Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer Review

by Sone

An all natural, in fact organic sunscreen that promises to brighten your skin?

Ding Ding Ding!

It is with this eager anticipation that I shelled out a handsome amount for the eminence organic brightening skin kit. I have already reviewed the Brightening Skin Cleanser AND  Brightening Skin Masque.

Today I will be reviewing the broad spectrum SPF moisturizer, let’s see if this makes the cut?

Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer

Basic Info about Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer


$58 for 60 ml

Sensitive Skin Alert


Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer 1



What Does the Brand Claim?

Protect your skin while brightening with the stone crop, bearberry, GigaWhite™ and a Natural Hydroquinone Alternative. Lighten the appearance of dark spots while protecting against future damage with the built-in broad-spectrum SPF.

  • Epidermis is hydrated and protected from UVA/UVB/UVC rays
  • Uneven skin appears lightened
  • Complexion appears bright and even
  • Skin is moisturized and appears more vitalized
  • Skin appears luminous and glowing

Results are enhanced when using entire Bright Skin VitaSkin™ Solution. Eminence is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results.

How to Use?

Apply a layer of moisturizer over the entire face and neck area. Leave on. For a lighter application, emulsify a small amount of moisturizer in your hand with a few drops of water. For extra hydration, apply a thicker layer on dry areas.

Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer 2

My Experience with Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer

This day cream comes typically in a glass jar packaging. If a part of a set, it comes in tube packaging which is more travel-friendly.

The texture of this cream is like toothpaste. It is thick, but not too thick. No matter how much I rub it in, it leaves a tacky sticky feeling that I hate. It is very annoying and difficult to work with.

Every few minutes I get the urge to go wash my face. Now that’s the last thing we want from a sunscreen, don’t we!

I have absolutely NOTHING great to say about this product.

Yes, its natural, yes its organic and all that- but it didn’t do anything for me.

Total waste of money!

Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer 3

Overall Performance of Eminence Organics Bright Skin Moisturizer

It is pitifully average and borderline annoying. Need I say more?

I am sorry for using such harsh words, but I haven’t been this disappointed in a long while!


Overall Would I Repurchase And Recommend?

Nope. There are tons of great sunscreens you can buy in this exorbitant amount. This one just does not make the cut.


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