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I read somewhere that the simplest of pictures with a filter can acquire phenomenal likes. All you need are the skills to achieve this, and Beauty Plus Camera lets you do that.

Not only will your selfies look amazing but your Selfie taking skills will improve as well. In this day and age, what more does a person need?


Beauty Plus Camera 4

Image Credit : Youtube Paula Labaredas

Let’s Check out THE BEST Beauty Selfie apps first  🙂



# Beauty Plus Camera

Beauty Plus Camera is a beauty app to enhance your Selfie taking skills. If you’re familiar with Candy Cam and Retrica, you should be aware of Beauty Plus Camera as well.

If you see all these aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos and feel like you’re losing out, Beauty Plus Camera is the way to go.


Beauty Plus Camera

Image Credit : Beauty Plus


Beauty Plus Camera offers filters such as Perfect Eyes, Skin Editor, Create the Perfect Smile, Live Auto-Retouch, Magic Airbrush, Professional Photo Editing, and many more. You can share your pictures with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All you need is iOs 8.0 or later.


Now all those magical pictures Gigi Hadid puts on Instagram can be achieved by you as well.


If you don’t find Beauty Plus Camera up to your standards, here are some more photo-editing apps for you to choose from.

 # Auto Desk Pixlr

Beauty Plus Camera 3

Image Credit : Pixlr

This app is incredibly easy to use and will make your pictures look like you’ve put your blood and sweat into them, even though you can achieve the most intricate of changes with just a tap of a finger.

Auto Desk Pixlr offers over 600 photo editing effects.

 # Font Candy

The best customization app there is, Font Candy lets you create various effects and personalize your photos as it pleases you.

Beauty Plus Camera 2

Image Credit : Font Candy

 # Prisma

If you weren’t on the Prisma bandwagon a few months ago, you need to get on. The Prisma phenomenon hit Instagram like a shockwave and every other person was Prisma-ing their picture. And for good reason. Prisma not only can make your photos aesthetic but also offers various effects and filters for you to choose from.


Beauty Plus Camera 1

Image Credit : Prisma

# Instagram

Instagram is not only a medium to show off your photography skills and your fabulous selfies but it also helps you create photos that’ll gain you a socially acceptable amount of likes. The filters on Instagram are great to jazz up a Selfie. The new features such as Boomerang are amazing.


The best thing about all these apps is that they’re free. If you wish to opt for the more advanced services, in-app purchases are required. But I suggest you try and test all apps to decide which one makes you look like you’re ready to compete with the Kardarshians.


Best Selfie Apps

Image Credit : E!

A few Selfie tips:


Always search for good lighting

Know your angles

Accessorize – More is Better

Try more poses


Best Selfie Apps 7

Image Credit : Giphy

So what are you waiting for, become the show stopper of your life babe 😉




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