Marigold Naturals Five Grain Melange Review

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One in a week facial, that’s the dreams. I mean, you have to take care of your skin, don’t you1 But every week going to the salon…heck even I wouldn’t advice that. Unless you go to a really good salon, there are hygiene issues. If you go to a very good salon, it’s too expensive.

What if, there was a SINGLE product that does all that facial promises. That too, in the comfort and hygiene of your home?

I am drooling already :p


 Marigold Naturals Five Grain Melange Review


What is it and who is it for?

An all natural at home facial.



Rs480 for 100gm


Sensitive Skin Alert?



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What does the Brand Claim about Marigold Naturals Five Grain Melange?

A blend of many powerful grains, Five Grain Melange face scrub helps in keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. Regular use of the skin lightener will illuminate skin color, remove dead skin and keep the skin clean and nourished. It also acts as an instant facial.


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How to Use:

Mix some skin lightener with grated cucumber and apply on face. Leave it on till it is semi-dry. Scrub it gently in circular motion with milk. Wash it off with water. For dry skin add 2-3 drops of Apricot oil.


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My Experience with Marigold Naturals Five Grain Melange

This mask comes in the classic marigold packaging. I love its simplicity and classiness. I wish there was some sort of a wooden spoon or spatula that comes with it…but a clean dry kitchen spoon also does the same trick 😛

This pack has a very very fine powder texture. The most important thing about is that you MUST grate cucumber and apply it with cucumber not anything else. That kind of hampers me…if there is no cucumber at home, then no facial. But make do and plan accordingly! Because this stuff works wonders!!


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I leave it on for 5 minutes and gently scrub it off with milk. My skin feels deeply scrubbed and softly nourished.

In my opinion, it works the best when the milk I use to rub it off is slightly lukewarm. That is my personal experience.

Dry skinned beauties do this no more than twice a week. If you have oily congestion prone skin, you can go ahead and do this up to three times a week. It’s a quick fix.

Do this in ADDITION to the serums and creams you use and this will keep your skin healthy and glowing.


Positives of Marigold Naturals Five Grain Melange

  • All natural ingredients
  • Gives the skin a beautiful glow
  • Does not irritate skin-don’t apply on acne please
  • Very affordable


Negatives of Marigold Naturals Five Grain Melange

  • None to me. A stellar champ this one.


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I really like this product. To me it’s an all natural and affordable all rounder. Recommended if you don’t have any active skin irritations.


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