DIY Floral Waters

by Tanu Shree
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Floral Waters are such a natural and a must have beauty regimen, yet most of us are not really into it. That’s because we all want to use those fragranced oils for our skin but they are mighty expensive. And also, they are heavily chemicalized.

You can debate all you want about those chemicals rendering longevity to them, but it feels odd that something called “floral waters” is not all natural, as it should be. More so, because making all natural floral water is actually really simple.

You can make floral waters with few easily available ingredients in a completely chemical free way and store them. Use them daily as a face toner, face spray and body spray to smell good and tone and heal your skin at the same time. Seems like a pretty fair deal.

  1. Rose water
DIY Floral Waters 3

Image Credit ; NDTV Food

1 cup Rose petals, 1/3 cup (approx.) distilled water.

Put the petal in a pan. Add distilled water, so much so that it just about covers the petals. Place the pan on low flame for 15 – 30 minutes, till the petals start losing their color. Once they do, turn off the flame and strain the water. Store in a container of choice.Distilled water is easily available in the market and you can also make some yourself with the condensation method if you don’t wish to purchase. Make sure the rose petals are fresh and clean (goes without saying) and wash them before use.We are pretty familiar with the skin benefits of rosewater. It is a wonderful toner and can be used as a perfume. There are plenty available in the market. Give this DIY a try and see the difference for yourself.

Oh, by the way, your entire house is going to smell like roses after the completion of this process. So there is yet another reason to go DIY!

  1. Lavender Water
DIY Floral Waters

Image Credit ; Care 2

1 cup dried Lavender. 4 cups boiled water. A bowl/container. Lavender Oil (optional)

Dry the lavender beforehand. Take a cup of dried lavender, put in the container. Add boiled water and fully drench/mix the lavender in the water. Add a few drops of Lavender oil. Let it cool for 4-5 hours. Then refrigerate it overnight. Strain it the next morning. Store in container.You do not need to be distilled water for this one. The lavender floats to the top when the water is added, that is fine, do not worry about it. Just make sure to mix it well. If your bowl is transparent, you will notice the change in the color, just how quickly it changes.Lavender’s has a very pleasant smell and not just face and body, you can use it as a hair spray if you wish.

  1. Orange Blossom Water
DIY Floral Waters 1

Image Credit ; Pinterest

5-10 orange blossoms. 1/4 Orange rind. 1 bowl warm (not hot) water.

Take some warm water in a bowl, add clean orange blossoms. Add some fresh orange rind. Cover the bowl. Let it rest. Refrigerate it for the night. Strain it the next morning. Transfer it to a container and store in the refrigerator. You can also freeze it in the form of ice cubes and use it.This one is the easiest to make. You really don’t have to do anything here. We don’t take hot water because we just want to extract the essence of the soft blossoms. And the acidic properties of the orange rind go well with its blossoms. The ice cube idea seems just about perfect for summers.

You will surely notice a difference on your skin in about 2 weeks of using these all natural Floral Waters. Make sure you prepare it in small quantities so that there is no issue of it going stale. And if the water seems pale/stagnant/different at any point, discard it and prepare fresh, as it is really easy to make – now you know.

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V. sravanti May 16, 2017 - 12:12 PM

Hey good one! :rose: But what I feel is buying the same in the market is better than making them because now distilled water is costly than a regular bottle of Dabur Gulabari. 😉

Tanu Shree May 16, 2017 - 9:35 PM

Haha agreed. Making distilled water is a bit risky too.

Smriti March 27, 2018 - 12:33 PM

i loved these DIY’S. distilled water is easily available here. thanks for the article….

Sreeparna Ganguly March 27, 2018 - 1:16 PM

I didn’t know lavender water is so easy to prepare. Surely try!!