Himalaya Lip Balm Review

by Shiny Jenifer
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Himalaya Lip Balm: Lip balm is one of the basic skin care that everyone needs.  Himalaya is known for its affordable and natural products.Today I’m back with a review about a product which has never left my vanity from the day I bought it 6-7 years ago. This review is about Himalaya herbals lip balm.

What is it and who is it for?

Lip balm to smooth the dry lips and prevent them from getting dried and chapped.


It is priced at Rs 28 for 10 gram product.

How to use it:

Apply on to the lips as and when needed.

My experience with Himalaya Lip Balm

Himalaya Lip Balm Review 3

This is my very first lip balm I purchased and it had never left my vanity from then. This is one of the least expensive lip balms I have ever used and it never disappointed me in any aspect.The lip balm is thick transparent gel like consistency. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the lips. It has a very sweet fragrance which I like the most about it.

I use this lip balm in the day and before my bed and it makes my lips so soft and supple the next day. It works well when used under makeup as well.This lip balm has very little sunscreen which is provided by Wheatgerm oil which is said to have some natural sunscreen properties in it.It moisturizes the lips for a good 2 to 3 hours and reapplication is required after that.

Himalaya Lip Balm Review 2

  1. Very affordable.
  2. Easily available.
  3. Natural ingredients.
  4. Makes lip soft and supple.
  5. Tube packaging.
  6. Travel-friendly.
  7. Sweet fragrance.
  8. Nongreasy.
  9. Doesn’t stay heavy on lips.
  10. Can be used under makeup.
  1. None (for the money we pay).
Overall would I repurchase and recommend:

Highly recommend. Have been purchasing and would repurchase in future.

GlossyPolish verdict:


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