Double Cleansing Method and its Benefits

by Mallika Dharmani
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Double Cleansing Method and its Benefits  :Makeup is one thing that all of us can’t leave our house without- some may be content with one single layer or others may like to indulge in a few layers.Makeup does not necessarily mean those heavy foundations. It can be anything ranging from BB creams, compact powders, a weightless mousse, maybe a foundation or if nothing it may be your sunscreen lotion. What we fail to realize is that as important as it is to slather ourselves with all this paraphernalia, it is equally important to make sure we get them off our skin and pores completely.Obviously, we don’t want mascara stained pillows or primer stained sheets- we want our skin to breathe freely at night and that is why we should absolutely make Double Cleansing Method a part of our daily skin care which is a necessity rather than a luxury.

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The trouble is many of us either is not aware of what this routine is and many of us do it wrong. So today this article is dedicated to double cleansing and what is the perfect way to do it.

I would really want you guys to go through my next article as well which is on the Dos and don’ts of double cleansing.

For starters, I would like to tell u what exactly this double cleansing routine is.

Like the name suggests it means cleaning your face twice but not with water.

When I say double cleansing I mean we are going to clean our face in two ways one of which means cleaning your skin with oil and the next to wash away with a face wash.

Double Cleansing Benefits

It might strike you as odd when I say clean your face with oil first instead of washing it directly but oil cleansing is very important. The debris or junk on our face can be of two different natures – the dust, bacteria, pollution, makeup, and other grime comes in contact with our face +  at the same time our skin has some natural secretions of its own in the form of sweat, oil, sebum, which along with the external grime clogs our pores.

At night when we wash off our face, we might get rid of the external dirt but we leave the oil and sebum secretions sitting in our pores.

Hence we need to oil cleanse our face to drag this oil completely out of our pores leaving them fresh and clean.

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Double Cleansing Method Steps


 Use dry and clean hands to apply a small quantity of oil on your face and start rubbing it in circular motions, massaging your face gently with it and after a few minutes wipe it off.

It’s not really necessary to go out there and get cleansing oil; you can enjoy oils like almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil etc.

If you have acne you can go in for Argan oil or sunflower oil.

If you have nothing you can always go in for the Ponds Cold Cream! Yes, it totally works!

Just wipe it off with a warm damp, soft cloth.

# 2

 Once u have wiped your skin free of oil you can use your favorite foaming cleanser or face wash and create some lather on your hands. Gently massage your face and try to put as little pressure as possible. If at all you can try not to directly touch your face but work your way through the lather and rinse off. (I will tell you about the perfect cleanser for your skin in the upcoming article on dos and don’ts).

Water is very good for you if u drink it but if you apply it to your skin it will leave your skin dry and parched. So always finish off this routine by applying a toner which leaves the skin supple!

Remember there is nothing worse than letting your skin accumulate all sorts of junk and let it become a storehouse of dirt! Don’t do that to yourself guys and start from today…take a little step for your skin and get great results!

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Sreeparna Ganguly February 24, 2018 - 3:09 PM

I always double cleanse when I am removing makeup. I am doing that for years now.
It gives super good results and prevents acne due to pore-clogging..

Juhi Sharma February 24, 2018 - 4:57 PM

Yes, I have done that. I used simple coconut oil for massaging and cleaning off my makeup and then washing it with face wash. I didn’t know it is called double cleansing.. :haanji :rose:

Smriti February 24, 2018 - 6:32 PM

I have recently started doing it. I mix Neutrogena cleansing gel with coconut oil and massage it into my skin and wash it. Works great..Great article..

Prachi singh February 25, 2018 - 1:38 PM

I never skip double cleansing it makes hell lott of difference