Did You Know these Uses of TOOTHPASTE ?!

by Navdita Rathore
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Uses of TOOTHPASTE including uses of toothpaste for skin We all know how important toothpaste is to keep our teeth looking healthy, white and disease free but there are some different uses toothpaste which doesn’t involve our teeth. Read on to know more about these uses.

  1. TO TREAT A ZIT: just squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and apply it directly over the zit, it will dry it out soon. Leave it in place overnight and wash it in the morning.

    Uses of TOOTHPASTE 2

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  2. TO KEEP NAILS STRONG AND CLEAN: if you are someone with healthy nails and you want to make them strong and clean. Take a small amount of toothpaste on a brush and scrub it out gently on the tops. This will keep your nails clean and make them strong over time. Avoid this if you have dry nails.
  3. AS A BLEMISH CREAM: mix your toothpaste with your normal face cream and apply it to the blemish and leave it in place overnight and wash it off in the morning. Do it every night as it will clear the blemish very fast than any other normal methods.
  4. BURNS: Next time you burn yourself on the stove, plunge the affected area under cold water and after sometime smear non-gel toothpaste thickly over the burn until the skin cools permanently and the sting is gone.
  5. ELIMINATE BLACKHEADS: you can use the tooth paste in your skin areas where the blackheads have formed. You have to make a paste of toothpaste, salt, and mint and blend it in the mixer. Now apply it near your nose where blackheads appear. Keep for 5 minutes and remove it with water after massaging gently.

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  6. CLEAN YOUR SNEAKERS: Toothpaste is extremely helpful for cleaning the dirty and plastic parts on the snickers. Just rub it using a sponge or an old toothbrush and wait for the effects.
  7. REMOVE CARPET STAINS: for those home styling ladies, this one is a total savior. You can use toothpaste to get rid of stains on carpets and soft furnishings vanish for good. Apply toothpaste directly to the stain and then scrub at it with a firm brush. This works particularly well on ink, makeup, and grass stains.
  8. DIAMONDS: Just take an old toothbrush, add a pea sized amount, and sprinkle with a little water. Use this mixture to gently scrub at the face of the diamond. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. This will leave your diamonds shining brighter than ever.
  9. TO COVER NAIL HOLES: you know how those annoying nail holes destroy the look of a beautiful wall; just fill them in with toothpaste. This will, of course, only work for the very small hole. And, there is no guarantee that the spot will paint over later, so think before you paste.
  10. REMOVE WEIRD ODOUR FROM HANDS: Remove the stench of onions, fish, garlic and other odoriferous foods from your skin by scrubbing briefly with toothpaste. Apply lotion after to moisten hands.
  11. COFFEE TABLE STAINS: Simply rub some toothpaste into the irritating ring with a soft cloth and wipe dry with a clean, damp cloth. Apply a finishing shine with a touch of furniture polish or oil.
  12. MIRROR DEFOGGER: next time when you are brushing your teeth in front of the mirror, just apply some toothpaste on it and wipe it off dry. Woala! Clean and fog free mirror.
  13. SHOWER DOORS: dampen a piece of cloth and smear white toothpaste over it. Then clean the shower doors in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly. You will be able to see through them again.
  14. BATHROOM SINKS: just take a glob of toothpaste and scrub it around the sink. It works wonders like other cleaners and at the same time deodorizes the drain at the same time.

    Uses of TOOTHPASTE

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  15. CELL-PHONE SCREENS: Unprotected mobile phone screens become hopelessly scratched over time. No problem. Lightly rub the screen with a touch of toothpaste and your finger. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry, but be sure to not get your phone too wet.
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