Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care Review

by Pranali Shejale
2 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care is a natural cocoa lip butter which comes in a ChapStick form. It nourishes and moisturizes dry lips. It is best suited for people with moderately dry lips but it not for people with very chapped lips.


125 INR for 4.5 g

My experience with Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care

Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care Review 3

I found the twist up applicator really convenient and perfect size. Its cap closes perfectly on one go making it super travel-friendly. When I opened the lid sweet smell of cocoa hit me! Heavenly smell but if u don’t like sweet chocolaty smells u won’t like it .was really disappointed when it no tint on lips on applying, I expected a slight brownish tint. It looks like a clear balm when applied. It surely moisturized my lips very well.

It doesn’t have a heavy formula feels light on lips yet moisturizing. It stays on my lips for around 1-2 hrs but if you apply it at night before sleeping it will still be there in the morning and you will wake up with super soft lips. It’s perfect to apply before applying lipstick as it doesn’t add much shine to lips yet moisturizes.

Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care Review 4

  1. Amazing aroma of cocoa butter
  2. Packing  is travel-friendly
  3. It is made of natural ingredients
  4. Moisturises lips well
  5. Budget-friendly
  1. No brown tints to lips
  2. Won’t cure chapped lips
Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

Yes surely, if you are looking for a budget friendly, natural and travel friendly lip balm

Do give it a try

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