Colorbar Brown Wave Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick Review

by Harshita Chhatlani
4 minutes read

Colorbar Brown Wave Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick  : All I need to conquer the world is some wine and lipstick. Colorbar’s Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick in the shade 012 also known as Brown Wave gives me all the confidence to say so.


Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick Brown Wave 3

Price.  : Rs 900

My  Experience with Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick Brown Wave


The lipstick comes in a beautiful silver packaging. The material is very sturdy and strong to prevent any damage that may occur. It closes with a click sound so that it doesn’t open accidentally and ruin your bag. Gurl, color bar has you covered! On the inside, the bullet cover is also very sturdy. The lipstick is retractable, avoiding any wastage. The packaging, all in all, is very glam and classy.


Moving on to the texture of the lipstick, the lipstick is very smooth. You need only one swipe to apply it evenly all over your lips. It glides on your lips like butter. It’s fairly thick so it feels like you have lipstick on, but it’s not bulky and doesn’t make your lips feel heavy or overly coated. It has a sweet undertone and a not-so distinctive smell. The colour bar Ultimate 8hr stay matte lipstick did very well on the texture part.

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick Brown Wave 4


The colour was one of the main reasons I had decided to buy this product. It is a beautiful neutral colour. It is a brown shade with an undertone of maroon in it. For some skin tones, it may be the My Lips But Better shade. It is my go-to shade for college. In fact, the shade is appropriate for all kinds of situations. May it be a meeting or a wedding, or just a movie date. The shade is perfect for both day and night looks.

Who Is It For?

The colour is universal, that is, it suits all skin tones. From light to dark, it will go beautifully with every skin tone. However, I do feel like it’s more suitable for warm skin tones as the product it self-has a warm undertone. Nonetheless, it does go beautifully on the cooler undertones as well.

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte Lipstick Brown Wave 1


The Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Matte lipstick did not really stay for 8 hours. A more modest wear time would say, 3 hours. The lipstick does leave a slight tint even when it wears off so you don’t look that bad. However, if you’re eating anything, you’re bound to lose all the lipstick off of your lips; which is why you should carry it everywhere you go. A girl needs regular touch-ups, you know!

Tip: To make the lipstick last longer, follow the following steps

  1. Apply lipstick like you normally would.
  2. Take a piece of tissue paper and fold it in the half.
  3. Press the tissue paper in between pursed lips.
  4. This will blot excess lipstick off.
  5. Now gently put some loose powder on your lips over the tissue paper.
  6. Remove the tissue paper and gently dab lipstick on your lips again.
Final Verdict

All in all, the lipstick is beautiful and I would definitely repurchase until I find a better lipstick with the same qualities. Strongly Recommended.

  1. All Colorbar Ultimate 8 Hours Stay Lipstick Swatches

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Mallika September 19, 2017 - 3:43 PM

im a fan of this colour in this liptick range and you have penned down everything in such a perfect manner !!

Sreeparna Ganguly September 20, 2017 - 10:41 AM

The shade is versatile and it looks great on you :rose:
You covered everything in the review. Just loved it.

Alishba September 20, 2017 - 8:17 PM

Amazing Review!!! :good: I would like to know does this matte lipstick have a drying effect on the lips after some time of its application??