Faces Magneteyes Eyeliner Review

by Ritika Singhi
3 minutes read

Who is this eyeliner for? This Faces Magneteyes Eyeliner is for everyone who is looking to use eyeliner on a regular basis and want something which is affordable and does not hurt your wallet.

Faces Magneteyes Eyeliner

Price: Rs 249 for 3.5 ml

My Experience with Faces Magneteyes Eyeliner

Packaging:  The eyeliner is available in an attractive and appealing red container. The graphics which mention the product name are written in white on the red container. Overall, this is an appealing and eye catching packaging for this product.

Shade:  The eyeliner is available in the shade of jet black.

Pigmentation: This is well pigmented waterproof eyeliner. It usually stays on till the time you don’t remove it with a remover or by rubbing it off with water.

Staying power: It stays on for about four to five hours perfectly.

How to use:  The eyeliner is to be applied using the bristles which come with the eyeliner. It has thin bristles which help in drawing a perfect line on the eye lid.

Fragrance: The eyeliner has no fragrance as such.

Experience: Eyes are one of my most favorite features which I love to enhance with makeup. Eyeliner is the most basic and frequently used makeup. The eyeliner is a nice buy and is priced well. It has a jet black look and can be applied with great finesse with the help of the extra thin bristles which come with the eyeliner. I have applied it quite a few times and occasionally the eyeliner has faded away after a few hours, though this hasn’t happened always. Apart, from this particular issue the eyeliner has never given me a chance to complain. Overall, it is a good pick.

What do I like about it?
  1. Easy to apply
  2. Perfect for getting the winged look
  3. Good staying power
  4. A perfect jet black eye liner
  5. Interesting and attractive packaging
  6. Affordable eyeliner
  7. Does not fade/ wash away on mere application of water
  8. Easily portable
What I don’t like about it?
  1. The eyeliner fades away at times

I would recommend this to all the girls looking for an attractive and decently priced eyeliner.

Product rating: I would give this eyeliner from Faces 3 stars out of 5 stars

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