involve a bit of tug and pull. Also, I would recommend moisturizing lips before applying the lip pencil as it gets very dry on lips. I can go around even without a lipstick over it. It stays on for as long as 3 to 4 hours, but tends to rub off while eating or drinks or even if the lips come in contact with a kind of fabric or such. It kind of stains your lips a little. It easily gets removed using a makeup or lipstick remover. I absolutely love the color. Though it isn’t something that I would wear very often, but for once in a while, it’s good for me.

Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick For Lips 3

Overall Performance of Miss Claire Sense Red Glimmerstick for Lips

I think for such a low price as 50 INR per lip pencil, it’s probably the best buy in my knowledge. I love how it looks on me. I also like the matte finish it has. The lip pencil actually makes your lipsticks last longer. There are several shades available at the same price. Colors ranging from pinks to reds to browns to corals to nudes. This lip pencils are pretty sleek and don’t take up much space in your purse of the handbag.


Would I Repurchase Miss Claire Glimmerstick For Lips in Sense Red?

I am not sure if I will buy the same shade again or not, but given the fact that these cost so cheap, I am definitely buying a few other shades to try. I had liked some while buying this one but wanted to see the quality before as I wasn’t sure if it’s safe enough to use on lips because 50 INR is too cheap to be trustworthy. As I really like the outcome, I’m going to go ahead and try a few more.

Would I recommend Miss Claire Glimmerstick for Lips in Sense Red?

Yes, you must! You would not mind sparing those 50 bucks in your purse for such lovely colors. They are quite promising I must say.

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Mallika April 29, 2017 - 8:55 PM

In Between shades like this one are <3
looks great on you 🙂