Himalaya Peach Shine Lip Care Review

by Anakha A
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Himalaya peach shine lip care is a 100 % natural (claimed by the company) lip balm which is good for you if you are very serious about your lip care or have an extremely bad case of chapped lips.


RS 125 for 4.5g

Sensitive skin alert?


Himalaya Peach Shine Lip Care

My Experience With Himalaya Peach Shine Lip Care


When I saw the product for the first time I was instantly intrigued. The packaging is absolutely soft when it comes to the tone of color and pretty. The product comes in a pretty lip balm bullet which a peach color cap. It is travel-friendly and can even be kept in the pocket if you are one of the people who tend to apply lip balms often.

Color and texture

The balm is in peach color and looks extremely beautiful. But when applied to lips it doesn’t have any color. The texture is just like of many other brands but it’s a little heavier and not that smooth.


Now, this is the factor because of which I might buy this product again because it smells very good. Very fruity and extremely pleasant, very suitable for summer. The smell stays for a while just like the taste which also is a little fruity.

  1. Remove the cap and turn the bullet for the balm to come out.
  2. Apply a coat of balm on lips.
  3. Turn back the bullet until the ball goes back and close the cap.

If you have very chapped lips, this balm just might be the answer to your problems. It does moisturize your lips and adds a shine to it. It can be used by the younger ones too because it doesn’t contain anything toxic and is edible.

My experience

Even though I bought this product with the intention of using it, I haven’t used it for long. My lips are never really chapped so use the balm just to moisturize the lips but this formula is just too thick and it just feels heavy on the lips and a little sticky. The product is effective for sure but the  texture isn’t working for me

Overall Performance Of Himalaya Peach Shine Lip Care

  1. Smells and looks beautiful.
  2. Travel-friendly.
  3. Safe for kids.
  4. 100 percent natural and edible.
  5. Effective on chapped lips.
  6. Value for money
  1. The formula is too thick.
  2. Product is a little stick.
  3. Feels heavy on your lips.
  4. Needs re-application constantly.

Would I purchase or recommend?

Maybe. If you are looking for something pocket-friendly that smells good looks cute and works good for your lip getting dry all the time, this is a good product for you. Otherwise, no. Until they come up with a little more better formula.

Rating: 3/5

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