Who are Famous Plus Size Models ?

by Alishba John
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Actors and models for a really long time have been required to stay in “perfect” shape that demands them to be tall, skinny and absolutely flawless. This kind of cliché set by models seems to have a great impact on our life and the way society see us and most importantly the way we judge ourselves. However, in recent years, many fashion industries and modeling agencies have been promoting woman all shapes and sizes! Woman have started to embrace their bodies just the way it is and revolutionizing the whole idea of skinny models. Here is a list of some of the famous plus size models that have come forward as part of this modern-day fashion world, teaching and inspiring us to love ourselves for whatever color, shape, and size, we come in!

Ashley Graham

Famous Plus Size Models

Whenever plus size models are talked about Ashley Graham is the first name that comes to the mind of everyone. She was the first plus size model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine; ever since then, she has been an inspiration to all woman around the globe! This American model has also written a book title “What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like” which is a genuine motivation in the most real sense

Tinder Badhesha

Famous Plus Size Models 1

Tinder Badhesha has made our country proud by being the first Indian-American plus size model to be featured in various magazines and TV ads all across America, much before Indian started to accept plus size models.

Lexi Placourakis

Famous Plus Size Models

Lexi Placourakis a mother of a 3-year old and daughter of the famous Miss Hawai USA does not believe in following the conventional traits of a supermodel. All her life she had been struggling with food and weight, which she took to her full advantage and now, is a successful plus size supermodel. She never pulled back herself by thoughts that she did not have the right figure to become a successful supermodel or an entrepreneur and has reached great heights now!

Jessica Leahy

Famous Plus Size Models

Jessica Leahy is an Australian plus size supermodel who debuted at the New York Fashion Week! She never hankered for making it in the modeling business; however, she was one of those ladies who were greatly comfortable in their bodies and is spreading the message for all of us to follow the same!

Chloe Marshall

Famous Plus Size Models 2

Chloe Marshall was the first plus size woman to win the Miss Surrey title in 2008 in addition, to make it to the Miss England finals, which opened up many opportunities not just for her but also for many other plus size models. Her success carved pathways for her belief to spread the message that to look beautiful one does not have to be thin or tall.

Fluvia Lacerda

plus size models

Fluvia Lacerda is the first plus sized Brazilian model to be featured on the cover of Playboy, Brazil and ever since then has become the face of some of the famous plus size brands and regular ones.

Payal Soni

Famous Plus Size Models 4

Payal Soni, a sales executive by profession had a secured job in a real estate firm when she decided to become a fashion influencer, a job that had her true calling. She believes that our society and Indian fashion business is slowly starting to accept plus sized models and wants to be part of the revolution. She has always wanted to be a motivation for all those people who love fashion but believe that being a plus sized person can never be in trend or become a model.

Anjana Bapat

Famous Plus Size Models 3

Anjana Bapat was a programmer at an MNC when she realized that this was not something she really wanted to do and started searching for her real happiness. After a few failed attempts to lose weight, she decided to embark her beauty, just the way it is and was among the top 10 selected participants for the Lakme Fashion Week Ramp, who definitely was a treat for the eyes!

Anil Pamnani

Famous Plus Size Models 6

It is not just a woman that face all the wrath of body shamming in the fashion industry but even men. In this era when everybody is running after 6-pack abs and a well-chiseled body, Anil Pamnai decided to take the path less traveled and become a successful plus sized male model who was one of the top 10 finalists of the Lakme Fashion Week out of 160 participants! All thanks to his determination and perseverance, he has been inspiring many people to be happy just the way they are!

Kais Sundrani

Famous Plus Size Models 5

Another plus-sized male model on this list is Kais Sundrani, a student of Jai Hind College Mumbai, who just like Anil Pamnani was one among the top 10 selected people to walk the Lakme Fashion Week. Right from his student life, he was not very confident about his looks and body weight but never let the negativity affect him.

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