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by Pranjul Kapur Tandon
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Pregnancy is often viewed with fear by fashion conscious Moms-to-be. While gaining weight is a natural concern for most women, not fitting into the current fashion trends bother many others. Well, bringing in your baby into this world is likely to change your entire lifestyle including your fashion preferences but this does not mean that you have to compromise on them.


Pregnancy Fashion 1

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Gaining weight and the size of baby bump is different with every woman and changes continuously as your pregnancy progresses. But what is uniform is the need to be comfortable and relaxed in your dressing right from the day you realize that you are expecting a new life.

Luckily, today there are many stores offering maternity special clothes. What is special about their collection is that they take into account the protruding belly while designing the clothes resulting in well fitting but comfortable clothes for the pregnant lady. Apart from these, one can also indulge in regular fashion trends which can help solve the fashion woes for the mom-to-be. Let’s look at some of the items which can be trendy as well as advisable to be worn through those crucial months.


# Leggings with Tunics

Comfortable leggings with elastic on the waist is a great regular wear item. You can team it up with a smart tunic or long top and it can be a great casual/semi formal attire for you. A loose tunic may also help conceal your growing baby bump during the initial few weeks.


Pregnancy Fashion 10

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# Maternity denims

These are like regular denims except with elastic on the waist for the hip mom-to-be. While the elastic keeps you completely comfortable, you can experiment with the variety of styles they offer, from straight leg to skin tight to boot cut et all. The best part – denims never go out of fashion.


Pregnancy Fashion 6

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#Shift dresses

These are dresses without a defined waist. Pick them in lighter colors for a day time lunch date with your friends and in darker colors for a date night with your partner. Teaming them up with a nice neckpiece is a great way to get that chic look.


Pregnancy Fashion 5

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#Empire Line Clothing

Pick up tops, tunics, dresses in this cut to get a very elegant look on a regular day or for special occasions and social gatherings.


Pregnancy Fashion 2

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The most versatile item on the list. It can be worn with most clothes. A warm, smart and loose fitting jacket will definitely protect you from the harsh winter winds and cotton jackets can be great for summer months too. It is a must have for every office going mom-to-be. For casual wear, maternity clothes can always be paired with trendy shrugs.


Pregnancy Fashion 3

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 Colorful, bold or elegant, scarves are great for making a fashion statement and the best part is, they distract the attention from your growing belly to the upper part of your body. A great item to wear during any time of the year and fits almost any occasion.


Pregnancy Fashion 11

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 This is a surprise item on the list. Well, with saris, its one size fits all ! You wore it while playing with your doll at 7 years of age, you can wear it when you are 7 months into your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Fashion 8

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#Maxi Dresses

 These long flowing dresses if picked up in correct cut like empire line can be as comfortable as your night time pajamas. The difference being, they look great in summer months and you can pick up a formal one for that charity ball event or a church wedding too!


Pregnancy Fashion 4

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#Funky T Shirts

 A regular selling item at various maternity stores, these colorful t-shirts come with funny one liners and can add a lot of fun to your holiday or casual work day.


Pregnancy Fashion 7

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 Jumpsuits are trending again and they look super cute when worn on a pregnant belly. Buy stretchable fabric with elastic waistband and you are good to go on a fun picnic trip with all your friends.


Pregnancy Fashion 12

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#Comfortable Shoes

 Last but not the least ! Comfortable shoes with no or very less heels should be worn throughout the pregnancy. Pointed or very high heels are a total no no in any trimester.


Pregnancy Fashion

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So just by experimenting with a variety of designs and clothes, one can dress up their baby bump very well. A funky/trendy/elite/head turner mom-to-be is a happy mom-to-be.


The author is a CAPPA  certified childbirth educator.

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