Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral Review

by Setu Shreya
3 minutes read

Hello Beauties,

I am sure you all must be shinning out there with your pretty faces and enchanting smiles. Today, I will be reviewing a Coloressence product. Lips are a pair of two lines which when curved upwards, makes anything adorable. Finding the lip color which suits you may be a problematic task and once you have done it, you stay very loyal to it. While some of us, don’t mind taking risks and try on every color that we like. The colors definitely add a bold look to the face and enhance our charm. So why not wear something that goes for long?

Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral 2

Basic Info about Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral


6ml for Rs350

Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral 4

What does the brand claim?

·         Conditioning Lip Gloss

·         Non-tacky

·         Smoothly glides on the skin

·         Plumper finish

Directions to use?

Apply to the lips using it applicator. It can either be worn alone or layered over another lip color.

Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral 3

My experience with Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral

One of my friends gifted me this gloss and the first thing that impressed me was its color. I have the Red Coral one and the color is very rich. It doesn’t forms fragments of the color on the lips and as claimed by the brand, is smooth and does really glide on the lips. The packaging is decent enough but I found it a bit expensive. And the fact that it doesn’t stay for long and is non water proof is other turning off factors. The gloss in itself scores fairly. When worn alone or layered, it neither feels heavy nor sticks to the lips.Had it the water-proof and long lasting quality, it would have been a “must-buy” product but as of now I would only rate it as an average product.

Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral 5

 Highlights of the product.

The gloss is somewhat heavy on the lips. But it glides smoothly and the shine is loud. The packaging is travel friendly. The colors are present in different shades. Fragmentation doesn’t occur easily and even when it does, it is after 2-3 hours of the application of the gloss. There is no need to wear a lipstick underneath. You can wear it alone.But the product is not long lasting and neither is it water proof. It spreads to the outers of the lips, i.e., it bleeds. And above all, the price is much more than it’s worth.

Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral 1

Overall performance of Coloressence Liplicious Gloss Red Coral

The overall performance is not very satisfactory. You won’t want to buy this product again, once you have bought it. Other than giving the juicy texture, there is nothing you could really rejoice of.

Would I recommend?

As far as recommendation is concerned, I would say if you are a lip color enthusiast, you can try it once but if you are looking for a payback on your money, this is not the product.




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